Ah, what happened to your kingdom, my impatient young lad? Long story short, I took over your kingdom for the sake of the wealth you happen to own. What's that, you want it back? I dunno man...a million bucks may suffice? If you pay me that number or more, I shall grant you your land back. Good day, and Wa.

Full Name Waslord
Current Age 69,420.666 (rough estimate)
Gender Male
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Screamer

Waslord is a powerful character who has been known for his conquests of lands far and out for the sake of obtaining more money than necessary and by pleasing the Republicans back on Earth and to an extent Zonar. His role as a villain is unique, as he does not do anything large against heroes or help other villains, but rather he takes over large periods of space and it requires money to take back anything this greedy man holds.

Like Chang, he does not have a franchise of sorts nor does he belong to any specific franchise, but however he antagonizes beings friend and foe in Zaxina.


Waslord appears as a tall man with a light skin tone, and his clothing is a dark purple suit with a yellow tie, and his pants are shiny and pretty much gleam the term "wealth". His hands have notably sharp fingers, each wrinkly from having folded dollars and counting money. His face has dark beady eyes, and a black mustache extends from his nose and points outward on both ends.

Game Appearances

...Yknow what?  I dunno man.


Waslord doesn't have many particular abilities, but his most obvious is to hold others up and to take up large spaces of land with notable help from his minions, who follow a religion he has created, known as "Waaism". If someone attempts getting close to him, he'll blast them with his Screamer to paralyze them, but this tool is often used on children to give them a good laugh (or to cry).

If Waslord cannot achieve, he will steal, and will send out any of his minions to go and take the money that his refused customer has on hand, and won't sell the property that he owns until he's paid in person.


Waslord is truly rude, somewhat childish, and very greedy, not giving up any piece of land until he's paid for it, and he will return to that land if its owner is being irresponsible with keeping it under check again. He has enslaved people into his own religion, leading them to think that going under Waaism will help them reach heaven when they die, although that's not really the case as Waaism is nothing more but a scam to praise this businessman.


  • Waslord is, in a way, a reboot of the really bad Walukirby article made in the past.
  • Waslord is inspired by everyday rich people, but also Moneybags from Spyro the Dragon.  The only relation Waslord shares to his main inspiration, Waluigi, is the signature "Waa".