So, in a nutshell, the aliens had stole my treasures! Captain Syrup may had been on my nerves time to time, but these Raijinxes or whatever they should be called are going too far by stealing all of my treasures out of jealousy!
Wario, concluding the Prologue section

This is the main story of Wario Land: Stellar Greed, the first game in the Wario Land: Space Trilogy. This includes the Prolouge given in the instruction manual, as well as the actual list of events given in the game.


During the night, as the Diamond City is in glorious colors and Wario is asleep, a UFO floats down from the sky. The UFO lands on the grounds near Wario's house, and coming out of the unidentified floating object is a Raijink Trooper and a Bandinero. The two grab magic sacks and march into the house, grabbing treasures one by one until the entire house is empty, and they then go back into the UFO, flying back into space as more UFOs fly over Diamond City...

After the sun rise, Wario was still asleep, ironically without his bed, was blinded by the morning light and frantically woke up, and after looking around his room, was astonished much to his disdain and then scratched his head. He then check out his treasure room (actually a pretty big basement) and was horrified that all of his treasures were vanished, left alone dusts and spiders. Wario thought that it was Captain Syrup, his nemesis, who did that theft and jumped in anger, but as he storms to outside, he noticed that many of the Diamond City's important stuffs and even microgames went missing, and it caused Wario really confused and even thought that even Captain Syrup wouldn't stole that much.

After that he saw Dunk the Basketball Rabbit, who now works for him and at the moment also furious of the theft and pointed at Wario as if he was responsible, but the latter one argued with him back and even proved that even the greedy WarioWare Inc. employer himself was robbed, leaving Dunk in an utter mix of surprise, shock and perplexity when he saw that the treasure room was completely empty. The two then heard Dr. Crygor groaning and yelling, and the two ran back to outside as Dr. Crygor was pulling one of his invention from an isolated Raijink Trooper, and Wario, not liking that his employees were mistreated and seeing a culprit, perform a Shoulder Dash at the alien. Dr. Crygor thanked Wario but that he spotted UFOs that floated in the sky when he was made a research on the night of the sky when he uses his Super Telescopicon 64, that was also stolen from the aliens called the Raijinks. He even told the two that the Bandirenos seems to now work for them, and the latter fact is what actually surprised Wario.

Wario and Dunk become red and furious, the former one for having not just his treasures, but also everything in his home belonged to him, and the latter one at the culprits invading Diamond City and caused damages. The three agreed to take on the Raijinks and teach them a lesson, but Wario added that he will keep all of the treasures once the adventure finishes, and the other two shrugs as they know Wario anyway.

At Dr. Crygor's Laboratory, with the parts from his "useless junks", invented, from what he called, the finest invention yet; the Galactic Portals. This allows the three to teleport, but Penny and Mike will also bring their support, much of Wario's independence. It turns out that there are still UFOs floating around, and as Wario and Dunk, who became quickly furious as they spotted them, rushes after them, while Dr. Crygor tested it, but the Galactic Portals blew up, which forces him to find some more functional parts, and decide to join Wario and Dunk in the pursuit, much of Penny and Mike's worries.

Main Story

Diamond City - Baked Volcano

After collecting the Raijink Security Card and completing Whirl Fountain, Dr. Crygor borrows the treasure from Wario and examines the security card. Upon further examination, the scientist and Penny come to Wario and tell him that the treasure has special materials that could be used to repair the Galactic Portals. Wario at first refused due to believing that the treasure would be destroyed, but when told by Crygor it wouldn't destroy the treasure, Wario agreed to allowing it to be used to repair the portal-making machine, repairing the Galactic Portals and allowing access to Acapella Mountain.

Upon reaching the boss level of Diamond City, Wario is ready to pounce all of the UFOs while on top of the tallest tower in Diamond City, but is surprised to see Cuckoo Condor, one of his foes from the past, jumping from one of the UFOs to where he was, ready for a fight. After defeating Cuckoo Condor and earning its Boss Emblem, Wario sees the UFOs fleeing, and wanting his treasure back from the alien invaders who could have taken his treasures, decides to follow the UFOs to other worlds to get his treasure back, with Dunk and Dr. Crygor following him to also get revenge on the alien invaders.

