Watercolour is an action-adventure platform video game for the Nintendo DS developed by Dollhouse Games and published by Nintendo in 2007. The game focuses on the protagonist, Muriel, a mystical sea spirit with the ability to manipulate and control colours. When Neptune takes away the colours of the world as punishment for his polluted oceans, it's up to Muriel to retrieve them from his seven corrupt children.


Watercolour is a 2D game action-adventure platform video game. The game is separated into two different modes:

Overworld Mode

A top-down, central hub where the player progresses the story and interacts with the Merpeople of the said area, purchases items from the item shops using Sand Dollars collected in Adventure Mode, and accesses levels.

Adventure Mode

Selecting a level from the Overworld Mode hub opens to a side-scrolling platformer with 80 levels. Here, the player battles enemies, rescues Merpeople, and collects items. Players can paint platforms that allow them to progress through the level using the stylus. The 10th level of each Sea is where they battle the boss, one of Neptune's children.


There is a legend that states a sea spirit called Muriel gave colour to the Earth, and that she comes to check the colour spectrum every million years.

Neptune once ruled over the seven seas peacefully, living in harmony with the people at land and people at sea. After years of living peacefully side-by-side, the people of the land became selfish, dumping their waste in Neptune's oceans. This continued for many years, making life for the Merpeople hard, they became riddled with diseases and were harmed by many of the waste the humans left at sea. The oceans became so polluted the corrupted Neptune's seven children, so as punishment, he stole all the colours from the world and placed them inside eight Mystical Shells, giving seven to his children and keeping one for himself.

The new millennia had rolled by, and Muriel was to awaken from her deep-sea slumber. Emerging from her sacred clam, she was greeted by a world without colour. She later learns of Neptune's punishment and decides to help by clearing the world's oceans and saving his children. She first saves Adrian, who tells her of his father's recent corruption and location of his other brothers and sisters. Muriel sets out on a quest to save Neptune and return colour to the Earth.


Main Characters

Picture Name Description Notes
N/A Muriel Muriel is a sea spirit and commander of colours across the world. She laid dormant inside a giant clam shell for a million years before returning to find a colourless Earth. Muriel is the Playable Character
N/A Adrian The youngest of Neptune's children, Adrian holds the Violet Shell and is in a corrupt state from the pollution of the seas.  Adrian attacks using his Trident, it is easily avoidable.
N/A Ebony Ebony is Neptune's daughter and ruler of the Black Sea. She has possession of the Indigo Shell and is heavily corrupt by the pollution. Ebony attacks using musical notes and various other music themed weapons. Her attacks are hard to avoid but do little damage.
N/A Casper Casper resides in the Caspian Sea, he possesses the Blue Shell and is a dangerous fighter, he attacks using his aquatic bow and arrow. Casper's bow and arrow will kill you in three hits, however, it is easy to avoid.


Ingrid holds the Green Shell and resides in the Indian Ocean. Ingrid cared for her merpeople subjects deeply enough to sacrifice herself for them. Ingrid doesn't actually attack, her subjects attack for her but doesn't do much damage.
N/A Arthur Arthur resides in the Arctic Ocean and is in possession of the Yellow Shell. Arthur lives in the deep seas, under thick ice.  Arthur summons animals such as whales and narwhals to attack Muriel, they are hard to avoid and do a lot of damage.
N/A Orion Orion has the Orange Shell in his possession. He is a ruler of the Pacific Ocean and has since become corrupt and polluted by the human's garbage. Orion attacks with garbage and other human pollutions. The attacks are hard to avoid and do mediocre damage.
N/A Scarlet Scarlet lives in the Red Sea and holds the Red Shell in her hands. She is the eldest of Neptune's children and the most powerful. She has since become corrupt by the pollution in the seas. Scarlet attacks by crashing the waves of the ocean on Muriel. The attacks are hard to avoid and can kill in two shots.
N/A Neptune Neptune rules over all the world's oceans. He has the Rainbow Shell around his neck and is the reason the colours have gone. He summons a powerful storm to engulf the world with water. Neptune summons a dark storm to attack and shoots out rainbow lasers to hurt Muriel. The attacks are hard to avoid and can kill quickly.



  • Neptune was originally going to use the name Poseidon instead.
  • Watercolour was chosen for the name of the game because Watercolour is a type of paint that needs water to work.
  • When talking to a merperson at the Arctic Ocean, one will say "Look at the ice, damn so thicc".

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