This is a game to celebrate Warioware Series turning Twelve!


It all begins with Wario flipping through the channels, until he hears an announcement by Ken the Reporter about a Time Capsule that was buried 100 years ago! Apon removing the capsule, a strange protal appears that is rumored to be housing another dimension! Unknown to them, it is from the Shadow Realm! In order to help defeat the forces of evil, Wario and his friends will have to team up and take down an army of Shadow Clones, Testiment Titans, Robot Doopelgangers and a lot more where that came from! But they won't do it alone, they will need to get help from 12 new friends from San Fran Calico!!!! With over 26 Chapters in this Tale as old as Gameboy Advance SP, and up to 60 microgames from each of them, it's an event 12 years in the making!!!!


Main Characters

  • Wario
  • Mona
  • Dribble and Spitz
  • Kat and Ana
  • 9-Volt and 18-Volt
  • Dr. Crygor
  • Penny Crygor
  • Master Mantis and Young Cricket
  • Mike
  • Orbulon
  • Ashley and Red
  • Jimmy T.

San Fran Calico Residents

  • Logan Hinako
  • Kalvin the Kircus Kat
  • Reverend Manny
  • Monty Hinako
  • Cat Smash
  • Phant-Gunio
  • Suzan Hinako
  • Sound-Byte
  • Mister Namazu
  • Clockwise Hinako
  • Nefarious S.M.A.L.L.
  • Zamantha Glendale

Skylanders Universe (DLC)

  • Wolfgang
  • Dreamcatcher aka Sophia Watson
  • Chef Pepper Jack
  • Doctor Krankcase
  • Chomp Chest
  • The Gulper
  • Mirror Tessa
  • Pain-Yatta
  • Kaos
  • Eye-Five
  • Master Eon
  • Tae-Kwon-Crow

Forces of Evil!!

  • Shadowware Workers
  • Madame Mayan and the Testiment Titans
  • Mirrorware Makers
  • Cyberware Robos
  • Horrorware Monsters
  • Kittenware F.T. Emi Shinjitsu


Wario: Warioware Inc; Under New Management?!

Wario here, I am in a bit of a problem! See, I was just minding my own beeswax, when a stupid mouse thingy ruins my afternoon channel flipping! And what channel do I land on you ask? A newscast saying that my old office from 2003 is under new management! This will not stand! I am gonna go and show whoever did this a piece of my mind!! -Wario, before completing the level

Hey.... Not bad! I could hire you right away, but we got some rivals to take down! - Level Completed Message

Wario again, I feel like this teamup with the help of these people from San-Fran-Whatsamatter or something isn't doing well, to be honest, the new guy looks famiuar.... Maybe try and talk to him! I tried out his games, and they are pretty cool! -Wario, after completing the level

Logan: Beach Blanket Boils!

Hey there, name's Logan Conrad Hinako; pleasure ta meet'cha! I am a top agent of the Heroic Animal Emergency Rescue Tactics Squadron or H.E.A.R.T.S. for short! My games have to deal with my favorite season; Summer! BTW, if you have heard of this new brand of sunblock named Boils no Morals, DO NOT SQUIRT ANY ON YOU!!!! There are a LOT of people with a LOT of Boils at the beach.... Think you can help in getting rid of them?"

"Not bad! You my friend are what I call a Master Blaster!"

Logan here, thanks for helping me take care of those reckless boiled brats at the beach! Now I can kick back and relax! But you can always play this stage again to get the high score! (And maybe try and gain 30 points to get a special reward!) -Replay message and High Score challenge.

Mona: Mona V.S. The Apparitions of Past Occupations!

Hey there, I'm Mona! And I am in a bit of a paranormal pickle.... Ghosts representing my past jobs are coming back to haunt me! Think you can help me in stopping them??

Kalvin the Kircus Kat: Stagecoach Bailey

Why-a hello-a there! My name is-a Kalvin Bailey! But most people, they-a call me Kalvin the Kircus-a Kato! Anywho-a, I need to-a get to-a my show-a, can-a you help-a me out here? I-a can make it worth you're-a while by giving you a fantastico prize! (Oh and-a one more thing, my-a games will deal with my occupation; The Circus!!) (One more little thing, sorry for the accent, I am trying to woo this girl and- MAMA MIA, I'ma late!!!)

