Currently Discloseable Plot Points

In an alternate reality where Germany had won World War II, Schar boards a bus after helping clean up damage from a terrorist attack in Freiheit City. His plans are to go back to his hometown, Playa. He meets a child known as Alexander, then gets off of the bus and sees that his town has mysteriously disappeared.

Schar searches through the rubble of Playa, then meets up with his old friend, Jack. Jack attempts to attack Schar, and also tells that, three years ago, Schar had killed everyone in Playa. After coming very close to death, the two boys meet a mysterious lady who says that their "time barrier" is broken.

After explaining that time was now out of control across Germany, it is confirmed that Schar had taken no part in murdering the citizens of Playa. However, more mystery is added to the incident when Schar, himself, forcefully tells that he had done it.


The fic has been confirmed to be at least twenty chapters, but it will be no more than thirty chapters.


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