At the Apacella Mountain, Dr. Crygor had installed another Galactic Portal and suggest to give the portal-maker needed more upgrades in order to power up its range, and thus asked Wario and Dunk to keep their eyes open, which Dunk nodded as since he is a rabbit, his sight are well developed. Wario nodded in much less enthusiasm but was still glad to be able to knock out the Raijinks by progressing further. They had to find a Fossilized Acorn and Anti-Gravity Underwear to upgrade the Galactic Portal.

Once they reached the boss level, the anti-hero Wario, the scientist Dr. Crygor and the newly Diamond City local hero Dunk, were traveled on treetops and heard an animal growl and then the Pitcher Grizzly appeared right in front of them, and then gave a powerful growl which made Dr. Crygor and Dunk seemed intimidated but Wario was picking his nose as he doesn't care and that he faced beasts more uglier or scarier than bears. When the latter one was almost hit by a baseball, he admittedly doesn't hide his astonishment.

However, after being blown with baseball bombs and then burned real good with the protagonists' Burning transformation, the Pitcher Grizzly got defeated and they earned its Boss Emblem. When Wario saw more UFOs floating over him, the UFOs attempted to bombard them with Bomb Blocks but Wario, Dr. Crygor and Dunk had evaded and the floating objects had flied away. Wario, angered by the assault, ordered Dr. Crygor (Wario is Dr. Crygor's employer after all) to make the upgrade quick, which the latter one will gladly follows. The trio had then transported with the upgraded Galactic Portals into the next world, or rather a world of multiple asteroids, Yolksteroid Field.

At the Yolksteroid Field, Dr. Crygor set up another Galactic Portal device, and then asked Wario and Dunk to look for another set of Upgrade Treasures to upgrade the range of the portal-making machine. Wario and Dunk agreed, due to them thinking it would be easy to find treasure among the asteroids, and they had to find the Serving-bot and the Cold Cash treasures to upgrade the portals.

Once they reached the boss level, Wario, Dr. Crygor, and Dunk headed into a giant eggshell arena. Expecting another fight like the last two times they headed into a boss area, the three quickly got ready as a giant UFO floated down and beamed down a giant sandal. Wario, confused why the floating object would beam down something, decided to tap it, much to Dunk and Crygor's warning. As soon as Wario touched it, the sandal sprouted mechanical arms and legs as it revealed its true form of the Sandal Shocker.

After a fierce battle of jumping down on the giant sandal and using cannons to blast it, the sandal eventually blew up and the three obtained it's emblem. However, as they were fighting a great platoon of Raijink Troopers and various Raijink Tanks were surrounding the arena to finish off the heroes after they wasted their energy fighting the Sandal Shocker. However, when they began the assault they were proven wrong as the three quickly gained control of 3 Raijink Tanks and quickly blew away the platoon. Wario, angry that the aliens tricked and surrounded and tried to destroy him, ordered Crygor to upgrade the portals, which he did. The three then used the upgraded portals to go to the next world, Baked Volcano.

At the arrival of Baked Volcano, the trio saw a big volcano at far away. Dr. Crygor recommanded Wario and Dunk not to approach small craters, but the two didn't listen has they were tempted by the smell of cinnamon on the ground. Wario attempted to chomp on the ground, but upon eating some ground and felt slightly disgusted by the spicy taste, he was greeted by erupting lava, which made Wario to yelp and step back. Dunk smelled the small crater and smells the cinnamon scent, only to be too intense, leaving a funny face, and even get blasted by cinnamon-scented blow, which Wario laughed from the situation before Dunk landed on his head. The two had a brief fight before Dr. Crygor suggested to focus on the enemies and the Upgrade Treasures. The other two shaked their head, knowing that they would waste their time, and nodded in agreement with Dr. Crygor. Dunk, however, still wouldn't resist the smell of cinnamon but Wario gave him a carrot to resist it.

