Weapon Use is Samus's Standard Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. Samus uses a weapon chosen via Weapon Switch, all hailing from different Metroid games. Below is a list of all her weapons.

Power Beam

The Power Beam is Samus's defeault weapon and most frequently used. Samus fires small but rapid fire blasts from her arm cannon which deal 5% each. Samus can run while using it. The move can also be charged. If it is charged, it can deal up to 24% damage. It has excellent knockback.

Ice Beam

The Ice Beam works very similarly to the Power Beam, except that it shoots white, ice beams. Each one deals 5%. Samus can also run while using it and if the move is charged, it can deal up to 20% and will freeze the opponent for a short period of time, like the Freezie item. It has excellent knockback.

Plasma Beam

The Plasma beam fires a straight, green ray of energy straight at the opponent. One single hit of it deals 8% damage and has no knockback at all. However, if it is charged, it can deal up to 25% damage. Samus can run while using it and the attack has decent knockback.

Wave Beam

The Wave beam works similarly to the Plasma Beam, except that it is slightly faster and it fires a long, straight ray of purple energy. One single hit of it deals 7% damage. Samus can run while using it. If it is charged, it can deal up to 26% damage and create an explosion of purple energy. It has excellent knockback.

Power Bomb

The Power Bomb is actually the Bomb Move that Samus uses in SSBB. However, it has been highly upgraded and is now her Standard Special Move. Samus curls into a ball and drops a bomb on the ground. After a short lag, the bomb will explode, causing a small explosion which deals 12% damage. It has decent knockback but thumb|right|266px|A video featuring Samus using her Power Beam, Ice Beam, Wave Beam and Plasma is not highly used.


Most of the attacks originated from NES - Metroid (1986)

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