Wario Land U
The American and PAL Boxart
Developer(s) Sequin Suspenders Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Single Player, Multiplayer, Minigame
Genre(s) Action Platformer

Wario Land U is the newest game in the Wario Land franchise for the Wii U. Although it plays much like previous Wario Land games, it now has cooperative multiplayer, extensive minigames, and most importantly, the addition of Waluigi. It is the first in a trilogy of Wario Land games developed by Sequin Suspenders Inc., a second party developer for Nintendo. This game is in a similar hand-drawn style to Wario Land: Shake It, but the Wario Bros. expressions are closer to Wario Land 1-4. It is stated to feature the return of another Wario villain, but it is unknown who it is at the moment.


This game plays much like previous Wario Land titles, involving Wario exploring a level to collect treasure and a certain objective (in this case, shards that, when together, form a key used to access the final boss). Once the objective has been reached, Wario only has a certain amount of allotted time to escape the level and return to the beginning. The Shake mechanic from Wario Land: Shake It returns, this time activated by holding down the Y button on the GamePad. However, Wario now has certain areas he cannot reach, and this is where Waluigi comes into play. Waluigi isn't as strong or fast as Wario, but can jump high, and is skinny enough to reach areas Wario cannot, bringing in a whole new way of exploring the level. Wario and Waluigi can be swapped between by certain blocks in the levels, and they are almost needed to advance.


This is the first game in the series to contain multiplayer, in this case being two players. If the player so desires, controlling Wario and Waluigi can be mapped to seperate controllers. This means, when the blocks to swap the characters are hit, the other player takes control of their character. 


Following the ending of Wario Land: Shake It, Wario is packing up his things to pursue Captain Syrup and the Bottomless Coin Sack she took. Wario suddenly sees a bottle floating down the river with Syrup's logo on it. Wario picks it up, and it is a letter from Syrup herself. The letter reveals that Syrup has traveled to an ancient city that is inhabited by a tribal people, and she's going to wait there until Wario comes after her, stating "it's starting to get boring". Wario is about to rush off and pursue Syrup, when he realizes that he could use some help this time around. He then walks back into his house, and sees Waluigi flipping through the channels on the TV. Wario shoves the letter in Waluigi's face, but Waluigi simply scoffs and sits back down. However, when Wario grabs his collar, Waluigi quickly grabs a suitcase.

Wario and Waluigi then hop inside Wario's plane, and take flight to the jungle at the source of the river where the letter was sent from. They land the plane inside a village, which seems to be abandoned. As they move forwards, they see that there are people, but they are hiding, in fear of the "beast within the temple". Wario disregards this and asks about Captain Syrup, who the townspeople reveal went inside the temple...and never came out! As Waluigi tries to go home, Wario stops him, as he has realized that Captain Syrup had the Bottomless Coin Sack with her...and she's stuck inside the temple! Wario then learns that he needs to find the shards of the "Key of Ancients" throughout the land in order to open the temple once more and get the Coin Sack (and rescue Captain Syrup too). Wario then charges off into the jungle, with a reluctant Waluigi following behind.

After defeating the Templetor, Wario and Waluigi are rocketed back to Aurumki Village. There is a giant music box sitting where the music box once was, as well as a letter held shut by a clown nose. The letter reveals that Captain Syrup was imprisoned by Rudy the Clown, Wario's old enemy from Wario Land 3 and Dr. Mario 64, who challenges Wario and Waluigi to fight him in his own twisted music box realm, which Wario charges into to stop Rudy before he destroys the Coin Sack (and Captain Syrup), dragging Waluigi behind him.

