Rain pelted against the windshield of the bus as I watched the townspeople wave to me from my right window. After I smiled and quickly waved back, the bus began to move forward. I was headed back to my hometown of Playa. I couldn't wait to meet up with my sister once again.


I sat in a left seat at the second row of the long bus. There was one other rider, who sat several seats behind me, and on the right side. He seemed to be a quiet person; he sat silently, looking out the window. He had long, red hair that covered his golden eyes. He wore a silver jacket, along with long, blue jeans.

The boy suddenly looked over to me, and noticed that I had been observing him. He smiled, then got up and sat down next to me.

Oh, please, God, no... I thought to myself as he sat down in the seat.

"Hello!" he exclaimed. "I'm Alexander. I come from the country of Lunasol! I'm on my way to the metropolis known as Alegare. And who are you?" His voice had a strange accent to it. It wasn't familiar, but the country of Lunasol is located just to the east of Germany, so it's familiar, I guess.

"I'm... Schar," I responded, rather annoyed at his attempt to converse with me. "I come from Playa. I'm heading back there, now. I was visiting Freiheit to see some of my family."

"Ah," Alexander responded. He pulled out a map of the vast country, Germany. He noted the locations of Freiheit City and Alegare, and nodded. "I guess this will be our only meeting, then. Alegare is too far away from your destination. It's good to have met you, however--"

"I won't be able to take you any fahther than this, suh," the bus driver at the front bursted out. "I apologise. If ya' want tah make it to Playa, you'll have to walk about half a mile to it, suh." He nodded at me.

"Well, farewell, Schar," Alexander said.

"Bye," I responded. I stepped off of the door located at the front right of the bus. I began to hike through the woods. After following a familiar path towards the town and being drenched in rain, I arrived at the gates of Playa. Something seemed a bit strange here.

Oh yeah, I think I nailed it.

There were no gates to Playa.

There was no Playa either.

It was gone.

END Prologue

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