Obviously the first one.

Waterfall's Basic Info

Waterfall is a young dragon at 15 in human years that has a grey ,sickle-shaped tail (only at the end of it). She is blue with azure horns, wings and claws. Her horns are just like Spyro's in shape. The wings are not transparent.Waterfall finds out that she's the ultimate dragon of light who is destined to defeat the dark ultimate dragon, Darkness .She becomes one of the light dragon warriors and she is an ice dragon that is about the size of Spyro.


  • Home: Pause
  • Z: Sniff air(arrows will show up and with lead you to an enemy if red or an ally if green)/walk into room
  • A: Charge
  • B: Breathe ice shards(they bounce around until they hit an enemy)
  • Y: Launch tail and stick enemy into an object until you let go(may breathe ice while doing this or slide it into another opponent)
  • A+B HOLD: Breathes ice that comes only from her mouth
  • L analog Stick: Move
  • R analog stick PRESS: Iligar's Final Stand(Mega ice attack,only usable once ice gauge is full)
  • Yellow Left Buttton: Talk


  1. Dragon World
  2. Icy Comback (energy power increased)
  3. Lava Town (energy power decreased)
  4. Warrior Temple (no battles,base,only able to go there with a Gate of Chains which you are able to use after you become a dragon warrior)
  5. Dark Warrior Temple


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