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Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the 2014 game Watch Dogs and was released in 2016 focusing on Aiden Pierce the hero moving to a another city with nicky and jack's so he can't be identified. It was released on PS4,PS3 Wii U and Xbox 760.


After the event's of Watch Dogs Aiden Pierce decided to move to saint louis with his family so he can't be recognised and maybe "turn over a new leaf and have a new beginning" but a new enemy arises known as tara or Hunter07 who's has large power over the city so aiden has to get some new hacking skill's and finally take Tara down!


The gameplay is still like Watch Dog's but their's now more hackable thing's like old people's pacemaker's aswell as electric car's being hackable. You can also drive helicopter's and even heavy vehicles like monster truck's! There's also the ability to switch between aiden or T-bone one of his friend's in chicago.


Aiden has decided to move with his family to Saint Louis after having him being heavily recognised by chicago's populace as the vigilante or the fox. After arriving and getting to saint louis Tara cause's a blackout and aiden pierce get's blamed despite him not having blackout yet.

Radio Song's

Gorillaz-Feel Good inc

Gorillaz-Rhinestone Eye's

Eminem-Without me

Nine inch nail's-Closer

Breaking Benjamin-Blow Me Away

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