"We are the Warlord Dragon (Never Give Up!)" is the theme song for the "Warlord Dragon", the main protagonists' theme in the anime, Renan!. It is performed by the respective voice actors of the characters.


(vocal instrument beat)

Character Lyrics (Translated)


It's all because we are all together,

we won't ever lose.

If we combine all powers together,

we will sure beat our enemies at once!


With focus and positive thinking,

we sure will defeat them.

And it's not time to fool around,

cause the enemies are coming!

Chorus (All):

Many enemies are invading the world,

Dr. Mewtwo is our main target,

We must save the world from his invading,

We are the Warlord Dragon!

Renan: Dr. Mewtwo is not gonna take us down, so watch my powerful attack! Azure Flame!


I am going to avenge my parents' death against those meanies! Magma Wheel!

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