"Schar! Schaaaar!" a voice shouted at me. "Wake up! Wake uuuup!"

I slowly opened my eyes to realise that my young sister, Riza, had woken me up. She smiled widely after noticing that I had awoken. I slowly sat up in my bed, and looked to her. I smiled, as well. Today was something special!

"Schar!" Riza shouted. "Good morning!"

"Morning, Riza," I responded.

"Uhm..." Riza stood, expecting something.

"Oh, right! Happy birthday! I actually prepared something for you." I grabbed the handle to the drawer of the black nightstand to my right. I reached inside the drawer, and pulled out a box that was wrapped in red paper. I handed it to Riza.

"Hurray! Thank you, Schar!" Riza took the gift, then hugged me. She moved back after a moment, then unwrapped the gift. After she opened the box, she pulled out the red soccerball that I had purchased for her. Riza had enjoyed playing soccer quite a bit lately, so I decided that it was the perfect gift for her.

"Thank you, Schar!" Riza shouted. "It's amazing! I love it!"

Ever since our mother passed away and our father abandoned us, it was just Riza and I living in the small home. Riza was a responsible child, especially for her age, and she certainly was able to take care of herself.

"Schar..." Riza looked sad suddenly. "You have to leave today, right? To help with Freiheit..."

"Yeah," I responded, "and I'm sorry for that. We should make this the best birthday ever for you before I leave, alright? Now, let's test out your new ball and play some soccer together!"

"Yay!" Riza shouted. We headed out the door of the home to play in our yard.

Riza kicked the ball in my direction, and it passed me. This was the tenth time that this had happened. Riza was so much better at this game than I had expected! I would never be able to get a ball past her. Well, she seemed to be enjoying herself, at least.

"Hey, guys!" a familiar voice shouted from the left of me. "Happy birthday, Riza!"

"Hm! Thank you!" Riza shouted happily.

"Hello, Jack," I said. "What's up--"

"Do you mind if I join in on this game?" Jack asked.

"Sure!" Riza exclaimed. "You be on my team!"

The game continued, with my friend, Jack, also constantly getting the ball past me. This was extremely one-sided. Still, Riza was having a great time, and so was I. I was hoping that this day was everything that she wanted for her birthday.

Chapter 1

I opened my eyes. Playa was gone.

What the hell is going on? I looked to my right to see the small remainder of the wall that circled Playa. Many bricks were missing, and it seemed that it was about to collapse at any moment. To my left, I saw the same thing. The giant, steel gates were completely missing.

I began to walk into town, and saw that many houses were destroyed, while others had major signs of damage. Most homes were completely missing, with only a few walls still standing! Very few were undamaged. Fallen trees were seen throughout the village, and everything appeared in a grey colour. I looked directly ahead of me and saw the complete nothingness where my home used to stand.

Oh no...

"Riza!?" I shouted as I ran down the street, stepping over boards, fallen trees, and other forms of debris. I arrived at the home. There was no way anyone was here. Everything was gone. I knelt to the ground in front of my former home, and began to cry. "Riza..."

"Damn you," a voice said from behind me.

I turned around, and saw Jack behind me. He appeared exactly the same as I had remembered him. He had long, black hair that covered his red eyes. He had extremely pale skin, and wore a black coat that covered a grey shirt, and also had long jeans on.

"Jack?" I said. I began to get up.

"DAMN YOU!" Jack kneed me in my chin, sending me back a short distance, and pushing me back onto my back. "You finally decide to show up after all these years. I'm going to get my revenge as quickly as I can." Jack pulled a dagger out of his back pocket, then came running towards me.

I quickly got up off the ground and dodged his attempt at stabbing me. I stepped back a few feet, then turned towards Jack, who was now running towards me again. I decided at this moment that I had to protect myself rather than wondering what the hell was going on. Jack pushed his dagger towards me, and I was not swift enough this time. I avoided him stabbing me, but he cut the side of my arm severely.

Jack was about to attack again. His dagger was coming in my direction. Quickly, I moved out of the way from his attack, then uppercut him. As the hit connected, he dropped his dagger. It landed on the ground next to my foot. Jack stepped back a few feet, while he was in pain. I picked the dagger up, then pointed it towards him.

"Why are you attacking me!?" I asked.

"Why would you even ask?" Jack responded. "We're standing in the middle of my reason!"

"What!?" I exclaimed. "What do you mean!?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. There's no way you've forgotten what you did three years ago."

"Three years ago?"

"Why don't you just kill me now like you did all the others?" he asked. "You obviously didn't care who you killed. My mother, Riza, you killed everyone!" Jack was now at the point of crying. He looked directly at me with anger.

"Riza!? Riza...Riza's dead?"

"Damn you! You killed her!" Jack ran at me once again, and kicked my arm, so the dagger would fly out of my hand. He picked up the dagger, then punched me in the face very powerfully, pushing me back to the ground. He held the dagger in his hand, ready to kill me.

"Jack!" I shouted. "I left Playa for Freiheit City a week ago! It hasn't been three years and I definitely didn't kill anyone, especially not Riza!"

"I knew it..." a voice from behind me and Jack said. "The time barrier has broken..."

We both turned to see a woman in a white dress. The dress had black straps that went over her shoulder, and she wore a long-sleeved violet shirt under it. The woman had long, white hair and violet eyes. She looked directly at me and Jack.

END Chapter 1

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