Fight me if you can.
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200px-Dissidia Warrior of Light

Warrior in Dissida: Final Fantasy.

Warrior is a job class and playable character in Final Fantasy Versus  who represents Final Fantasy I, he is a Hero of Light. Warrior is a agile and strong character, however he have low health compared to most of the fights (1,301 HP, the 3rd lowest HP stat in the game) and he cannot use Black Magic, though he can use some White Magic.

Warrior's Defenders of Darkness counterpart is Garland and his successor is Benjamin.


I believe in my power.

Warrior is an agile and strong character, he have a Agility stat of 30 and Strength stat of 44, he also have a high Luck stat, 30. Warrior have a large arsenal of weapons, including swords, axes and more. Warrior's disavantages comes from the fact that while using armors (except for the Clothes), his speed stat is lowered, becoming 15 with any type of armor and also he can be easily hit by magic.


  • Weapon: Battle Axe - Great Axe - Light Axe - Mythril Axe - Hammer - Mythril Hammer - Staff - Power Staff - Crosier - Knife - Dagger - Mythril Knife - Rapier - Scimitar - Saber - Falchion - Broadsword - Rune Blade - Werebane - Coral Sword - Wyrmkiller - Long Sword - Claymore - Mythril Sword - Flame Sword - Ice Brand - Sunblade - Masamune
  • Armor: Clothes - Leather Armor - Chain Mail - Iron Armor - Knight's Armor - Mythril Mail - Flame Mail - Ice Armor - Copper Armlet - Silver Armlet - Ruby Armlet - Diamond Armlet.
  • Shield: Leather Cap - Helm - Great Helm - Mythril Helm - Ribbon.
  • Gloves: Leather Gloves - Bronze Gloves - Steel Gloves - Mythril Gloves - Giant's Gloves - Protect Ring


  • HP: 1,301.
  • CP: 11.
  • Strength: 44.
  • Magic: 28.
  • Agility: 30.
  • Luck: 30.


  • Monk: He appears and gives melee combo at the opponent.
  • Thief: Steals the opponent's item, if he have one.
  • White Mage: Heals the Warrior.
  • Black Mage: Uses Fire at the opponent.
  • Red Mage: Same as White and Black Mages.

Limit Break: Knight's Excalibur

Warrior turns into a Knight, he summons his partners (Monk, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage and Red Mage) to attack the opponnent, then he gets the Excalibur and attacks the opponent with. If done correctly it can deal 3,985 damage, if it is critical it deals 5,285 damage. It is the third most powerful Limit Break in the game.


  • Like Firion and Onion Knight, it is possible to play as Classic!Warrior (pictured) by inputting the Konami Code on the character selection screen and choosing the Warrior. The only difference is that the Warrior have a smaller hitbox making it more difficult to attack.
  • In the Wii U version, Warrior's Rune Blade have a different design, resembling the Pokémon, Honedge.

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