"Yaaay!" Riza exclaimed as she splashed about in the tropical water. She seemed to be having tons of fun. My mother sat next to me, on the beach, both of us watching as Riza played alone in the water. It was rather hot at the time.

"I wish your father could have come along," Mother said to me. "I'm sure he would have a ton of fun with us, here."

"Yeah," I responded.

We enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach, happily. Fortunately, Riza enjoyed her time playing around in the sand and water, although the walk back home wasn't the same matter. That's when everything began to fall apart.

Chapter 2

"...The 'time barrier'?" Jack said in response, seeming rather confused.

The woman looked down upon us both, and began walking closer to us. Jack and I both got up off of the ground, and stood before the strange woman. She observed us both, then nodded, and began to think to herself.

"Excuse me," I began, "but, uhm, who are you, exactly?"

She looked over to me again, with a face showing that she was rather unamused. "I'm Scarlet. I come from Freiheit City."

"Freiheit City?" I said, surprised. "That's where the terrorist attacks took place. I was just there, helping clean up!"

"You weren't just there," Scarlet said. "You were there three years ago. Our time barrier has broken, finally, it seems. The time barrier keeps time flowing normally; however, once it's broken, time is out of control across Germany."

"Where is this time barrier?" Jack asked.

"It's located around Playa," Scarlet responded. "Which is why this town was hit the hardest. While in places like Freiheit City, time only advanced a week, Playa advanced forward three years during that time. Playa and Freiheit aren't the only places effected by this... Towns, even the country's distant borders, such as Lunasol, will be effected by this massive cataclysm."

"Lunasol...?" I asked. I remembered speaking with Alexander on the bus-ride here, and hearing about how he was on his way to Lunasol. "How do you know that places like that would be effected?"

"This isn't the first time that the time barrier has broken," Scarlet said. "It broke way back, when I was as young as you boys. It was something similar to this. No one can remember it, except for me; even then, I can hardly remember."

"Do you happen to remember how it was fixed?"

Scarlet shook her head.

I looked down at the ground. This was hard to grasp; everything seemed so unrealistic. "Excuse me, Scarlet," I began to speak out. "This doesn't exactly explain anything else, like how I was apparently here and..." I stopped myself.

"Unfortunately, I cannot explain that," Scarlet answered. "Even with the way that time is out of control, no person can be at two places at the same time. For example, if I were to go somewhere that was in completely perfect condition despite the barrier being broken, then I came to Playa, I would be brought three years into the future. If I were to go back to this town that was doing well, then I would arrive three years later."

"This is too confusing," Jack said.

"But, it means that your friend did not do anything you've accused him of," Scarlet said.

"I guess you're right," Jack said. "But that doesn't make sense! I watched as he killed so many people..."

"Scarlet is incorrect," I responded, forcefully. These weren't the words that I had chosen to say. Mysteriously, they came out of my mouth without me even trying to speak them. "I did murder them all," I finished. I closed my eyes, and suddenly felt at an unconscious state.

END Chapter 2

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