Once they found a bag of Really-All-Purpose-Flour and the Cinnamonsaurus Rex Skeleton as upgrades for the Galactic Portals, they get into an oddly shaped theatre where it turns out to be a gameshow, which is hosted by one of Wario's old foes, Mean Emcee. Instead of physically taking of them, he will instead put up puzzles against them to make sure they would not be able to escape without scratch. However, the protogonists discovered that they have to use their wits, and Mean Emcee became increasingly angry to see his strategy failed, forcing him to employing a harder one after another puzzle. Upon solving the last puzzle, the boss became way too angry to focus and he somehow explodes in confetti, leaving his hat and the Boss Emblem.

Wario had proudly proven himself to be strong and witty, although Dunk saw a luxurious colored UFO. He attempt to reach it in his Ball Form but got blasted by a shadowy energy. The UFO flied away, and Dunk was only hurt a bit but quickly get back on his feet as nothing happened. Wario thought that it is the mothership, but Dr. Crygor added that it could be simply the UFO of the leader. Wario shaked his head, as if he don't really mind, and said that they should simply focus to get into another world now that the big UFO floated away. The trio agreed to get in another world, which is this time the Rainbow Railroad. An omnimous laugh had been heard, and a shadow of a Raijink with a scepter was seen as the trio exited the Baked Volcano.

Rainbow Railroad

Upon reaching Rainbow Railroad, Dr. Crygor tries setting down a Galactic Portals device, but Dunk stops and saves Crygor by pushing him away, since he was trying to install it on the railroad they appeared at as a train was about to run him over. After installing the device on a safer place, Dr. Crygor told Wario and Dunk that this could be a final showdown against the invaders who attacked Diamond City, although just in case they should see if there are any Upgrade Treasures nearby. Wario, angry that the luxurious UFO fled from last time, was ready to fight it in a all out assault against the head of the invaders, and ran on his way through the new world, not noticing that a small UFO was watching them with a security camera.

Upon completing Traintop Run, Wario was ready to fight down the boss of the Raijink Troopers, but Dr. Crygor told Wario that the UFOs are all going away, except for the luxurious one from before. The UFO then ejected speakers and started talking to the three heroes. It said that it was watching the exploits of the three as they were attacking its troops, and that it had enough. It sent a challenge in the form of a invitation to the Mech-anical Derailment level, to which Wario accepted, although Dunk said that just in case they should get the Upgrade Treasures so they can chase after the UFO if it flees. Wario reluctantly agreed, and they started looking for the Dragon Egg Treasure.

When they finally found the Dragon Egg Treasure, Wario can finally take on the boss level. The big UFO is waiting for them, and the shadowy figure immersed from the beam reveals to be a yellow and luxorious Raijink, who reveals himself as Floatmiser. Wario poses as he is going to strike, and Dunk look around as if he makes sure that the Raijink leader will not put up any dirty tricks, but Dr. Crygor told the others that they must stay on their guard. Wario, who didn't listened to Dr. Crygor and charged at Floatmiser, got blocked off by the Raijink Mech, that made Wario genuinely shocked as the mech looked alot like one of his old powerful foes, the Shake King.

Floatmiser left, while leaving a sinister laugh, and the trio had to face the Shake King-lookalike Raijink Mech. This Mech fight like the Shake King itself, but at the middle of battle, Floatmiser orders the Raijink Trooper who is piloting the Raijink Mech to derail the train in order to take down the trio for good, and the trio were genuinely too terrified to know what would happen if they don't defeat the Mech in time. They successfully did and collected the Boss Emblem, but as the train didn't stopped from getting on the dangerous road, the trio decided that it is was a perfect time to get out of the train and Dr. Crygor spotted a spying UFO with a camera from before, where Wario and Dunk jumped on it and pull off Dr. Crygor, before the train finally crushed in a huge asteroid.

