Warlockian Flames Inc
Type of Company Video Game Company and Game development company
Founder(s) Cosmic Magikoopa
Founded at/in England
Owner(s) Cosmic Magikoopa
No. of Employee(s) 2

What is Warlockian Flames Inc?

Warlockian Flames Incorparated is a video game comapny and a Video game development company that is partnered with Nintendo, SEGA and Capcom, they mainly publish games but when given the task they will make games for other companies to Publish.

The Creator and Founder of Warlockian Flames, Cosmic Magikoopa, A.k.a, Will, is developing a new independant RPG that shall be announced in the near future.

What Games are in the works?

The games that are being developed at this point in time are...

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