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Wario Road

Wario Road is a platforming-racing video game hybrid created for Crossover Swap Day 2. The game is a crossover between the Wario Land series and the 1989 arcade title Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road. The game stars the character of Wario, and includes other characters from the Wario Land series.


Wario, on an adventure in order to secure some money, falls into a portal leading to another dimension, connected to the Shake Dimension and the Mushroom Kingdom. This dimension, the Rampage Province, is constantly in a state of chaos, with the population inhabiting a large stadium where the dimension's best compete in monster truck rallies in order to benefit their lifestyle.


The game is primarily a racing game with segments where characters compete in monster truck rallies as well as traditional platformer segments.

In racing segments, characters race along a track, sometimes within the arena and sometimes in fantastical settings. Racers use their monster trucks to race around a track with laps depending on the course.

In demolition segments, characters are thrown into a large arena in order to rack up points by destroying items or doing tricks. The winner is determined by the one with the most points. Arenas are randomly generated in the placement of their ramps and destructible items.

In platformer segments, players play as Wario as he completes traditional platformer levels in order to collect more money and unlock more parts to further customize Wario's monster truck.





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