Hi folks! Are you ready for some hockey? We sure are!

Tonight, we head to the Omega Hockey Centre for this matchup between the Laser Tagged Warriors and the Bowser Valley Soldiers.

Lets head to the away team captain, YoshiEgg.

LK: Well, YE, it's time. It's my team against yours. Now, be warned, my team has been training hard for this matchup, but your team looks very formidable as well.

YE: I appreciate that, LK. I must say, my team has been waiting a while to go up against the Soldiers. I think this will be a very interesting game.

LK: Thank you, YE.

Warriors & Soldiers, who will win?


Starting lineup for the Soldiers will be Gorgo and Harley on defense, McBones and Dupmal on center, and Cosmic on forward.

Starting lineup for the Warriors will be Bloop and The Groo on defense, Spectur and Spiryt on center, and Rhode on forward.

Puck drops!

Warriors win the faceoff and the puck goes to The Groo. None of the Soldiers are making any attempt to get the puck away from the big body of The Groo, so they all line up in the Soldier end. The Groo makes a pass to Spiryt who goes up the rink with Spectur next to him. Spectur goes to receive a pass from Spiryt, but Gorgo unleashes a hard hit on Spectur! Gorgo dishes it back to Harley to set up the attack. Harley slowly skates up the rink. Rhode goes in to hit him, but Harley dekes him out! Harley then makes a pass to Dupmal. Dupmal speeds up the rink with surprising speed. Shot!

And stopped by Assailant!

We'll take a break now. Zip Zip.



Welcome back. Lets get back to the game.

Puck drops!

Soldiers win the faceoff and the puck goes to McBones. McBones begins the attack immediately and dumps the puck into Warrior territory. The heat is on now! Dupmal and Cosmic go to assist the now-edgy McBones get the puck behind Assailant! Now, Assailant may be one of the smaller goalies, but his special playing-style and unique gear makes him incredibly hard to score on. Dupmal is in a tight spot with Bloop! The Groo comes to help! He checks Dupmal with great force! And the puck goes down the rink! Spectur goes and grabs it! He's on a breakaway! Shot!

And deflected by Austin!

Spiryt comes and winds up for...


What's going on?

Ooh, wait a second, Dupmal hasn't gotten up yet. Lets go to the ref.

"Well, Dupmal is a very vulnerable player, and with a big body like The Groo's ramming him like that, Dupmal will be out of this game. So far, The Groo is not being kicked out, but he is being put on the Warrior bench and it looks like we'll have 2 new players playing for a while."

Well, folks, it looks like Dupmal is going to be out with an injury. Brandon will take his place.

As for The Groo, too many hits like that could get the team disqualified, and YE won't risk that. So Overman Supreme will go on in his place.

Hang on, we've got another hold-up. We've just received word that Neo Koopa and Harley were also talking to another ref. We'll see what that was all about later.

Lets get back to the game.

Puck drops!

Soldiers win the faceoff and the puck goes to Brandon. He skates up the rink and passes it to Cosmic. Cosmic flips the puck up with his tail and does an air slapshot!

Stopped by Assailant!

Bloop gets the puck and slaps it up to center ice, where it gets received by Spectur. Harley and Gorgo line up and stay adjacent with the puck. Spectur takes a slapshot! Harley puts his stick out to stop the puck, but he misses! Gorgo jumps towards the puck and deflects it with his body! But Rhode comes up and checks him! Rhode immediately receives the puck! Shot!


And Rhode has given the team an early lead!

We're taking a break now. 1-0 for the Warriors.



Rhode has scored the advantage for YE's team. Lets see if the Soldiers can tie it up.

Puck drops!

Warriors win the faceoff and the puck goes to Spectur! Cosmic attacks! Spectur loses control! But Cosmic is too off balance and can't hang on. Spiryt goes up to help his brother and the rest of the Soldiers get ready.

Now, before the game started, we had a word with LK24:

"It wasn't easy, but I found a legal way to keep nearly everything out of the net. If at least 4 of us are in our zone and the enemy is going to attack, we all fly towards the net and it works almost every time."

Lets see if it works.

Spiryt gets set to attack the net. But all the Soldiers lineup in front of it. LK24 had also mentioned that because Austin is so tall, they wouldn't have to worry about screening.

Spiryt winds up and takes a wicked slapshot!

But McBones slides to the ground, Harley does a quick jump over McBones, Gorgo goes higher on top of Harley and Brandon flies over all of them. The shot didn't even come close to going to the net.

McBones grabs the puck and goes on the attack. But what's this? all 5 of the players on the Warriors are lining up in front of the net? It seems like they're going to try out the Soldiers' technique.

McBones winds up and they all jump in a row, just as the Soldiers did. But McBones flips the puck up onto his stick instead of taking the shot! He has a clear scoring chance! He flies toward the net on a breakaway! Goes for a wristshot!

Stopped by Assailant!

