Wario and Waluigi: Quest for Gold is a project by ModernRetroNintendoGamer.

Wario and Waluigi: Quest for Gold
North American Box Art
Developer(s) Nintendo


Publisher(s) Nintendo


Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platforming Game


In this game, you use normal 3DS controls, as in running with Y and jumping with B, but the controls are changable.

Each playable has there own attack. A melee, and a range.

It's gameplay style matches Wario Land games, along with New Super Mario Bros games.



Wario and Waluigi had been treasure hunting, and had filled Wario's Castle up with many treasures, golds, and riches. But another treasure lover had found them....Nabbit.

Nabbit used a new invention, a robot with claws built for stealing treasure. He steals all the Wario Brothers gold, and flees off with it. Wario and Waluigi chase after him, thus starting the adventure.


Nabbit was defeated, at his castle. Wario and Waluigi run behind Nabbit into the treasure room and get all there riches back. As they grab it and return to Wario's Castle, Nabbit runs to the exit, only to find he had lost.

Nabbit returns to his castle planning revenge...But then from the explosion of his robot, the castle falls apart defeating Nabbit for awhile.

Playable Characters

Character Information
220px-Wario MPIT

Wario is a heavy character. He can't jump high, but he can dash foward hitting foes out of his way. He can throw Wario Bombs which can destroy blocks and harm foes.

He is more of a power house, and Wario Bombs leave a gas smell which can stun foes. He can only throw one at a time.

150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez

Waluigi can jump higher then Wario, and he uses his legs and feet for his melee attacks. He can throw Bob-Ombs that have the same effect as the Wario Bombs.

Waluigi has weaker attacks, but the melee does some damage. The Bob-Ombs are weak, but unlike Wario, he can throw several at once.


Golden Plains

Golden Plains is outside of Wario's Castle, not to be confused with the New Super Mario Bros 2 Golden Plains.

The first stage is a training stage that takes place in Wario's Castle.

The other stages are stages that show you how to defeat enemies, get through stuff puzzles and mazes, collect gold, ride moving platforms, and other basic game information.

The Castle stage introduces butter floors. This appears in very few levels, and it is similar to ice, as you slide off it. But if you run fast, you can trip and have to wait a few seconds to get up.

At the end of the Castle stage, you encounter several vines. You have to run through them, only to be greeted by Naval Piranha Plant.

Egg Island

Nabbit's hiding zone was on one of the food themed islands. Wario and Waluigi sail off to Egg Islands.

While it is named Egg Islands, it has no eggs whatsoever. It's a group of several islands, but the main one is named Egg Island, while the entire land is named after it.

In this level, you adventure through water levels, plus you have to ride submarines, boats, and others.

The Castle level is full of Paratroopas. You have to use cannons to shoot through parts and get to the top of the castle. At the top, you battle Blue Paratroopa.

Lost Caverns

After not finding Nabbit, they sail off to a small island. They go into it to find a cave. A large cave full of diamonds and gold. The Wario Bros run off..Mostly just to get rich, not to find Nabbit.

This world introduces Pixaxes, which you use to mine through rocks, blocks, and harm foes.

At the end of the last level, the ground breaks apart as Wario and Waluigi fall into a much deeper part, only to see Nabbit with a bag of diamonds and gold.

Big Buzzy Beetle jumps down infront of Nabbit and prepares to attack Wario and Waluigi.

Minecart Mines

After exiting Lost Caverns as Nabbit escaped, he travels to the top of a mountain full of minecarts.

Pixaxes return, along with minecarts that you ride on across rails, at high speed to get through levels.

The castle level at the top of the mountain is mostly taking out foes and bigger foes while riding the minecart. At the end, Kamek appears along with his clones.

Ice Cream Island

The last and most deadly of the 3 Egg Islands.

This is a snow related world, with many deadly ice related enemies, including Ice Bullies, light blue Magikoopas, and more. This returns the snow, which was at first butter in the first castle.

At the castle level, you encounter Bowser Jr statues that try to shoot fire at you.

At the end of the castle, you encounter Bowser Jr. While Kamek and Bowser Jr are bosses, Bowser did not make an apperance at all.

Thunder Cloud

Thunder Cloud is a large area of a cloud like castle in the sky. Wario and Waluigi found a broken down Koopa Clown Car in Bowser Jr's castle at Ice Cream Castle. After getting it to work, they fly off to this area.

Unlike the other worlds, this is 5 levels. All 5 taking place in a arena.

Each has many enemies that try to take you down, along with a miniboss at the end of each.

At Level 5, Giga Lakitu is your final challanger, or to be exact the champion of Thunder Cloud.

Nabbit's Castle

Thunder Cloud's arena falls down dropping Wario and Waluigi into the front of Nabbit's Castle. He used many of the stolen riches other then Wario and Waluigi's to make the castle.

The world focuses on having to travel up and down, running across falling platforms, avoiding lava, avoiding thwomps, using keys, and more.

At the final stage, you reach a bridge and Nabbit comes trying to attack you. Once the 1st phase is defeated, he brings out the robot from the Intro Stage.


Boss Information
Naval Piranha is the first boss of the game, She can summon Piranha Plants to try and bite you, and have vines try to grab and harm you. You can grab and shake the vines to bring her down to attack her, or you can wait until she tries to bite you to dodge the attack and hurt her.
Blue paratroopa by yoshigo99-d4s8ocf
While you encountered and defeated Green and Red Paratroopas, this Blue Paratroopa is much stronger. He flies around, tries to dash into the ground to harm you, and he can fly above Egg Islands and drop Blue Koopa Shells that explode and try to harm you.
Big Buzzy Beetle. He attacks by stomping the ground, to drop rocks. He also hides in his shell so you can't harm him. You can throw bombs at his shell to knock him down leaving his face open to be hit.
Kamek (SMBZ)
As you ride the minecarts and rail roads, Kamek appears on the last level. Clones of Kamek will shoot fire and other magic attacks at you, and Kamek tries to hit your cart as you have to jump from railroad to railroad. Once lots of magic is used, Kamek is left weak as you ride into him.
SMG BowserJr
Bowser Jr tries to blast fire at you and groundpound you. Sometimes he calls in bullet bills to harm you, and he can groundpound so that blocks and ice fall down.

Giga Lakitu is the champion of Thunder Cloud's arena. He uses his cloud to shoot thunder, along with throwing spinys down to attack you, Half away into the battle, he flies away and a giant spiny runs through the arena that you have to dodge with platforms that appear.


Nabbit. He has two phases of battle. The first one, he runs around and throws items at you and tries to jump on you.

In the 2nd phase, he brings the mech from the intro of the game. He uses the claws to try and grab you, along with hitting the ceiling to drop bombs, rocks, and more on you, along with a cannon that shoots beams at you.

Other Characters

Ashley SSB4

When Ashley is first encountered, you are given the ability to summon her when your in trouble in a level.

She uses magic to destroy enemies when summoned.

The Toads will appear all around stages and have Toad Houses that you can get items at.
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

While the picture is a Goomba, this is every enemy in the game including:

Goombas, Koopas, Paratroopas, Paragoombas, Bob-Ombs, Shy Guys, Spinys, Flyguys, and several more.