Weather Alert!
Developer(s) GreenProductions
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) GreenCube
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action/Adventure

Weather Alert! is a game that will be released for the GreenCube. It is the first game in the Weather Alert series.


It's an ordinary afternoon. Sun, Cloudy, Windy, and Snowy were all working at the same time! The scene then cuts to Weather Inc. But then, tragedy struck! The Eclipse brakes into Weather Co., kidnapping the boss and manager! Sun notices, so he takes action! He tries to stop the Eclipse, but Eclipse is taken away in an armed helicopter, with Tornado and Stormy inside! Sun then tries to go after them, but is struck by a huge lighting bolt from Stormy, launching him far back!


Weather Alert is a 2D adventure game. It is similar to Mario, but you have 5 hit points.


Control Pad-Move

D-Pad-Aim Special Move





ZL-Special Move #1

ZR-Special Move #2


L or R-Use Item



Picture Name Description How to Unlock
TBA Sun Sun, also known as Sunny, is the main character of the game, as he is the only hero available from the start. He's a very balanced character. He is an optimistic guy! He is able to shine hot light on enemies and can shoot fire balls. Default
TBA Cloudy Cloudy is a good friend of Sun's. He can be emotional at times. He has the best jump but is slippery. He can rain acid onto enemies or even flood an area. Complete Cloudy Hights
TBA Windy Windy is a bit of an air head, am I right? But, Windy is known for being kind of dumb, leading to him being the worst at puzzle mini-games. He makes up for that in speed, however. He can make a gust of wind or trap enemies in a wind bubble. Complete Tornado City
TBA Snowy Snowy is actually pretty smart! He is the best at Puzzle Mini-Games, but when it comes to jumping, he lacks. He can freeze enemies or make a big piece of hail! Brain power! Complete Thunder Town
TBA Moon Moon loves to sleep. We're not kidding! He sleeps WHILE he's being used in the game! That takes skill! He is the sturdiest but has the worst speed. You can wake him up, causing him too throw his hurtful night cap down, or make a trail of poisonous ZZZZs Complete Torn-Up Hills

Supportive Weather

Picture Name Description
TBA Sunette Being Sun's wife, she is very supportive. If you encounter her, she will give you 2 extra hit points!
TBA Son Son, or Sun Jr., is usually encountered in hidden areas. If you find him, he will give you extra speed. He is Sun's... son.
TBA Susan Sun's daughter, Susan, will give you extra sturdiness if you find her. She is Sun's daughter.
TBA Artist The Artist, yes, that may sound stupid, but he can paint you a power-up to give to you.

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