3D Art
Full Name Princess Warudeiji Rose
Current Age Unknown, possibly mid-20's
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sarasaland
Current Status Alive
Class Princess
Ethnicity Hispanic

Princess Rose


Princess Warudeiji Rose, also known simply as Princess Rose is the evil cousin of Princess Daisy and a good friend of Warupichi, Waluigi and Wario. She lives just outside of Sarasaland with her cats. She has an unknown, one-sided rivalry with Pauline.


Warudeiji has straight dark brown, almost black, hair with a bowl bangs hairstyle. Her crown is silver and has Ruby's cut like Roses in them. Her dress is a crimson-rose color and is simple without any panniers or frills, she has brooch with a Jet cut like a Rose on her chest and to accent her curves she has black sash wrapped around her waist tied in a bow, her shoes are also made of Jet. She is incredibly thin and has a mildly boney face. Her eyes are brown.


Warudeiji is usually calm, and often the brains behind any evil schemes. She is a quiet, sly and sneaky character and is a very skilled contortionist, something that helps a lot when she steals things, as she easily hides away in small places, despite being tall.



  • She usually doesn't like being called "Warudeiji" as she feels it makes her inferior to Daisy, most people call her Rose.
    • Her name comes from Warui (meaning Bad), and Deiji (meaning Daisy), making her name Bad Daisy.
  • She has been hinted to being romantically involved with Waluigi.
  • Unlike Daisy, who is shorter and plumper than Peach, Warudeiji is taller and thinner than Warupichi.