Wario Land is a very succecessful, and a very popular franchise, based on the Wario Land series of games. (NOTE this PROJECTGAMES.NET property.) Right now, there are 7 movies, while an 8th is being desided. The movies, are Wario Land (2000),  Wario Land 2 (2002),  Wario Land 3 (2004), Wario Land 4 (2006), Wario Land 5 (2008), Wario Land 6 (2010), and Wario Land 7: The New Arrival (2012). While, the first 3 movies were instant classics, it was Wario Land 4, that got the train going, as everyone was dying to buy the official Wario Land Trilogy (All versions of each movies) on DVD. And let me tell ya again, there are many versions of each movie, I'll explain that later. But first, the development.


The movies were originally going to be new MegaMan movies but this idea was scrapped since Nintendo wanted it to be something barely anyone remembers and they thought everyone had forgotten about the Wario games so they decided to refresh there minds by making a series of movies based on the Wario games. The first movie was planned for release in Febuary 28th 1999 but was later moved to 2000. Wario was going to have his Wario Land 2/3 design (Different colored clothes) but this was scrapped when Mario Party came out and Wario had his usual design in the game so they thought the audience would have prefered the usual Wario. The movies were originally going to be crossover movies with Wario and Jazz Jackrabbit as main characters but as soon as they found out that Jazz Jackrabbit 3 was cancelled and the series was pretty much done for, they scrapped the idea and they changed it to be only Wario characters and a couple of Mario characters. Wario was planned to throw bombs as an attack (Wario Blast Refrence) but it was replaced with the Dash Attack. The movies were originally going to be for ages 17 and up but this was later changed to ages 13 and up due to slapstick humour however, the movies still keep their violence of fighting (but not blood, why would blood be in movies based on kid friendly video games?).


In 1998, a Megaman movie was in development but due to poor feedback, the movie was no more, another idea was a movie with Jazz Jackrabbit and Wario as main characters but that idea was scrapped too. In August 1998, a person came up with an idea for a Wario movie, so on November 1998 the movie was announced to be in theaters on Febuary 1999 but because the workers did not have enough time, they moved the date to April 2000. With such great feedback about this idea, the movie then came to theaters after a while.

Video Game

A game based on the first movie was made in January 2nd 2001 (a month after the the movie was made) and was released for Game Boy Color in 2001, the Game Boy Advance in 2002, the GameCube in the same year and the Nintendo 64 in 2001. The game contained 5 worlds for all versions (with an exception for the Game Boy Color Version which has 3 worlds). The game got mostly mixed reviews for the Nintendo 64 version but negative reviews for the Game Boy Color version. The Gamecube version got mixed to positive reviews while the Game Boy Advance version got mixed to negative reviews.


A Cartoon called Wario Land: The Show was made in May 21st 2004 but had poor ratings and was cancelled after 8 episodes were made.


All the movies have been released on DVD. A VHS tape of the cartoon was made in December 6th 2004 and it contained 3 episodes. There have been no plans of making DVDS of the show. There is an an alarm clock which has the logo on it as well as words which are "WAKE UP LOSER!!!". The Wario Land Trigoly DVD was released to stores on September 2nd 2012.


Wario Land: The Show aired on Nickelodeon when the show was made back in 2004 but on 22nd August 2007 it was quickly moved to Cartoon Network but was took of TV in 2009 and was only avalible on VHS and the internet. Even though the show is hated by almost everyone, Cartoon Network thought the show was not so bad and they thought it deserved a second chance but of course it never did get a second chance because they stopped making episodes soon after it aired. There have been rumours that the show will get back on TV somewhere in 2012 and will be on Disney XD but this remains a mystery until 2012 is over and if we see no Wario Land: The Show on TV then it will reveal that the rumour is just a big lie.

Unreleased Episodes of Show

The show had plans for more episodes but due to poor ratings the idea was scrapped and only 8 episodes remain. The episodes are complete but only the audio from the episodes remain on the internet.

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