We Take Pride in Our Inventions is the first part of The Lab in Misfits: Starsnow. There's alot of cursing in this one, so kiddies shield your earholes.


It starts with a blank space, as a woman begins to talk

Woman: So you literally blackmailed this fucking man, saying if he said ANYTHING bad about the company his daughter would never come back, he never said anything bad, and then you FUCKING told him that his daughter was gone forever, what kind of human being would do that?

A man clears his throat and begins to talk

Man: We-
Woman: Oh, sorry, I forgot you aren't HUMAN!

The sound of a chair clattering against the ground

Woman: This man had a son! A son! He thought his sister was just going off to a distant country, and she would be back in a few years, but no! His sister was stuck in fliipping Oblivion or some fucking stupid piece of shit land!
Man: We could not let this man quit, he was very valued.
Woman: The son was five! Five! And his sister was taken from him at just five! They both had so much fun together, and one day she just dissapeared! And she never came back, ever!
Man: We thought we could bring her back
Woman: Bullshit! I never liked this company and I will always hate what you did to me!

A door slams and the man cackles

Man: Well, apparently she was one of ours. That was a funny temper tantrum.

The black turns to static, and then goes to a television

Announcer: At Ethereal Corporation, we take pride in our inventions!

It cuts to a man who looks at the camera

Man: Oh yeah, the company actually is pretty great, I work in the area that tests out new machines that will aid the world one day when we need it most.
Announcer: This man is Jeff Dalton, a hardworking scientist at Ethereal Corporations.
Jeff Dalton: One of my son's really seems to be interested in Ethereal Corporation, and he says he wants to actually be in it when he grows up! He even got special information for a new upcoming project that we are all excited for.
Announcer: This new project is called 'Project Dust', which will boost our military with superhuman-like people!
Jeff Dalton: We have two willing people to try out Project Dust and see if they can become helpers to the Military.

It shows a note called 'Project Dust'

Announcer: Project Dust increases healing speed, general strength, and makes people more swift!

It then cuts to what looks like an early production of the 'Speed-Dog'

Announcer: Speed-Dog is one of our new upcoming things too! We can't wait to introduce it to you, watchers!
Jeff Dalton: I hope you join Ethereal Corporations, it's great over here!

More to come

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