Warm Fuzzy Feeling is an upcoming 3D fighting game for the Wii U being released...someday. The game follows an alternate timeline to all creations made by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc), where one sole villain combines all past timelines of the other creations and forces the manifestations of these timelines to fight each-other to the death. Not much else is known about the project currently.





As stated previously, all characters in the game are from different timelines that either exist in Fuzzy's games, or are just general characters that were created with no purpose I guess.


Character Description Debut

He's lean, he's green, and he's got low self-esteem! This cinnamon roll is back and ready to fight...wait, no he's not. But I guess he has no choice. Whoops. Lucky is the sole character of the game Lucky Charm, an erebokinetic, pessimistic feline who suffers from a curse that gave him magical powers and allows him to use dark magic. Anyways, Lucky uses (surprise!) dark magic in his attacks, as well as a seemingly endless Arsenal of throwable bells. Lucky Charm

A happy-go-lucky kitty-cat, younger brother to Shudi, and Lucky's almost-boyfriend (!!!!), Karis's personality can probably let someone's guard down, but he's a force to be reckoned with. Karis uses his claws to fight, being able to scratch his enemies silly. He also can throw bells, like Lucky. Lucky Charm

Ivan is simultaneously an aspiring actor, cryokinetic fighter, flamboyant Beorn, and savvy lover of blankets, among other things. The fuzzy fella hails from the animated series Crosshair Theater, where he's one of the main characters. Ivan's powerset comes from his ability in cryokinesis, where he can fire icy bursts across the stage, and breathe icy mist to freeze opponents. Fantendo - Crosshair Theater

A space deity from the Celestial Kingdom, and the adviser of 11 warriors for the universe, Ciriesta was forced to escape the kingdom after the Warriors turned on their ruler, and is now currently stranded in her spaceship, forced to wander the cosmos. Ciriesta can summon STARS at her side to fire at opponents, as well as form weapons out of them. Azure Stars

A low self-esteemed Beorn who is part of a group of rebels against a sacrificial religion, stranded on a half-barren, half-lush planet. Sinon's caelumkinesis allows him to form clouds for offensive and defensive purposes; he can summon winds to blow around opponents, and use giant fluffy clouds as minor barriers. Crash Landing



Amiibo Compatibility


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