The Warriors have gotten back up. Overman goes and gets the puck. He begins to start an offensive play. He tries dekeing around Gorgo, but Gorgo's small body easily found a way to get the puck. Now Gorgo is going on the offensive! What's this? He's gotten rid of his stick! The Soldiers have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves! He's using his feet to bring the puck up the rink! Brandon and Cosmic come up with him! Brandon stays in the area to catch anything if the puck goes out. Cosmic has gone behind the net and is holding his stick very oddly. Gorgo is still kicking the puck. Bloop goes to attack, but Gorgo dekes him out with his feet! He does a powerful kick towards the net!

It deflects off Assailant! The puck is in the air!

Cosmic catches the puck under his stick and hits the puck down!

It's in the net! HE SCORES!

I see now! Gorgo is a Monty Mole, and they have a very powerful kick. So if the shot deflected into the air, which would be made possible by Gorgo's kick and the right angle of the shot, then Cosmic could dump the puck into the net, resulting in a goal! Impressive!

Puck drops!


And that's the end of the first period. Will the Warriors' unstoppable team spirit win over the strategic Soldiers?

1st Intermission

As mentioned before, the Warriors have unbelievable team spirit. They're the most confident team in the league. However, the Soldiers have some of the best strategies ever. It's a mystery as to who's gonna win this.

We have also received word that YoshiEgg Nook is signing autographs. All you Warriors fans out there should get down there as soon as you can.

Lets go to Neo.

LK: So Neo, I find that your leadership and all these strategies will help us dominate the Warriors. And what gave you that idea after Dupmal got injured?

Neo: Well, you already know what we'll be doing. But I want to save it as a surprise for the audience and such. When we unleash our plan in the 3rd period, I can promise a Soldiers goal.

LK: Thank you, Neo.

Neo: Yep.

Now we go to YE

LK: So, YE, what do you think of the game's status?

YE: I actually think we can win this. Although it is going to be tricky to predict your guy's tactics. I believe we can pull it off. If I may add, I'm curious to see what Neo has in mind for the 3rd period.

LK: Thanks, YE.

YE: Your welcome.

Back to the game!


  • I'm Out Of Idea's. The rest of the game is not-for-profit.

2nd Period

Continuing lineup for the Soldiers will be Battle Skull and Tommy the Penguin on defense, McBones and Brandon on center, and Crawler on forward.

Continuing lineup for the Warriors will be Dr. Claw and The Groo on defense, William Scratch and Tulip on center, and M'Icho on forward.

Puck drops!

Warriors win the faceoff and the puck is given to M'Icho who immediately takes a shot on net!

An easy save by Austin.

Austin dishes the puck out to Tommy who...puts the stick in his mouth?! Now he's sliding on his belly across the rink! He's still controlling the puck with the stick! He turns around and spins back quickly for a shot!

And a save by Assailant!

Dr. Claw gets the puck and is now skating up center ice. He passes it to the zooming M'Icho who receives the pass and gets right up in front of Austin! Shot!

And Austin just got it!

Austin passes the puck to Battle Skull. Battle Skull has the longest hockey stick in the league, so making him a defenseman was a good move for the Soldiers.

Battle Skull keeps good control of the puck, coming up slowly. Here comes Scratch to pressure Battle Skull! He tries a poke check, but misses! Battle Skull unleashes his full speed now! Dr. Claw comes and bodychecks him! Battle Skull goes down! Claw fires it back up to M'Icho. He fires it back at Austin!

And a save!

Austin dishes it out to Brandon! He begins coming down, but M'Icho attacks again! Stealing the puck! He fires it yet again at Austin!

And he snags that one!

What's this?

Austin is leaving the net! He has the puck! He pushes it up into the air and is now juggling it on his body! He keeps it out of reach of the Warriors! He shoots it up with his lower segment! Austin's gotten rid of his stick! Cosmic tosses him his stick! Austin whirls around and smacks the puck as hard as he can!

It gets past Assailant! It ripped the net! That's a goal!

Austin passes Cosmic his stick and picks up his stick and slides back to his net. "That's how a Soldier does it!", shouts Austin.

Hang on, we've got a quick timeout here.

Neo skates over to Austin.

Neo: "Austin, that was amazing, but try to restrict that idea to once per game. I can't risk having you out of the net.

Austin: "Oh, don't worry, I was going to do that anyway. It's just that M'Icho was getting so many chances, it started to annoy me. So I tried my luck at the net, and it worked!

Neo: "OK, stay in nets for the rest of the game, and we can keep going."

Austin: "Yep."

We'll take a quick break now. It's now 2-1 Soldiers.




Lets get back to the game!

Puck drops!

Warriors win the faceoff and the puck goes to William Scratch who begins skating up the rink. But Crawler sneaks up behind him and sweeps the puck away! What's this? He's signaling the Soldiers to surround him. They do so. Crawler flips the puck up on his stick, then he throws it in the air! His eyes are closed. Now he's holding his stick away from the net! He stabbed the midair puck with the end of his stick! It flies toward the net!

And stopped by Assailant! He hangs on!

Puck drops!

Soldiers win the faceoff and the puck goes to Brandon who winds up and...stops?

The Groo just slid past him. And it seems like The Groo gave Brandon the dirtiest look.

Brandon is intimidated. But quickly recovers! He takes a shot on the net!

But Dr. Claw blocks it!

Rest TBA...

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