A mysterious void appears in many worlds, crossing this one with that one and that one with those. What's causing this rip in the space-time continuum and will anyone be able to stop it?
Blurb for Story Mode in the game

Destiny's Call is the story mode for Warriors of the Universe. It features several characters from real life and the media fighting for their lives in a gladitorial tournament run by a mysterious person. Like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, new characters are unlocked by completing stages in this mode.

Chapter 1: Abducted

Containment Room 

The story starts out with Alpha waking up in a prison cell, not knowing how he ended up there. Alpha uses his Orion Shield attack to try and burst out of the cell, but the attack ricochets around the cell before disappearing. Crying can be heard from the other cell, and Alpha investigates through the small crack in his cell's wall. Calvin is seen crying over the death of something, but Alpha and the player can't see what it is. A cat guard then opens the cell, giving Alpha time to attack. Alarms start blaring as more cat guards and assorted enemies ambush Alpha (HORDE: Cat Guards and related enemies; Horde Amount: 50; Playable Character: Alpha). Alpha swiftly defeats the guards before pressing a button to all the prisoners in that sector, including Calvin, Sonic, and Markiplier. He then wonders where his friends are before Calvin thanks him for saving him. Sonic and Markiplier express their gratitude and then trumpets can be heard. The team goes to investigate (EXPLORE: Ebony Hallways; Playable Characters: Alpha, Sonic, Calvin, and Markiplier). They find an arena of sorts, where they are then thrown into it by some Cat Guards who survived Alpha's attack. Alpha, Sonic, Calvin, and Markiplier are pitted against two hackers that Alpha recognizes - Zetto and Kizuna - and the player then must choose who they want to go up against the hackers alongside Alpha (FIGHT: VS. Zetto and Kizuna). The heroes then try to leave, but they are pushed back in by delightfulized versions of Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2.

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