Wasteland, Stylized as "WASTELAND", is a post-apocalyptic forum game that is a spiritual successor/sequel to SUNSET. It is ran by CrunchTime420 (tbc) and involves several members of the Fantendo community.


After a nuclear war ravaged the land, the survivors must... survive, from what exactly? Well apart from the malign factions and anarchic post-apocalyptic world, they must also survive from the mutant monstrosities that roam the wastelands. If you wanna know the specifics of what goes on in this world, read the threads!




Main Characters

Name Creator Description Faction



Florence Zimbra
Exotoro (tbc) A red haired european woman (now white-haired) who wears a variety of crazy dresses. She seems to act similar to Kimbra but with the goal of creating a harem just like in her Japanese animes. She tends to flirt her way out of most situations. She has a faction named "Red Run Rebels" that's really more or less a front for her harem.

She is currently married to Claire and Sho'Garth the Tentacle Monster and has become a necromancer.

Red Run Rebels
General Grievous
CryoticYoshi (tbc) A cold-blooded cyborg who hails from the Star Wars universe, and fell into the Wasteland World after a wormhole bomb went off. He also hates Steven Yelta with a burning passion, and plans on killing him with his own hands.

Oh, and he also has a SPACESHIP. Don't mess with this dude.

Killed by Florence's skeletons and then revived and now serves Talon.

Droid Army
Claire Peppermint Princess (tbc) Claire is peaceful and vunerable, she has short dark brown hair and wears a ripped purple shirt and shorts. She's good at farming and is dating Florence. Red Run Rebels

Talon Zimbra

Exotoro (tbc) Florence and Sho'Garth the Tentacle Monster's kid. Not much is known about her yet. She knows necromancy like her mother and Grievous serves her. Red Run Rebels
"Sketch" CSketch (tbc) "Sketch" is the name adopted by a young man who woke up in the middle of nowhere in the apocalyptic wasteland with no memory after a note told him it was his name, Sketch is kind, friendly and very curious, especially when it comes to his past life. Cryo-Scrawl
Mycan the Mycanoid Golem Guy (Neo) (tbc)

Mycan is a female Mycanoid and the leader of the King Hunters faction. She has formed a faction with a semi-experienced hunter known as Rex and has killed the elusive Albino Scavrock. Currently, she is in Heimlet after surviving Y2K.

King Hunters


Exotoro (tbc)
Peppermint Princess (tbc)
Florence and Claire's kid. Not much is known about her yet. Red Run Rebels
Bill Jara TerrariaBoss (tbc) TBA Unnamed Faction 1

Side Characters

Name Creator Description Faction
Aaron Hannigen Monstermanchego (tbc) Formerly known as the internet celebrity Selfcertaindinosaur, Aaron's experience in the realm of gaming has turned him into a calm and calculating fellow who is cheerful even in the face of danger. He is currently roaming the wilderness in search of a sapient creature to recruit to a faction, which he intends to name Les Enculés Impressionnant. None
Steven Yelta CryoticYoshi (tbc) A tan, brown-haired character who seems to have two sides, serious, and happy. He is in a faction with Sketch and his pet deer, Swirl. He's DEAD. Cryo-Scrawl
Agent AgentMuffin (tbc) Agent seems to like joking around, even when his life is on the line. He seems to think his predicament is all some sort of game. He also seems to have some sort of vendetta against the fourth wall. None
Salesman McSalesmanington SuperSmashBlender17 (tbc) Previously a character in SUNSET, Salesman wears only purple. Here, he has memories of his original town which he gradually looses. He leads a nameless faction. Unnamed Faction 2
Lizzie Grant Solarrion (tbc) Lizzie is a cheerful and playful girl who is a very trusting and caring person to be around. She is a really good friend to those who are good back to her, and she is very open with her feelings to these friends. She can be seen as a pushover at times, but it isn't often that people take advantage of her good nature. However when times get tough, Lizzie can become a ruthless competitor which makes a lot of people see her as two-faced, which truly isn't the case at all. Red Run Rebels
Pepsiman Sr.Wario (tbc) Pepsiman, Defender of Delicious Refreshment. His goal is to befriend people, get big, and deliver Pepsi™ to those in need. None
DEZLE PabloDePablo (tbc) Rebel without a clue. A seven foot tall skeleton in a leather jacket and anime shades. Toughest bikerman in this desert, looking to build himself a fortress where he can live like a king. None
Sandy the Sandman RTA fan (tbc) Sandy is - well - a sandman. He was brought to life by a magic fedora and is clueless of the world around him. N/A
Swirl CSketch (tbc) A deer found in the middle of the wasteland with a knife stabbed into his leg, the deer was barely saved by Sketch, who removed the knife and helped the deer get to a campfire where he was fully healed and decided to stay with Sketch. Cryo-Scrawl
Frank TerrariaBoss (tbc) TBA Unnamed Faction 1
Rex Golem Guy (Neo) (tbc) A ex-Sportshunter member experienced with the monsters that live near Lostlib. Going along and hiring Mycan for a quest to hunt the elusive Albino Scavrock, he bonded with her after killing the Scavrock and formed a faction with her. Currently, he is staying in the Church of SUNSET.

