Wasresh City is a big city in Dashed Koopa series. Many characters from this series live here.

Places in Wasresh City

Food Palace

Food Palace is a restaurant in Wasresh City. You can buy there good food. They made best hamburgers in world. Zen Guy can be commonly found here.

TV Inc.

TV Inc. is a factory that makes TVs. Corsel Flesh is founder of this factory.

Hotel Trodic

Hotel Trodic is a hotel in Wasresh City. There are 23 floors,57 rooms,a bar,owner room and five toilets.Zen Guy and Corsel Flesh lives there.

Toadtool's Workshop

This place is one of most famous places in Wasresh City. Many people come here to buy Toadtool's inventions. Toadtool lives there.

Dashed's House

As the name said, this place is Dashed's House. Dashed Koopa and Jingy Koopa lives there.

Night Street

A very busy street. You can see this place only on night.


  • Dashed Koopa
  • Zen Guy
  • Jingy Koopa
  • Toadtool
  • Corsel Flesh

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