Wario Land 5: Double Clonner is a upcoming game for Nintendo DS, Playing as Wario. It's the third Wario games for the DS, 2nd: Master Of Disgue, and 1st: WarioWare: Toched!


After getting NO money from King Shake {from Wario Land: Shake It!}, Wario sees a ad saying, "Cloning World!" He goes there, and is trapped from signing in the club... By Dr. Clone {spoof or Dr. No}. Now Wario Clones are everywhere, so it's up to them and the REAL Wario to defeat Dr. Clone!

Wario Clones

The Clones:

Wario Chicken-Wario Rat-Wario Ape-Wario Boo-Wario Frog-Wario TNT-Wario Sheep-Wario Dino-Wario Bowser-Wario


World 1: Kongo The 3 Headed Ape

World 2: Monster-Lilly

World 3: Robo-Bot

World 4: T-Fetch

World 5: Dr. Clone's Mecha-Bot

World ?: Bowser

World ?

Wario can play World ? by completing the game, and he can play 8 levels from the 8 worlds from New Super Mario Bros.

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