We Must Reach Home by Thektdude

Were nearly there. We are almost home. We kept walking for knows how long since my watch had decided to stop all of a sudden and my phone's clock. I know we can make it, I just know it. Me and my cousin had just went to a shop to get some food for the weekend since there wasn't any in the house. The person at the counter gave us a strange look, before going back to looking into the store from the counter.

We had began walking out of the store and it was cold as Ice out there; must have been February I think. We walked down a block and noticed a dodgy looking person staring right at us as we walked down the street. We turned a corner and he was out of sight.

We're gonna make it.

We also started to notice that it was completely quiet and there were no sounds at all, only our footsteps and there was only a few street lights on. We had turned another corner and we could just see our house in the distance, but it felt like It took much longer than it ever did before to walk back to my house. We kept walking for some time, until we finally reached the house.

I went to open the door, and as it opened; all I saw, was another street. I didn't even react when I went through, like It wasn't even a thing I remember happening. My Cousin also kept walking, like he didn't notice anything strange. We kept walking; but it felt even longer, like hours.

Then, I saw the house again, only took much much longer than it ever did. We finally reached the house again, and I opened the door to see another street; and I just kept walking like nothing happened.

It kept happening, and the more and more it happened; I began to rarely notice the same thing happen over and over again, like it was normal for me. Then, as I opened the door to see another street; my Cousin just took off and I just watched him go and I didn't stop him, and he dissapeared into darkness. I think I'm going to have to sit down, but I need to get home and I know I can make it home.

At least I can see a group of people walking towards me. Maybe they can help me reach home.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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