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Wario and Waluigi: Doomsday
Wario and waluigi doomsday
Multiplayer (You must have at least 2 people to play both Wario and Waluigi)
Age Rating(s)
E 10+
Series Wario and Waluigi!

Wario and Waluigi: Doomsday is a 3D game for the Wii U


Wario was asleep on his chair while Waluigi was reading the newspaper.  He eventually just threw the newspaper on Wario's face as he said "Wa!".  Wario woke up and read the newspaper.  He pointed to a small picture of gems and other precious things.  He told Waluigi that there may be a chance of stealing this money and escaping the police.  Waluigi shakes his head while getting up and drinking coffee.  He put down the coffee and said "I doubt we can get anywhere without being caught by the police, Wario.  Many of the signs of this city has the word "Wanted" and our faces on them, so the police would surely notice.  But we can try, I guess." .  Then, Wario goes into the city bank and robs it, starting their partly-action and partly-racing adventure.



Get a load of this fat guy's attacks and trickery, you'd have to be a really tricky, cunning man to get him.  Just try to enter his house, and when you fall asleep, you'll never wake up!


Try to stop this bomb-loving thief and you'll end up tied in a rope, about to blow up with one of his bombs!  He loves money and despises whoever takes things from him. 


Major bosses

  • Larry is the first boss of the game.  You have to battle him when you're in your car, though.  Larry is a very clumsy driver.  His car frequently flips over and Larry runs into many walls.  His car explodes after you hit him with 8 bombs.
  • Morton is the 2nd boss of the game.  He tries to smash you with his big magical hammer, but he is very slow and you can easily escape his attacks.  Throwing bombs at him won't work, because he'll hit them with his hammer and they'll be smacked into the air, where they explode.  After jumping on him 8 times with Wario, he will be defeated.
  • Wendy is the 3rd boss of the game.  She skates around while throwing her rings at you.  Her rings move rather fast, though.  She also throws boomerangs, much like how Pom Pom does it. 
  • Iggy is the 4th boss of the game.  Like Larry, he uses a car to battle.  But this car is flying and has a cannon that fires homing missles.  You can only attack him by using Waluigi's bombs.  If they miss and just hit the car, the bombs will fire back at you.  So be careful.
  • Mario is the 5th boss of the game.  He tries to jump on you and punch you.  In order to defeat him, punch his back 10 times.
  • Roy is the 6th boss of the game.  He tries to charge at you with his full power and then eat you.  Jump on his head 12 times and he's dead.



  • C-C-C-Combo Breaker! - The C-C-C-Combo Breaker is a shield that makes sure combos don't hit you.  Combos are attacks that, when you're hit, keep on hitting you until you manage to escape.
  • Double-jump - The Double-jump is a power-up that you can use that allows you to jump 2 times.
  • Triple-jump - The Triple-jump is a power-up that allows you to jump 3 times.
  • Wario-Waft - The Wario-Waft is a waft that Wario can use to help him boost through the air.  It's so disgusting that a piece of Waluigi's health goes away when you use it.
  • Wing Cap - The Wing Cap is a cap with Wings that Wario can use to help him fly through the flying stages and pretty much cheat through the normal levels.


  • Infinite Bullet - The Infinite Bullet is a bullet that comes back after using it.  You can use it with a Combo Gun to shoot things.
  • Combo Gun - The Combo Gun is a gun Waluigi uses to shoot things, like targets.  It fires 3 times in a row and has great aim.  In order to use it, you must have the Infinite Bullet.
  • Tennis-Racket - The Tennis-Racket is a special tennis-racket that Waluigi used in Mario Tennis and other games. 
  • Wall-kick Shoes - The Wall-kick Shoes are special shoes that Waluigi wears that allows him to do a wall-kick, just like Wario.


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