He was killed by his daughter Bertha.

King Hunters
Jack Shit SuperSmashBlender17 (tbc)


Unnamed Faction 2
Badass Scavrock Exotoro (tbc)
CrunchyTommy (tbc)
A Scavrock that Florence Zimbra flirted with and made him join her faction. He follows her orders, although Florence is merely manipulating him for her needs.

Killed by Grievous.

Red Run Rebels
Katia CryoticYoshi (tbc) (?) Parent of 8 kids: Han Solo, Steven Jr., Apollo, Jimmy, Sprawl, Kara, Tubbs Reborn, and Grievous. Cryo-Scrawl
Tentacle Scavrock Exotoro (tbc)
CrunchTime420 (tbc)
A Scavrock that Florence Zimbra flirted with and made him join her faction. He follows her orders, although Florence isn't really sure whether she wants their relationship to go anywhere.

Killed by Grievous.

Red Run Rebels
Marilyn Golem Guy (Neo) (tbc) A priest of the Church of SUNSET, and the most friendly of the priests. She only burns the witches who actually know spells, and doesnt know the secret of the church. She also knows a bit about cooking, and has a self-defense weapon in case someone tries to attack her. Currently, she is in her church with Mycan. King Hunters


Exotoro (tbc) Formerly known as Exo the Tentacle Monster, this is a bisexual tentacle monster that lurks under the sea. Florence did her best to find attract it only to learn that it wanted to be married first before it went anywhere with her. The gender of it is unknown. It is currently married to Florence. Red Run Rebels


Name Description Members
Red Run Rebels
Florence's faction, more or less a front for her harem. It was formed after the Badass Scavrock joined forces with Florence and has since then kept growing due to Florence's romantical pursuits. It resides at the sea.
  • Florence Zimbra
  • Claire
  • Badass Scavrock
  • Flaire
  • Tentacle Scavrock
  • Sho'Garth
  • Talon Zimbra
  • General Grievous (controlled by Talon)
Droid Army
A group of ruthless robotic killers. They are located in Grievous' old ship, which is called the 'Lawbreaker'. While the army consisted of hundred-thousands in the Star Wars universe, only 6 MagnaGuards came with Grievious in his voyage, but he believes there are more in the land of WASTELAND.
  • MagnaGuard A
  • MagnaGuard B
  • MagnaGuard C
  • MagnaGuard D
  • MagnaGuard E
  • MagnaGuard F
  • Sketch
  • Swirl
  • Katia and their babies
King Hunters
  • Mycan
  • Marilyn



Your standard 6-cylinder revolver, it's pretty banged up and only has 1 bullet in it at the start but ammo is dirt-cheap for this basic gun.

Doppler Karambit

In Sketch's Possesion, like all melees it has the roll of getting close to the enemy and then the 50/50 chance of hitting it, if you hit it it will most likely kill your target in one blow. Was revealed to originally be from Rex.


In Golem's Possesion, it is an accurate weapon with small clip size and not a lot of damage. Somehow can take out a Albino Scavrock, but not a regular Scavrock.


Used to be in Rex's possession, a pair of rocky swords that deals melee damage and can be used like knifes in certain situations. Was eaten by the Badass Scavrock that Zimbra tamed.

Ray Gun

In Rex's possession, a small pistol which shoots extremely fast rays of light. It was found in Whosit's Device Emporium when it was abandoned.


In Terraria's possesion, it's a device hooked up to a Gasser Gland to create a portable poison gas gun.


The main currency of both the pre-apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic eras.

Space Food

Astronauts eat this cheap cra-I mean nutritous mealset, it can be found in normal, deluxe and ultra versions.


