Wario Ware: Double trouble is a game in the Wario Ware games.


One day, Wario was doing the best sport ever, channle surfing, when he gets a Email from Waluigi. Opening it, he see's that someone has made a new game company-and its better then Wario's! In a fit of rage, he decides to make a new game...only to realize two important things:

  1. He cannot program.
  2. His employess are on vacation.

He could easally just get someone eles to do the first thing, but the second...that left him stumped. His freinds always inspierd him to make games, and without them, he's hopeless. Just then, Waluigi came in to barow some sugar. They fight over the sugar, only for Wario to get the "best idea ever!"...CO-OP MICROGAMES! And the rest is history...

What are Microgames?

Microgames are tiny games that usually last only for a few seconds. Each one has a uniqe twist to it, and are almost always fast paced. In the Wario Ware games, they go like this: you get 4 lives. Each time you beat a Microgame, you keep your lives. If you lose a Microgame, you lose one. 4 strikes and your out. In double trouble, all the Microgames are two player, meaning you can play with a freind or a CPU. Here are a few examples of the many Microgames this game has:

Long run: Each player must keep pressing the A button to run faster. The one to reach the end wins!

Eat it!: By pressing the buttons in a spacific order, you ust finish your meal befor player 2 does!

Stomp it!: Two plumbers, one goomba. The first to stomp on the goomba wins!

Pump it!: By moving the control stick up and down, you must inflate the ballon first!

Then there are Boss minigames. After beating a few Microgames, you than play a boss minigame. They are always longer then Microgames, but are much more difficult. In Double Trouble, the two players must work together to defeat the boss, or they both lose a life. Beating the boss minigame will eather tally up the scores or continue on, with each player gaining a new life. Some examples of Boss minigames:

Finger rocket: Using finger guns, you and your freind must shoot rocket fingers into a giant nose!

Soccer: Both players must dive to block balls from the goal!

Wario bros: Kill all the enemys on screen to win! Teamwork is manditory!

Music battle: Press the buttons to the rythem to win!


Each story has Microgames theamed of the story.

WARIO'S FIRST WAVE: Has simple, yet addicting Microgames.

BUFFET BRAWL: Has food based Microgames.

RETRO REMAKE: The microgames are spoofs of classic games.

SPORT SPOT: The Microgames are sport based.

MAGIC MANIA: Microgames are magic based.

FILM FANTIC: Has Microgames based of movies.

ODDMAGEDON: Microgames are very weird.

BOSS BATTLE: Go throgh a boss rush of sorts, without erning any extra lives.

Character Bios:

Wario: "Wa-Ha! Its-a me, Wario, back with some fantastic news! Weve read the survay you wrote us, we have decided that YOU will be the game tester! Congrats! You get to test quality Microgames...for free! Wait, your payment?'ll get there when we get there! Wa-ha-ha-ha!


  • This is the first game in the serese to have Co-op.

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