The Wario Bros. battle Rudy and find out that he created an unstable pocket dimension that allowed him to become more powerful than before, and eventually destroy the realm in Rudy's final phase by causing him to step on several of the core's weak points. Rudy falls through a crack in the ground and plummets to his doom, sending the Bros. back to Aurumki Village. The villagers are cheering for the Bros., but Wario and Waluigi discover that Captain Syrup snuck away while they were fighting Rudy, and she is on the run once more. Wario gives chase once more in the Wario Car, with Waluigi sitting in the back seat looking annoyed. The credits then roll, showing Rudy is still alive, just hanging by his suspenders above a pool of green acid.

A post-credits scene shows a poster for the "Amazing Shortie and Biggs", showing two human-like beings in Barbershop Quartet outfits, with the subtitle "Miracle Makers", followed by the chuffing of a steam car.



Name Image Description Unique Abilities
A greedy anti-hero and treasure hunter, Wario comes back in true form once more! Now on his way to rescue his Bottomless Coin Sack (and Captain Syrup too), Wario figures he might as well get some other treasure to add to his endless wealth once he's retrieved the coin sack.
  • Shoulder Bash
  • Heavier and stronger
  • Ground Pound
  • Can throw enemies
  • Has his own set of Power-Ups
Wario's brother, officially stated to be so in this game, joins Wario on his quest to retrieve the Coin Sack. Waluigi joins Wario due to Wario threatening him, in addition to wanting to share the coin sack's vast wealth with Wario. Waluigi is much more begrudging in helping the tribesmen open the temple, but still sticks around for Wario's sake.
  • Double Jump
  • Can fall through thin gaps Wario cannot
  • Lighter and weaker (takes twice as many hits to defeat enemies except bosses)
  • Can throw Whiskered Eggplants
  • Has his own set of Power Ups.

Supporting Characters

Name Image Role
Captain Syrup
Captain Syrup (Wario Land Shake It!)my
Wario's archnemesis plays the surprise role of damsel-in-distress this time around, having been trapped in a temple by a Mysterious Figure...and taking the Bottomless Coin Sack she stole from Wario with her! Captain Syrup does communicate with Wario and Waluigi throughout the game however, in the form of letters dropped by every boss after their defeat. It is only with these letters that the player can gradually piece together who the main antagonist is. Her design has been slightly updated, with scimitars and a larger belt buckle, although the design in the same.
The Aurumki Tribe
A tribe of monkey-like creatures native to the jungle where Wario and Waluigi are exploring. They act as guides to the Bros., as different members will sell Wario and Waluigi different abilities and items to help them advance through levels. They were a once prosperous people who were terrorized by a monster living within their temple, and were driven into hiding by the monster. The Aurumki hope that Wario can defeat the monster and grant them their freedom again.
Merfle is a minor character that only appears in the tutorial level. Following the ending of Wario Land: Shake It, Wario imprisoned Merfle inside a birdcage as revenge for giving up the Coin Sack to Captain Syrup. Merfle teaches Wario and Waluigi the mechanics of the game, and is not seen again. He is not nearly as chirpy as the previous game, and is shown to only begrudgingly assist Wario.


Name Image Description and Tactics



(Boss of Treetop Maze)

Caesar is a very hungry lion king, and the first boss. Caesar starts by attemping to tackle Wario, before running into the wall and his crown shifting location on his head. After three times, Caesar's crown will be knocked off, showcasing a large weakspot on his head, which Wario must use to Shoulder Bash him onto it and then jump onto him. After doing this twice, Caesar's fur will grow redder and Caesar will become faster, before being hit for the final time and keeling over, giving up the final part of the first gem in the key. 

Queen Antoinette N/A

(Boss of Bamboozle Caves)

Revealed as the thing that dug the caves, she is first seen in 2-4, The Monster in the Dark, before finally facing Waluigi at the end of the complex network of caves. An obese ant and constantly having her thin servants assist her, Queen Antoinette attacks by having her ants dig up gaps in the floor that are wide enough for Waluigi to fit through. After the holes have been dug, Waluigi can slip into them to protect himself from the now charging Queen Antoinette, until she stops right above a hole after getting tired, allowing Waluigi to jump into her to do some damage. Following two times of doing this, the Queen will grow furious and begin filling in the holes her ants dig, giving Waluigi less of a window to attack her. After she is hit three times, she falls into one of the holes and becomes stuck, giving up the final part of the second gem in the key.

