Wario Land 5: Do the Twist is the sixth game in the main Wario Land series, and the seventh overall. It follows Wario Land: Shake It! and is for the Super Twister. It was revealed on the website, and the info was revealed recently on a commercial for it, revealing it would be released on 6/28/12. Some info was also given by Peanutjon in an interview.


Wario and Waluigi, wearing ski masks, sneak through the Mushroom Kingdom as they approach Peach's Castle. They arrive and Waluigi starts to climb up the large building to get to an open window. As he repeatedly trips, falling off, Wario discovers the door is unlocked and enters, only to discover that the castle has already been pilfered. Waluigi falls through the open window and realizes the door was open. While the brothers wonder why the castle is already empty, Captain Syrup, Bobo and Giant Spear Man sneak past and leave the castle. However, Syrup breaks a twig and is chased by the Wario Bros., who use rocks to try to stop her.

Once Syrup is stopped, she drops her loot, which the Wario Bros. greedily take. While Wario sorts through the treasure, Waluigi ties up a fighting Syrup and Black Sugar Gang. Wario discovers a bright red ruby, which has something written on it. Wario rubs the jewel to try to be able to read it, releasing a gigantic red spirit. Introducing itself as the Fire Emblem (which Waluigi finds strange), it attacks Wario, Waluigi, Syrup and her pirates and escapes. Wario, revealing he was using Waluigi as a human shield, digs through the bag some more to discover a much more powerful jewel- the Item Jewel. It allows Wario and Waluigi to use power-ups like Mario and Luigi. Syrup and the Pirates (after some "convincing" from Wario) agree to assist the Wario Bros. in their quest to stop the Fire Emblem ghost.



  • Wario - The yellow-capped thief, Wario is on a mission to stop the Emblem ghosts. But only so that he can take their jewels. He is the most balanced character.
  • Waluigi - Wario's clumsy brother. Waluigi helps along the way and can be picked as your character before you start the level. He has the highest jumps.
  • Syrup - The pirate thief, and Wario's nemesis. Syrup helps quite reluctantly, and even plans to turn against Wario when they're done. She can float shortly.
  • Giant Spear Man - Syrup's pirate, who uses a giant spear. He, like Syrup, helps reluctantly and wants to turn against the Wario Bros. He is the strongest.
  • Mona - Wario's assistant. After Captain Syrup and Giant Spear Man betray the Wario Bros., Mona takes Syrup's place. She can float shortly.
  • Jimmy T. - Wario's friend. After Giant Spear Man and Syrup betray the Wario Bros. Jimmy takes Spear Man's place. He is the strongest.


  • Emblem Ghosts - There are five Emblem Ghosts in the game, each representing a different element.
    • Fire Emblem - The Fire Emblem Ghost is the first one fought, in order to get the Fire Ruby. Once it is defeated, Wario discovers the existance of the four other ghosts.
    • Water Emblem - The Water Emblem Ghost is the second one fought, in order to get the Water Sapphire.
    • Electric Emblem - The Electric Emblem Ghost is the third one fought, in order to get the Electric Sapphire.
    • Earth Emblem - The Earth Emblem ghost is the fourth one fought, in order to get the Earth Emerald.
    • Sky Emblem - The Sky Emblem ghost is the final one fought, in order to get the most valuable jewel of all, the Sky Diamond.
    • Emblem Lord - The final boss.
  • Giant Spear Man - Captain Syrup's right-hand man. After the Emblem Ghosts are defeated, he and Captain Syrup take the jewels from Wario and Waluigi.
  • Captain Syrup - After stealing the jewels from Wario and Waluigi, Captain Syrup is battled to get them back.


  • Mario - Towards the end, he takes the Item Jewel from Wario and Waluigi, making it more difficult.
  • Peach - She cameos as a picture at the start.
  • Toadsworth - He cameos as a picture at the start. Later, he appears in World 1-2 and World 1-Boss, trying to stop the Wario Bros. from escaping.
  • Bobo - He cameos at the start helping Syrup and Giant Spear Man.
  • Toads - They appear minorly in World 1-1.



  • Toadsworth (World 1 Boss)
  • Fwoosh King (World 2 Boss)
  • Diamond Software Manager (World 3 Boss)
  • Fire Emblem Ghost (Area 1 Boss)
  • Rest TBA.


  • Bandit (World 1 Mid-Boss)
  • Fwoosh (World 2 Mid-Boss)
  • Kat and Ana (World 3 Mid-Boss)


Most levels require the button-bottom (this is the first ST game to require this), so you can move your character around. However, certain levels, like the first one, require you to remove the button-bottom and twist. You select your character similarly to SMB2.


Area 1: Mushroom Kingdom

World 0: Peach's Castle Grounds

  1. Stop Captain Syrup!
    • This is the first level of the game, and one of the many that require twisting. A small rock will appear on the screen, laying on the ground. Giant Spear Man will be running back and forth, with a bag of treasure. You have to twist the system to knock the rock around, hitting Spear Man hard enough on the head to stop him. You must repeat this with Bobo, who flies around the screen, making it slightly easier. Finally, you repeat it with Syrup, who runs much faster than Spear Man.

World 1: Toad Town

  1. Be Quiet!
  2. Avoid Toadsworth!
  3. Regain the Item Jewel!
  4. Defeat all the Bandits!
  5. Boss Level: Defeat Toadsworth!

World 2: Rainbow Isle

  1. Travel over the rainbow!
  2. Defeat the Fwoosh!
  3. Get the gold out of the jar!
  4. Boss Level: Defeat Fwoosh King!

World 3: Diamond City

  1. Show you're worthy!
  2. Find WarioWare Inc.!
  3. Boss Level: Get the Microgames back from the Diamond Software Manager!

Boss Zone: Volcano

  1. Boss Level: Defeat the Fire Emblem Ghost!

Area 2: TBA

Area 3: TBA

Area 4: TBA

Area 5: TBA

Area 6: TBA

Area 7: TBA



  • Super Mushroom
    • Turns Small Wario into Normal Wario.
  • Fire Flower
    • Turns Normal Wario into Fire Wario.
  • Ice Flower

    A demonstration of how the Power-Ups work.

    • Turns Fire Wario into Ice Wario.
  • Frozen Mushroom
    • Turns Ice Wario into Frozen Wario.
  • Poison Mushroom
    • Reverses the effect of the last power-up, or kills you, if you're Small Wario.

Note that, unlike Mario games, you can only get one power-up if you are the previous in this list. When you first start the game (in World 1-1), you are Small Wario, and only Super Mushrooms and Poison Mushrooms are availible. Once you get a Super Mushroom, they are replaced by Fire Flowers. If you get a Fire Flower, they are replaced by Ice Flowers. If you get a Ice Flower, they are replaced by Frozen Mushrooms. If you get a Frozen Mushroom, only Poison Mushrooms are availible.


  • Jewel - Jewels take the place of Coins from the Mario series. If you collect 100 of them you get an extra life. They are found in blocks.
  • Diamond - Diamonds are larger versions of the jewels. If you collect one of them, you get an extra life. They are found in hidden blocks.
  • Emblem Jewels - The main collectables of the game- the entire game circles around getting them!
    • Fire Ruby - The first Area's Emblem Jewel.
    • Water Sapphire - The second Area's Emblem Jewel.
    • Electric Sapphire - The third Area's Emblem Jewel. Note that it is a Yellow Sapphire, not a blue one.
    • Earth Emerald - The fourth Area's Emblem Jewel.
    • Sky Diamond - The fifth Area's Emblem Jewel. It is the most valuable.