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Warzones is a Strategy game designed for the PC and Wii. The game takes place in a modern war era and lets you, the Commander, guide your army though to victory as you strengthen them and yourself during the course of the game.


Setiawan had been abused his whole life, during his childhood, he was looted of his money and was left for dead in an alleyway, later in his life, he had lost sight in one eye after his parents were killed in a robbery. Now in the modern age, Setiawan hates the world he lives in and aspires to be the most powerful person in it, Assembling groups of laborers as his "Soldiers", he assembles the Viper Coalition. (Who are bent on killing political figures to demonstrate how much power they have) After the president in the country you live in was nearly killed by an elite of Viper, you are assigned with troops to destroy Viper and finish Setiawan off.


Build Menu

Using the Build Menu displayed on the bottom of the screen, the player can construct structures such as walls, Armories, Barracks ect. Some buildings may be locked at the start of each battle due to the fact that another building is needed active for it to be constructed. Each currently known structure is listed below:

Image Structure Name Description Effect
N/A Central Hub This building serves as the base's main structure. Buildings have to be within range of it (Or an outpost) to be built, Central Hubs also spawn your commander if he/she dies.
  • Buildings cannot be built unless within range.
  • Spawns your commander.
  • Cannot be Upgraded.
This building has the ability to enlist basic Infantry.
  • Infantry Units can be enlisted.
  • Cannot be Upgraded.
This building has the ability to enable the player to change the weapons of human units. The higher this structure is upgraded, the more weapons become available.
  • Allows the player to change human units' weapons.






Supply depot

This building lets the player enlist Air Units.

This lets the player to create Naval units.

This building stores your supplies.Upgrade to get better gatherers and to get more delivered supplies.

  • Allows the player to enlist air units, the more it is upgraded, the more units become available.
  • Allows the player to create naval units, the more it is upgraded, the better units become available.
  • Allows the player to create supply gatherers.Upgrade to get better gatherers.

Unit Usage

When you click/use the wii remote on a group of units, a secondary menu will replace the Build menu until you click something else. This menu (Known as the Unit Menu) shows functions and commands for the units. (Which are listed below)

  • Aggressive Mode - In aggressive mode, once the enemy is within range, the Units will attack them and will not focus on defending any structures/their commander.
  • Normal Mode - In normal mode, Units are cautious and will both attack and attempt to defend structures.
  • Defensive Mode - In defensive mode, the Units will focus only on defending structures from the enemy's attack force.

You can also direct units by right clicking a place on the screen while the unit is selected.

Game Modes

Campaign Mode

In campaign mode, the player is required to achieve certain goals in a number of levels. Each different to the other. The campaign mode follows your path of wiping out a rival clan (Named the Viper Coalition) whom demonstrate "Power" by taking over cities and killing political figures. Each known mission is listed below:

Image Name of the Mission Description Goal(s)
N/A Mission 1: Basic Initiation This Mission only serves as a Tutorial mission, guiding players through the game's controls and functions.
  • Destroy the Viper Coalition's Outpost.
N/A Mission 2: High Value Target In this mission, you are required to kill one of the Viper Coalition's Commanders. This is actually the first mission the player does on his/her own.
  • Kill Viper's Commander.

You can also select the difficulty levels between missions, which include Basic, Moderate, Challenging and Extreme.

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