Weird Mushroom
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Mushroom
First Appearance Super Mario Maker
Changes Mario into Weird Mario
Related Items
Super Mushroom

The Weird Mushroom (or Luigi Mushroom or even Lanky Mushroom) is a strange power-up introduced in the 2015 title Super Mario Maker. The Weird Mushroom is similar to the Super Mushroom, as it grants Mario an extra hit once collected. Unlike the Super Mushroom, however, the Weird Mushroom transforms Mario into Weird Mario, granting him the powers of Luigi: higher jumps and less traction.

There is a one-in-ten chance of a Weird Mushroom replacing a Super Mushroom in any Super Mario Maker level. Upon completing all of the courses that can appear in the 10 Mario Challenge, players unlock the four courses that were used in the Nintendo World Championships held at E3 2015. The Weird Mushroom can then be placed in a level upon completing the four NWC2015 levels by shaking a Super Mushroom in the Super Mario Bros. game style.

Fanon Appearances

Super Mario Maker Phi

In Super Mario Maker Phi, it returns and can be used on not just Mario. Giving it to Bowser makes Bowser "Lanky Bowser", who has higher jumps and green thin flames. Later, it could be given to Blue Bowser, which had the same effect.



  • If Weird Mario collects a power-up or gets damaged mid-jump, he will continue to jump high with the new sprite gaining the animation for walking in mid-air.
  • According to Takashi Tezuka, the form came from a bug that happened in development that made Super Mario skinny.