Mideccan N/A

(Boss of Coral Bay)

Mideccan is a large anglerfish that guards a chamber full of treasure. Mideccan begins the battle by illuminating it's bulb, causing beams of light to shine off all the gold in his lair. These beams of light can damage Wario, who has to swim to dodge them. Mideccan then begins spitting projectiles at Wario. Wario must cause the projectiles to hit one of six jewels in Mideccan's gold pile, causing the gold to fall on him. After this is done twice, Mideccan begins inhaling to suck Wario into his mouth in addition to his other attacks. Once Mideccan is defeated, all his gold falls on him, and the gem atop his hoard gives Wario the final part of the third gem in the key.

Foreman Spike N/A

(Boss of Wayback Way)

The main antagonist of Wrecking Crew makes a return as the boss of a world full of retro throwbacks. This is the first boss that requires both Wario and Waluigi to beat him. In the first phase of his battle, Waluigi must chase Spike up a collapsing skyscraper, as Spike demolishes each floor. Waluigi must squeeze through gaps in the floor in order to prevent Spike from hitting him. Waluigi then has to lure Spike to where a drum can fall on him, doing damage to him. Following hitting him three times, Spike gets angry and climbs to the top of the skyscraper, where Wario must now be used to beat Spike's excavtor, the Gold Mantis. When the Mantis tries to scoop up Wario, Wario must get the bucket stuck in the ground, so he can then ground pound it to damage it. After three times of this, the excavtor explodes and Foreman Spike is sent flying away, dropping the final part of the fourth gem.

Sketch N/A

(Boss of Animation Station)

Sketch is a child's crude crayon drawing of a creature that resembles a cross between Bowser, Ganon, and Donkey Kong. Sketch moves disjointedly around his arena, swiping his hooves and breathing disjointed crayon fire at opponents. Wario must dodge Sketch's fire and then lure him under one of the crayon spikes on the ceiling, causing it to fall on Sketch, harming him. After being hit three times, Sketch crumples into a large ball of paper and begins rolling around the area, causing Wario to need to switch to Waluigi in order to use the Stretch Leek to dodge Sketch before he unfurls himself and Waluigi can jump on him. Sketch is eventually defeated after being hit three times by Waluigi, and falls into a shredder in the background, dropping the final part of the fifth gem.

Templetor N/A

(Boss of Penultimate Peak)

The Templetor is the true form of the temple the Wario Bros. were trying to unlock that Captain Syrup and her captor were supposedly inside. However, when Wario and Waluigi finally insert the key after assembling it, the temple is revealed to be alive, and a monster that terrorized Aurumki civilization long ago. Wario and Waluigi must first chase it through all the worlds in the game, surviving it's attacks, like throwing rocks and spitting honing missiles from it's mouth. Eventually, they reach the same arena that the previous level, Summit Smackdown, took place in, and the Templetor finally decides to fight back. For the first part of the battle, either Wario or Waluigi must scale his massive body by hopping on the various platforms he creates when he slams his fists down. They eventually reach the Templetor's head, where they must dodge all the Templetor's attacks and make him smack his fist into his head. Eventually, the weight of the Templetor causes the top of the volcano to collapse, making the rest of the fight a free fall, using the bro that wasn't used in the first part of the battle. They then must climb the now collapsing Templetor and deliver a final blow to his head using his fist. The Templetor is then knocked into the lava, exploding and sending both brothers flying back to Aurumki Village, where they find a giant music box and the final letter.

