Welcome to Russia?
Previous level Back to Old Times?
Next level Road to Moscow?
Game Flame in the Dark 4
Character Ceallachán Mackay
Team Tartan Army (Celtic Military)
Place Smolensk, Russia
Objective Assault a Russian border-town after the attack on Berlin
Enemies Russian Communists

Welcome to Russia? is the fourth level in Flame in the Dark 4. It is also the second level in Act I. The playable character in this level is Ceallachán Mackay.


The Tartan Army, and other Celtic forces, advanced east towards Russia. You will have to advance through the walled city. This means climbing atop the city's walls. Following this, you will advance through the city. You will meet up with Clyde, Banana Jr. and Tom Richmond who had advanced ahead of the Celtic forces. Upon meeting up with them, the level will end.

Intel Items


See: Welcome to Russia?/Transcript


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