Dribble and Spitz: Mermaids V.S. Aliens.

Hey there; (Insert Player's name) I'm Dribble, and the little cat here is my boss; Spitz! We have a bit of a problem... Ya see, apparently there is one other rivalry of monsters then Vampires and Wolfmen.... This one is more of Mermaids and Aliens! The customers that we only got, and the ones that DIDN'T pay their fare! Anyway, we gotta get a prime minster to make peace between them! Wanna join in for the ride?)

Reverend Manfred: Praying for Peace

Hello there.... You must be the one who carpooled with the dog and cat? Anyway, thanks to them, I have made a peace treaty with the Mermaids and Aliens, and two of their youngest in royals are getting married! Though I often choke up in ministering... Can you do me a favor in helping me practice?

Kat and Ana: Old Foes Return!

Monty Hinako: Hearts set on Science..

9 and 18 Volt: Nintendo a Go-Go!

Cat Smash: The Fight for a Right to wear the Crown.

Doctor Crygor: Flushed to Great Heights!

Phant-Gunio: Soar Little Birdie, Soar!

Penny Crygor: Time to Tussle!

Suzan Hinako: Karate Kat Fight!

Master Mantis and Young Cricket: We-Ku-Plus Scroll Stolen!

Sound-Byte: A Byte of Any Other Sound!

Mike: Tune Testing.

Mister Namazu: Fishy Bid-Niss

Orbulon: The IQ Test.

Clockwise Hinako: Nightlight, Pretty Kitty.

Ashley and Red: Tricks and Treats, A Crush that's Sweet!

Nefarious S.M.A.L.L: Pop Star Shuffle.

Jimmy T: The Dance Off.

Zamantha Glendale: Fitness Protection Program


Warioware Characters

  • Wario- Wario themed games, in this case, games that have Wario's iconic mustasche, and in some cases his own face....
  • Mona- Occupations. Games that center around a persons jobs, including some of Mona's jobs from the past!
  • Dribble and Spitz- Science Fiction. The main topic of their games.
  • Kat and Ana- Nature. In other words; The Great Outdoors! Games that invole Animals, Flowers, and even the Seasons themselves!
  • 9 and 18 Volt- Nintendo. Games made by the longest running organization in gaming; Nintendo!
  • Doctor Crygor- Reality. Also known as the Real World! Anything that we dream, he creates!
  • Penny Crygor- Technology. Unlike her grandfather, Penny's games revole around the wonders of the world. In this case, machines!
  • Master Mantis and Young Cricket- Global Travels. These games have to do with holidays and places around the world!
  • Mike- Music. These games will rely on Rhythm, and they are Heavenly.... Familar......
  • Orbulon- IQ. These games will have you using your brain in a learning perspective!
  • Ashley and Red- Goosebumps Books. Player beware, these games will give you a scare!
  • Jimmy T- Creativity. The weirdest they are, the cooler to play!

San Fran Calico Residents

  • Logan Hinako- Summer. The season fav of Logan and all schoolchildren everywhere!
  • Kalvin the Kircus Kat- Fear. As a former member of Fear Co, Kalvin's games dive into the fears of everyone!
  • Reverend Manfred- Bugs. Fly and Sting like a Butter-Bee to master these games!
  • Monty Hinako- Horror. Monty's a big fan of Horror Flicks, can you figure out their origins??
  • Cat Smash- Noir. Based on Action and Crime Dramas, these are games that'll leave you black, blue, and white!
  • Phant-Gunio- Superheroes. Phant-Gunio thinks he's a big shot superhero, so why not take these games for a spin?
  • Suzan Hinako- Mexi-Nese. A combo of Japanese and Mexcian Culutre.
  • Sound-Byte- Chip Tunes. Classic Microgames, Chipped Up!
  • Mister Namazu- Twist and Touch! Games from Twisted and Touch return here!
  • Clockwise Hinako- Nightlife. The nightlife, to be young, and ready to partya!!
  • Nefarious S.M.A.L.L.- Rhythm, Pop Mix. These games deal with Rhythm, and a faster one at that! Can you keep up?
  • Zamantha Glendale: Fitness. You won't need a balance board for these games

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