Rudy the Clown
Rudy the Clown WLU

(Main Antagonist and Final Boss)

Rudy the Clown, or just Rudy, is the main antagonist of the game, as well as the final boss. The music box containing Rudy was disposed of by Wario in a garage sale, and Rudy ended up at the Aurumki Village, taking control of the Templetor and kidnapping Captain Syrup and the Bottomless Coin Sack. The first phase of the battle is identical to Rudy's battle in Wario Land 3, until Wario has the opportunity to land the final hit. Rudy then smashes the stage and increases in size. This is where the true state of Rudy's Realm is revealed; pure anarchy. Rudy, now gargantuan, fires balls of energy at the Bros. from the background, needing them to dodge them or be incinerated. Eventually, Rudy hops closer, sending the platform flying upwards, and eventually destroying it, causing the current Bro to latch onto the nearest thing; Rudy's necklace. The Bro must climb Rudy's necklace and then either attack his two trumpet-like ears, causing him to be filled with rage once more. Rudy then increases in size once more, and brings the Bros. to a theater, where the Bros. must fight a series of marionettes based on the previous bosses (minus the Templetor). After defeating Sketch's marionette, Rudy finally gets too angry and brings the Bros. to a barren wasteland, where he prepares to squash them once and for all. However, the land is very unstable, so the Wario Bros. must force Rudy to step on five unstable spots throughout the field, which finally cause the ground to give way, trapping Rudy in a crack in the ground. Rudy tries to escape, but one final Ground Pound from Wario and Rudy is sent sprawling to his doom. The Bros. are then shot from Rudy's Realm and back to Aurumki Village, where the villagers are celebrating. But the Bros. find one more letter that keeps them on the run.

Syrup's Letters

  • After Beating Caesar: Hey, handsome. Big guy here was raging that you managed to find him. Been swinging his giant hands around for hours in rage. Slammed 'em into the walls a few times, got real angry over that. You rescue me, and I'll give you your coin sack. This guy isn't clowning around. Be careful, hot stuff! ~ Captain Syrup
  • After Beating Queen Antoinette: Hey there, slim. Heard you were hangin' around my guy, and you're working with him to get me out of this stupid temple. Fine by me. I'm gettin' real sick of this guy taunting me with his stupid big red nose while shaking me around in this stupid cage. I don't really know where I am, but get me out of here! ~ Captain Syrup
  • After Beating Mideccan: This guy is starting to scare me. He constantly rants about his most diabolical scheme yet, and his gigantic green lips are making his spit get all over me. He always has this stupid music box playing and it is starting to annoy me! Kick his butt when you come to get me out. ~ Captain Syrup
  • After Beating Foreman Spike: GET ME OUT OF HERE! He's trapped me inside his stupid music box and this is the last letter I'm going to write to you! He's more powerful than ever, and I have to give you a warning! He's creating a portal in here, and he's going to throw me into it! Hurry up, or I'll kick his stupid clown butt for you! ~ Captain Syrup
  • After Beating Sketch: Wario and Waluigi recieve no letter after this world, only Captain Syrup's bandana and a creepy music box.
  • After Beating Templetor: Hello, Wario and friend. You may not remember me, but I sure remember you. You ruined me. I was going to take over that music box world and use it to make me more powerful than ever. But you defeated me. My only good luck since you defeated me was you selling the music box you imprisoned me in in a garage sale. I fell into a river and washed down here, where I found my way into that Temple and made myself a new realm. I began terrorizing the villagers, but who should stumble upon me but Captain Syrup and that Bottomless Coin Sack. You defeated my Templetor, but you'll never be able to defeat me. Fight me in that music box, and I'll finally have my revenge! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ~ Rudy the Clown
  • After Beating Rudy the Clown - Hey, boys! You took too long, so I decided to hi-tail it out of there. You took so long beating that Rudy guy I just kind of lost patience. You want the Coin Sack? Come and get me, suckers! ~ Captain Syrup


Tutorial Level: River Bank

Area 1: Treetop Maze

Area 2: Bamboozle Caves

Area 3: Coral Bay

Area 4: Wayback Way

Area 5: Animation Station

Area 6: Penultimate Peak

Final Boss: Rudy's Realm


This game returns to the Power-Up System of the original Wario Land instead of Wario taking new forms whenever he is hit by enemies. Wario and Waluigi each have their own set of Pots that they use to change their attributes.


