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Wario Land 64 is a game for the Nintendo 64 that stars Wario. it was released in 2000.


Wario wakes up to Squarks The Parrot after a strange dream. In this dream he swims in gold but little did he know he was swimming in a gold toilet! A large hand flushes the toilet, wario and all! Squarks Then says that his gold is stolen. An angry Wario goes out of the castle (level one) only to get trapped in a cage.

Wario ends up in a Dungeon at the top of the tower. In his cell, he sees strange cloaked men talking about something. Wario escapes his cell and heads to the exit (level two). Wario trys to escape the woods (level three) when he stumbles upon a large frog monster (level four). He defeats it and suddenly the foggy woods starts to get colour. The trees are green again, the sky is again blue and everything is back to normal. a wizard thanks Wario for restoring the forest. in return, he gives him a map (Wario thinks "Money could be better, beardy") to help him in his adventure. he goes to many places to home when he finds his castle, overrun by enemies. he climbes the castle (level 21, 22, 23) and finds the same cloaked men. they reveal to be the wacky brothers, turning the tables after wario steals his gold. they ride a big dragon and try to defeat wario (level 24) but Wario defeats them.

Then, Wario gets his castle and his gold back. he thinks about another adventure in his room. But for some strange reason, he falls asleep.


The Gameplay style is similar to the linear type seen in Wario land games, but 3D and each level lasts 5-6 minutes. In addition a circular map is added due to the size of each level. there are 2 bars, one for health and one for your charge, decreasing whenever you use your charge attack, a first for the series. there is the emotion system wherein Wario reacts to the world around him. plus there are many transformations.


  • Wario's castle
  • Dungeon madness
  • The foggy woods
  • Big Toad
  • The magic woods
  • Lake minti
  • Tree top town
  • Gnome and away
  • Brockie beach
  • Pirate town
  • Dingo docks
  • Captain Scurvie
  • Desert dunes
  • Sahara Sands
  • The gizipi pyramid
  • Lord Sandycheeks
  • Wild water land
  • Ocean Blew
  • The octopus cave
  • Jawsie
  • Garden Sneak
  • Kitchen chaos
  • Up the stairs
  • The last fight


The emotion system was also in Conker's Bad Fur Day and the gamecube game: Zelda: Wind Maker.

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