The Warrior Code is a team of powerful warriors that defend their friends, family, homes and each other.


  • Commander Nova - The leader, he wields an ancient sword.
  • Akami - A red toad who wields dual spears.
  • Poison Master - A Shroob with a giant scythe.
  • Iron the Fox - A Mobian fox who wields a mighty hammer.
  • Luko - A Shy Guy with a black belt in kung fu.
  • Cloud - A cyan Koopa Troopa who wields an axe.
  • Komik - A Dry Bones that can put monsters under his control.
  • Nee - A blue Waddle Dee. With ninja skills.
  • Dugg - A Boo that has elemental powers. He wields a knife.
  • Serp - An Adept Boo and brother of Dugg. He wields a knife.

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