Watch Dogs is a movie adaption of Watch Dogs, the A 2014 game where you went around hacking specific objects. It got good critical reviews and received a 100% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, being praised as one of the best video game films due to the story being accurate to Watch Dogs and a strong cast. It was rated 15 and released by Universal Studios on September 9th, 2017 in the US and UK by Sony Pictures.


The story starts in the Merlaut Hotel, Chicago where Aiden Pierce (Played by Brad Pitt) is siphoning bank accounts with Damien Brenks (Played by Christian Bale) then a security scan occurs and Aiden quits the job. He then disappears for a while before interrogating a man named Maurice (who killed his niece after shooting the tyre on his car when he was driving his niece and nephew to Pawnee) for information on who was on the other end of the tracked call, giving instructions to kill Aiden(Maurice played by Tom Cruise). Aiden sneaks through the baseball stadium when his associate, Jordi, called the cops to distract police from the corpses of Maurice's assistants. Hacking people before getting out and driving to the motel where after resting and having a bad dream from the past. Aiden then heads to his sister Nicky's house to check on Jacks after being called that Jacks was upset about Aiden not being at his birthday party when it was nearly over. After Jacks' birthday party Aiden hears a crank call directed to his sister after hacking into the conversation when he heard Nicky agitated on the phone. He then takes down the caller and hacks into the ctOS centre in the loop so he can access the loop.


"The system starts in 2017"

"Hack into ctOS and see what secrets there are on September 9th, 2017"

"Welcome to the system new hacker"

"Return to Chicago"


Brad Pitt playing Aiden Pearce

Christian Bale as Damien Brenks

Natalie Portman as Clara Lillie

TBA for Nicky Pierce

TBA for Jackson Pierce


The blockbuster added 87.4M dollars to the box office giving Universal enough profit for Assassin's Creed and Rayman Films in the future.

Ubisoft gave Universal the rights to make a Watch Dogs film in 2015 and it was a hit, especially in the crime scenes. It was admired.

Defalt is actually an advanced android used as an actor for the film which texts like in the game and even gives Aiden the middle finger.

After the credits, there's a scene where Aiden shoots Maurice in the head and leaves him to die driving away then after that scene T-Bone show's up saying "Hollywood gives us a film based on my side of the story goddamnit!!" , which is ironic because Bad Blood had an animated adaption made by Sunset Studios.

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