Water Vamps
Kid Kiba, the captain.
Nicknames Vampire Rock
Water Logged Off
Founded 2011
Ground WetWorg Stadium (25,000)
Manager SpooksMaster88 (tbc)
League Fantendo Football League
Home Kit Cyan, Blue, Red and Gray striped shirts with black WV on it. Black shorts, cyan socks.
Away Kit Dark Red and Black shirt with a blue WV on it, dark red shorts, black socks.
Third Kit N/A
Last Season Season 4

Water Vamps (short for Water Vampires X) are a association football team in the Fantendo Football League. The team is comprised of many heroes that were from the SP1DR Universe. They are sponsored by Alpha Generations, Inc.. The team were founded in Season 4. They are in Division 2.

Team Name

The team was named in honour of the two captains: Kid Kiba (the Vampire) and Lee Koroshi-Ya (the Water master).


Formation 4-4-2
GK Guru Aisu
RCB Mokuzai Roguin
CB James Mizu
LCB Neila
RM Franky Stine
RCM Lee Koroshi-Ya (vice-captain)
CM Kid Kiba (captain)
LCM Julie Kasai
LM Samantha Chi
ST Kriip E. Kraularr
ST Wolfie Urfu



None yet

League History

None yet


Their main rivals are, Team Sew'n, Team Gemstones, FC APIM, Ryushu's Super Strikers and the Outer Troopers, who compete in the TsuKai Tussle.



  • It was the first team revealed for Season 4.
  • Although not a current TsuKai member, they and Dark Red Royals, still have fierce rivalries with them.
  • This is technically Animal Crossing Leader (tbc)'s second team.

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