The next tournament Kuni can battle. It boasts 15 challenges, leaving periods of calm between challenges for Kuni to use items. The arena consists of a stone circular arena surrounded by water. Completion nets Kuni the Water medal and more yen than the Earth tournament did.


  • complete the Earth Tournament
  • defeat Yama-no-Kami


15: defeat two Yama-no-Kami's. They each have as much health as Yama-no-Kami had during the third half of his battle. One kappa adopts the moveset of the boss in the first third of the fight, occupying the water. The other kappa adopts the moveset of the boss during the third third of the fight and occupies the stone arena. Kuni won't have to worry about any poisonous fog during this fight, but he does have to worry about the water Yama-no-Kami using water blast on the land Yama-no-Kami, enhancing him.