A submachine gun of some sort that is in Agent's possession after being looted from a corpse. It has its own type of ammo too.


A lump of coal. Agent found it while digging.

Thompson SMG

A sub machine gun, found by Steven while exploring.


A Space Fruit covered in gross shit such as dirt, ash, urine, moster blood, etc. so it can be used against unsuspecting foes or prey to give them massive stomachaches, possibly rendering them unable to fight. Invented by Sketch.

Double Handguns

Two very light handguns with 10 rounds each, the light weight of both allows whoever uses them to wield both handguns at the same time. Found by Sketch.

Euro Pitchfork

A pitchfork all the way from Europe, specifically in New London. Found in the Pitchfork Emporium, it has a melee reach twice as long as a sword and has been made of a small, magnet-like metal. Bought by Mycan and used by Rex.

Book of the Post-Apocalyptic World

A series of books in the Topia library that contains all the towns and cities and their locations, as well as containing bios of certain monsters and people. The first book, with the locations of North American and South American towns, was in Mycan's possession untill she burnt it.


After the nuclear apocalypse most cities and towns were destroyed and completely new ones were built over the ruins of the old one, making the world look like a completely different place. Here are some of the locations known so far.


A small lively town with no real authority that still manages to be a nice community, Lostlib is known for its big amount of shops, allowing adventurers and hunters to buy and sell as well as look for quests to gain money. Lostlib is a hotspot for all kinds of adventurers. Discovered by Mycan.


Topia is a friendly big metropolis and one of the biggest cities after the nuclear apocalypse, filled with cars, shops, and the only purifying machine in the entire world, capable of derradiating radioactive items, there are rumors that the incredible engineer-scientist duo that originally made the machine is working on a way to make it also derradiate Gassers, turning them back into humans, but it is yet unknown if this rumor is true or not. Discovered by the King Hunters.

KAT Militia Base

A strange military base located right next to Topia filled to the brim with cats and only cats, but not just your average cats, but rather intelligent cats, some can talk, others can't, but they're pretty big in numbers and in strenght, so it's best not to mess with them. As of this day it's unknown wether they're evil or good, but they seem to be planning a scheme of some sort. Discovered by Steven.

Tem Shop

A store run by an....intelligent? cat located near the entrance of the KAT Militia Base, the reason "intelligent?" is used like that is because while the cat seems to be sentient, can talk and run a market pretty well, her intelligence isn't exactly the highest, which is why people usually use this to their advantage by haggling with her and either lowering prices or increasing the amount of money they get for selling mundane items. Discovered by Sketch.


A lovehotel found near Lostlib, pretty rare outside of Asia, this lovehotel seems have been abandoned a long time ago but bandits have raided the place multiple times, thus ridding it of most valuable items but you might still find a cool object or two. Due to its abandoned state, this area is great for shelter and doing....some inappropiate stuff, but since it's a lovehotel, it doesn't have windows, which can be dangerous at times. Discovered by Cryo-Scrawl.

Seashore Cave

A small cave with no monsters whatsoever inside or near it, as for some reason monsters are driven away from the cave, this makes the cave a great shelter for people to rest and take in the beauty of the nearby sea without running the risk of being ambushed by monsters. Discovered by the Red Run Rebels.


A big tree town near Topia populated by mysterious mushroom people known as Mycanoids. Since the town is built on a giant tree, the town is divided into distinct levels with different buildings on each floor. The Mycanoids of Heimlet are mostly travellers and merchants who sell items from all around the continent. Discovered by the King Hunters.

Pitchfork Emporium

This mysterious store seems to pop up wherever it wants. Upon entering customers are transported to a completely black area known as the void. There is only one employee/boss there who seems to not really care at all. The only way to exit at all is to say the password SUNSET to the clerk. Has appeared in Heimlet and Lostlib.


A town that was sent all the way back to the witch burning era when the apocalypse began. The only surviving church in America is in this town, and it worships Kimbra as a prophet and SUNSET as a god. The head of church here, Zeta Omega, belives she is the reincarnation of Kimbra, but she's most likely insane. Discovered by the King Hunters.

Church of SUNSET

The big church in Necramu, and the only surviving church in America. The priests serve under the high priest of SUNSET, Zeta Omega, and constantly burn witches, warlocks, and terrorists as sacrifice (although most of the town believe it's just because their burning witches because they're witches). Found by Sketch and the King Hunters.