  • Bull PotTurns Wario into Bull Wario, enhancing the power of his Shoulder Bash and allowing to create a shockwave when ground pounding.
  • Dragon PotTurns Wario into Dragon Wario, allowing him to breathe fire.
  • Jet PotTurns Wario into Jet Wario, allowing him to be propelled over long distances and fit through small horizontal spaces.
  • Spring PotTurns Wario into Bouncy Wario, allowing him to spring up into high areas that are usually out of reach. One-use.
  • Puffy PotTurns Wario into Puffy Wario, inflating him like a balloon and allowing him to float upwards to get to high areas.


  • Oil PotTurns Waluigi into Oil Waluigi, allowing him to turn into a bubbling mass to seep through surfaces.
  • Medusa PotTurns Waluigi into Medusa Waluigi, allowing him to turn enemies to stone with a laser blast.
  • Flat PotFlattens Waluigi into a pancake-like form, allowing him to fit through narrow cracks and glide down. It can not be lost once gained until the end of a level.
  • Chilly PotTurns Waluigi into Chilly Waluigi, allowing him to slide across lava and freeze water. One use.
  • Trickster PotTurns Waluigi into Trickster Waluigi, allowing him to use cards to attack and use his top-hat to glide. One level only.

Minigame Mode

The game features an in-depth minigame mode. Wario and Waluigi play through a variety of games where they compete in an assortment of random tasks. In Multiplayer mode, Wario and Waluigi can compete against one another in an intense minigame medley akin to the WarioWare games.

  • The Wario Hop - Returning from Wario Land 4, Wario must hop over a series of obstacles with the intensity rising as he goes on.
  • Boogie Down - The players must control Waluigi as he dances to the game's main theme song.
  • Wario Bros. Outfield - Either Wario or Waluigi must catch balls falling from the sky.
  • Shark-Fest - Either Wario or Waluigi must fend off sharks that attempt to attack their boat.
  • Puppet Pugilist - Waluigi must control a puppet boxer as he attempts to fight a larger boxer.
  • Pie Eating Mania - Wario must eat more pies than a random opponent, ranging from an Aurumki to even Bowser making a cameo.
  • The Warathon - Wario and Waluigi must beat each other in a race, with a variety of obstacles attempting to stop the Bros. (Multiplayer only).


  • This game is the third in the Wario Land series to not have alternate endings, the first being Wario Land III and the second being Wario Land: Shake It!. However, Sequin Suspender Inc. has confirmed that Wario Land: Miracle Makers will feature alternate endings.
  • This game marks the first time Waluigi has appeared in a Wario game.
  • One of the Aurumki has a large tie in his house, which is a reference to Donkey Kong.
  • In the beginning of the game, Wario has framed photos of all of his adventures, they are as follows:
    • Wario laughing in front of a castle. (Wario Land)
    • Wario with a foot on top of a defeated Captain Syrup. (Wario Land II)
    • Wario elbowing Rudy the Clown in the mouth. (Wario Land III)
    • Wario holding all the boss medals that he gained from Spoiled Rotten, Cractus, Cuckoo Condor, Aerodent, Catbat, and Golden Diva. (Wario Land 4)
    • Wario surrounded by Merfles and Queen Merelda with a bitter expression on his face. (Wario Land: Shake It!)
    • In the trash, there is another photo of Wario punching out Demon Head. This is a reference to Virtual Boy Wario Land, and there is a distinct gap on the wall where it would be.
  • In a rather adult joke for a Wario game, Waluigi's suitcase at the beginning of the game has a pair of orange women's underwear sticking out. This is assumed to belong to Princess Daisy.