Water Flower
Water Flower New
An Water Flower.
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Flower
Changes Mario's clothes, allows him to shoot Waterballs and gains the ability to breathe underwater.
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 The Water Flower is a Power-Up in various Mario Games. It transforms the player into their Water equivalent.


The Water Flower has two distinct appearances depending on where it is encountered, the two versions are referred to as the original version and the new version.

Original Version

The Water Flower is a Flower that looks and works similarly to the Ice Flower. The Water Flower has 3 layers to it, like most of the flowers in the Mario series. The first layer is a dark blue, while the second layer is light blue, and the center layer is cyan. When obtained, the player transforms into there Water Form, and gains the ability to shoot water balls or water balloons.

New Version

The New Version has a significantly different shape to its predecessor, instead having a much more Oceanic based theme. The head of the Water Flower is now in the shape of a Water Droplet and posesses Blue Eyes instead of Brown. In addition its stem appears rocky in structure although is actually quite soft. In addition it has 4 Anenome shaped Leaves which wiggle in place.


The Abilities of the Water Flower differ slightly depending on where it appears. There are three distinct versions of the abilities; The Original, The Second & The New.

Original Version

  • Breathe Underwater
  • Shoot Waterballs

Second Version

  • Shoot Waterballs

New Version

  • Swim Faster
  • Shoow Water Jets
  • Dash Faster
  • Worse Traction on Ice


Paper Mario Galaxy

Paper Mario Galaxy 2