Wartime is the space RPG of Adventure TIme

Max Level: 100

Developer(s) Wayforward Technologies, Digital Extremes
Publisher(s) Digital Extremes
Platform(s) Wii U, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
M, PEGI:16
Genre(s) RPG
Series Adventure Time In Space
Predecessor N/A
Successor TBA


In the future, Chrysalians have started to battle the world. The heroes, Jake & Finn must stop them, but there's the Androids intercepting in between...

Internet connection required to play.

Team up with up to 6 players to save the universe of Ooo!


Exterminate: First mode in the game, it is to kill all enemies. Unlike other modes they had unlimited enemies.

Capture: You have to capture two secret agents. When they see you they start escaping. Your only allowed to have one escape, if both escape it's game over.

Sabotage: Destroying reactor, generators, etc.

Mobile Defense: Defending 2 - 4 terminals to find data.

Defense: The first mode that goes forever, defending a Artifact while fighting enemies, Every 5 waves players choose to exit or continue fighting. If the Artifact is destroyed, it's game over.

Assassination: Players must face a enemy boss, Unlike Capture bosses don't escape although Princess Bubblegum tells you not to let the target escape.

Survival: Players will have life support cut off and they have to activate capsules and fight enemies to survive. After 5 minutes the extraction is ready.

Spy: Players must take a cube and go to terminals to find clues.

Deception: Players must upload data from a cube.

Flags: Players must get the flag to their base before the enemy does.

Conclave: AKA Versus in the level selection.


Earth: 1 - 7 (Chrysalian)

Mercury: 8 - 17 (Android)

Venus: 18 - 27 (Chrysalian)

Mars: 28 - 37 (Android)

Saturn: 38 - 48 (Chrysalian)

Sedna: 49 - 60 (Chrysalian)

Uranus: 61 - 73 (Android)

Neptune: 74 - 89 (Android)

Pluto: 90 - 100 (Android)


Phobos: 46 - 61 (Chrysalian)

Eris: 68 - 81 (Android)

Ceres: 83 - 96 (Chrysalian)

Mastering planets unlocks a new character.



HP: 100 - 3200 at level 100

Attack Rating: ****

Defense: **

Speed: ****

Starting character to choose, unlocks at Earth.


Charge: Increases other player's attack.

Strong Attack: Does a attack with increased damage.


HP: 120 - - 3400 at level 100

Attack Rating: ***

Defense: ***

Speed: ***

Starting character to choose, unlocks at Mercury,

Powers: None


HP: 90: - 3000 at level 100

Attack Rating: *****

Defense: *

Speed: *****

Unlocks at Venus.


Leech: A bleeding strike that regenerates the player.


HP: 125 - 3600 at level 100

Attack Rating: ****

Defense: ****

Speed: ***

Unlocks at Mars.


Super Speed: Reduces skill cooldown.

Flame Princess

98 - 3050 at level 100

Attack Rating: ****

Defense: **

Speed: ****

Unlocks at Saturn


Fireball: Explodes on contact

Fire Blast: A ring of fire surrounds you.

World  on Fire: Running into enemies makes them explode.

Toxic Princess

95 - 3025 at level 100

Attack  Rating: ******

Defense: *

Speed: ****

Unlocks at Sedna


Toxic: Summons a toxic wave that reduces defense.

Shield: A toxic shield that protects you. It will not protect from missiles, Stalker Princess, or steel.

Dark Princess

110 - 3200 at level 100

Attack Rating: *******


Speed: ****


Dazzle: Blinds enemies

Looter: Forces enemies to drop more items, exp, etc.

Ice Princess:

130 - 3480 at level 100

Attack Rating: ***

Defense: ****

Speed: ***


Freeze: Freezes enemies

Ice Storm: Strikes muiltple enemies

Snow Globe: Protective barrier. Note that flames, Stalker Princess or sharp blades are super effective against it.

Solar Princess

80 - 2900 at level 100

Attack: ******

Defense: **

Speed: ****

Unlocks at Pluto


Portal: Creates two portals linking to each other.

Molecular Prime: Stuns all enemies on close sight and explodes them. They must be at 10 feet close.



Root Sword

Attack: 5 - 15

Starting weapon

Steel Sword

Attack: 10 - 20

Level Required: 10

Unlocked by completing Earth.

Amethyst Blade

Attack: 25 - 50

Level: 24

Unlocked by completing Venus


Attack: 50 - 100

Level: 43

Unlocked by completing Saturn

Demon Blood Sword

Attack: 100 - 200

Level: 60

Unlocked by completing Sedna

Hyena Saber

Attack: 200 - 400

Level: 85

Unlocked by completing Neptune

Non-Storyline Swords


Attack: 1000 - 2000

Unlocked by killing Stalker Princess

Scarlet Prime

Attack: 400 - 800

Level: 98

Unlocked by great skills in the Orokin Towers.

Sakura Slicer

Attack: 350 - 700

Level: 88

Unlocked by completing Ceres.


The Stalker Princess that is the dark side of Princess Bubblegum, sends deathmarks if you defeat bosses 5 times in a row. Death marks are removed when the player is defeated. Defeating Stalker Princess will unlock a new weapon.

Stalker Princess's Stats

HP: 4000

Attack: 1500 for Hate, 1000 for Dread, 500 for Despair Blades.

Defense: 0

Drops: Hate, the Bloody Blade, Dread, the rumored bow, Despair, the sharpest daggers.

You will start getting death marks at level 50 and up.

Leaving missions is useful if you get stuck, there is no penalty and will not fail the mission for other players.


Earth: Captain Calthax: 1500 HP

Mercury: Lord Changi: 3000 HP

Venus: Eagle Prototype: 4800 HP

Mars: Sergeant Max: 6500 HP

Saturn: General Steve: 8300 HP

Sedna: Queen Chrysalis (11500 HP

Phobos: Captain Calthax and Venus Girl: 9000 HP each

Note: Shows a ? on the target.

Uranus: Android Titan: 20000 HP

Neptune: Hyena Pack: 15000 HP each

Each Hyena will have their own arsenal of attacks.

Ceres: Venus Girl: 42000 HP

Note: Resembles the deviation "Queen Chrysalis second stage"

Pluto: Ambulas: 55000 HP


This is the first Adventure time game to be rated M.

Some people might believe this is the replacement for when the Xbox One and PS4 ports were canceled.

Eris is the only planet without a assassination mission.

Uses some bosses from Warframe.

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