Watch_Dogs Online is a 2015 Open World Third Person Shooter MMO that works as a prequel to Watch_Dogs 1. It has many key and new characters in this game. It has been given good reviews. There's also a levelling system that lets you do more powerful hacks.


Gameplay is still the same only the hackable objects are now varied. You run around in game,look for crime and do firefights with either a gang occupying an area of the city your in or police of that city. You can also drive vehicles. Your not Aiden Pearce in this title through but your controlling your own hacker with a pre-selected name. Also you don't take much damage from large or small falls.


There are 110 Characters in total in this game,not counting the Blume rising or Vegas takedown expansion packs. Heres a list of the key characters and minor ones.

  • Aiden Pearce (NPC)
  • T-Bone (NPC)
  • Nicky (NPC)
  • Jacks (NPC)
  • Various Civillians
  • Police
  • Chicago Militia
  • Gang Members
  • Thugs
  • Prostitutes
  • Chicago South Club Members
  • Jordi Chin
  • Maurice Vega


There are many references to other videogames that are done by Ubisoft or done by another studio. You can find them scattered around Chicago as Easter eggs you can run into.

  • Prince Of Persia:There is some graffiti on a wall in New York that shows the Prince jumping across a large gap.
  • God Of War:You can find a copy of the first game in the God Of War series in Jacks Room
  • Assassins Creed:Various characters when you profile them say Working for Abstergo the corporation that lets you relive your ancestors memories.
  • Saints Row:The Corpse of The Boss can be found outside a Nightclub in New Orleans.
  • Oddworld Dark Future: A copy of that game also appears in Jacks Room.


Reception so far from critics has been positive but were negative when the game launched. Many people heeded he criticism and stayed away from the game while the others enjoyed it and ignored the negativity of the critics.

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