"Weegee infects the world" (Introduction tagline) From Mario is Missing, Weegee is ready for fight! Weegee is the strangest character in the game. He can use some strange moves starting from his Standard Special: Weegee Virus! He is the hardest character to unlock in the game so you can do the All-Stars Mode without him.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Weegee Virus. Weegee shoots a laser from his eyes, which inflict 7% of damage, transforms the opponent in a little Weegee and paralyzes him. The strange thing is the laser has only effect if the opponent looks to Weegee.

Side Special: Mirror Theory. Weegee will shoot a Malleo from a mirror. Malleo inflicts 15% of damage.

Up Special: Weegee Spin. Weegee will spin 4 times. Every spin will inflict 4% of damage.

Down Special: Yuushi Bomb. Weegee will throw a Yuushi which inflicts 18% of damage when touches the opponent. The following explosion will inflict 13% of damage.

Final Smash: Weegee Invasion. Every character becomes a Weegee so who is jumping will fall. Then, Weegee will throw two lasers which inflict 35% each.

Strife Smash: Weegee Mega Laser. Weegee will shoot a mega laser which inflicts 87% of damage. Everyone who stands in front of Weegee will become a Weegee too (and will be attacked by the laser).

Unlock Criteria

  • Do the Classic Mode with every character, play once the All-Stars Mode.


  • Weegee is the only character which isn't a real one: he is a meme of Luigi.
  • Weegee is the heaviest character in the game (he's heavier than Bowser, Ridley, King DeDeDe or King K. Rool)
  • Weegee is the only character who has only a way to been unlocked.
  • He's also the only character who isn't needed to do the All-Stars Mode.
    250px-Weegee Front

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