Welcome to Galaxian High
Welcome to Galaxian High
Skip, Sqak, Croco, Tubby, Imp, Robin, Roshan and Sparky all looking at Galaxian High in amazement.
TV Series Skip and Sqak XD
Season Number 1
Episode Number 1
Writer(s) Namsean1998
Airing Date(s)
Saturday August 24, 2013
Runtime 30 Minutes
Following Episode Dorm Service
Welcome To Galaxian High is the 1st episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It aired on August 24 2013. The story is when the SSFF are promoted and now have to go to high school in space.


  • SSFF
  • WASP
  • RAVI
  • GIRL
  • King Drogo
  • Queen Kaida
  • Mia
  • Dr. Tron
  • Hip and Hop
  • Koo Koo Klux
  • Captain Salt
  • Maid


In the Blue Ant Palace, the SSFF are hanging out in the parlor until they got a call from Drogo to go to the throne room. Fearing this is a punishment for pranking Ravi last week, Sqak goes to the office nervously about his punishment but it turns out Drogo is actually promoting the team to Elite Heroes, much to their excitement. Drogo explains that Elite Heroes have to work in a station/school in space called Galaxian High, thus the SSFF have to move from earth to Galaxian High. The SSFF pack their bags and say goodbye to Mia, Kaida, Drogo and all their friends. However Kaida is taking care of the SSFF, Dr. Tron working as the scientist with his two partners, a reformed Hip and Hop. The SSFF go into a Blue Ant Ship that takes them off to Galaxian High.

In Galaxian High, the SSFF are greeted by the station's captian, Salt the snail. Salt introduces the SSFF to the dorm adviser, a female robot named Maid who takes the SSFF to their dorm house. Robin wonders what life in Galaxian High is like, where Tubby answers that Mr. Owl will be their teacher which excites the gang; but unfortunately they have Mr. Owl's strict brother, Koo Koo Klux as their teacher. Koo Koo Klux explains that Mr. Owl got injured and was unable to go to Galaxian high, thus Coo Koo took over the teacher duty while he's absent. Koo Koo Klux then gives out a test to the very difficult class.

The SSFF are sad without Mr. Owl as their teacher, but Skip is excited to meet the other teams. Maid gives the SSFF a tour around the ship, introducing them to team GIRL, WASP, BRUTISH and even team RAVI. In GIRL, one of the members, Peachy the elephant has a crush on Tubby. In WASP, the leader Stingo the wasp becomes good friends with Croco. In BRUTISH, all members are working out.

Soon it's bed time so everyone goes to sleep, but the SSFF were kept awake due to the loud drilling noise outside that the workers are making to fix the broken wall. The next morning, the SSFF are very tired and went down for breakfast; only to realize the cafeteria is serving clay substance named "Morning Goo" which tastes horrible. At gym class, the large fat gym coach Becky the gorilla forces everyone to run laps around the lab until they become exhausted. After that Becky tells the teams to line in groups to rock climb up a tall wall but Imp's having a hard time climbing because he's too afraid and the gang are too tired to climb. Tubby manages to reach the top but he falls chest first to the ground. Becky tells SSFF to stay and do 30 push ups much to their disappointment.

With Mr. Owl gone, bad sleep, disgusting breakfast and suffering gym class, the SSFF wanna go home but Sqak remembers one thing: despite the tough struggles, they can go through anything. They are Elite Heroes, they can't give up now. The team agreed with him and decide to stay in Galaxian High.

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