Floatmiser, who saw that his trick failed again, and then saw the now furious Wario, Dunk and even Dr. Crygor, fled for his life and command his troops to retreat. He get back into his UFO and flied away. Wario, who destroyed the spying UFO for some reason and stomped the ground out of rage, would not hesitate to smash Floatmiser and everything that blocks them. However, he calmed down, eat a few garlic in reserve, and make a plan; collect all Treasures, including the Upgrade one, and keep chasing the Raijinks until they get into their base and kick the leader's butt. Dr. Crygor was happy to see Wario using his wits again, while Dunk made a snarky joke that should Wario shouldn't keep calm, he will explode just like what happened to Mean Emcee, much of Wario's scowl. They agreed that they should go to the next world, which is the Emerald Satellite.

Emerald Satellite - Analytic Factory

At the Emerald Satellite, the trio saw that the sattelite they appeared on was orbiting over a ocean planet and was surrounded by various UFOs. Dr. Crygor told Wario and Dunk to be quiet, but Wario slipped on a banana peel into a button and caused the satellite to tip slightly, causing the three to slip and fall off the satellite. Upon reaching dry land, Dr. Crygor installed the Galactic Portals device and told Wario and Dunk to look for the Upgrade Treasures, and Wario and Dunk agreed.

After finding the Eye of the Storm and Universal Map treasures, and getting to the Boss level, the three entered a golden and luxurious castle with UFOs surrounding it, to look for hints to see where they could find Floatmiser's base. To their surprise they saw Floatmiser on a screen discussing with a rich-looking Bandinero called the Bandinero King about setting a bounty on Wario, Dunk, and Dr. Crygor. Floatmiser quickly noticed the three enter, though, and from his base he told the Bandinero King to destroy them, which caused the Bandinero King to notice the trio, starting a boss battle.

After a kinda long battle where the Bandinero King was using the forms that the three were using throughout the game, Bandinero King was defeated and relinquished his Boss Emblem. Floatmiser, seeing the Bandinero King defeated from the the screen, teased Wario and turned off his screen, ending communication. Wario, furious about Floatmiser teasing him, ordered Dr. Crygor to upgrade the portals.

Before upgrading the portals, however, Dr. Crygor called a meeting back at Diamond City, to which Wario and Dunk agreed to. At Diamond City, Dr. Crygor got his daughter Penny and the two talked to Wario about the Universal Map treasure. They said that the map had details of the entire galaxy, and that it revealed the location of the base of the Raijink Troopers. Unfortunately, Penny added that the base was guarded by a force field, and to open it they would need a key. Fortunately, Dr. Crygor said that a planet nearby to the base, the Analytic Factory, most likely had the key. Wario, in a great mood since they finally knew where the base of the UFOs were, told Dr. Crygor again to upgrade the portals so they could head to Analytic Factory, which he did.

Upon arrival at Analytic Factory, the trio were not pleased to see the building that caused a big fog at outside of the frontier, but they had to focus to get the key, and Dr. Crygor suggests for more Upgrade Treasures in case that the Galactic Portals wouldn't be able to reach the Raijink Base. Just has Dunk jumped in front, an alarm had ringed and buzzed, and multiple guards were alarmed and chased after the trio. They had to get through the slippery oils from huge oil drums in Oil Drums Burn, multiple conveyors in Conveyor Creator, hammering tanks in Hammertown, Bomb Blocks and a Raijink Doomship in Bomb Block Paradise, and an angry Bandineemoth Robot from Conveyor Creator and Bomb Block Paradise.

Once they found all of the Upgrade Treasures, consisting of Conveyed Shoes, Chortlebot Blueprint and Rudy-in-the-Box, and reaching an arena on a giant conveyor belt. The trio had heard a dragon-like mechanical roar, but they didn't saw the beast until the Raijink Wardrake appeared right in front of them. The trio were frightened, but Wario then quickly got angry and told the other two to defeat the dragon. Dr. Crygor and Dunk accepted and braced themselves, although it was a tough challenge until the Raijink Wardrake got defeated and the Diamond City heroes had obtained the Khaotic Key, which is clearly the key for the Raijink's base. Dr. Crygor scanned that it is indeed the needed key, and thus Wario and Dunk were in a better mood as now they can take on Floatmiser.

Upon returning into Diamond City, Penny and Mike, as well as the other WarioWare Inc. employees, warned the trio to proceed, as should they failed, the Raijinks will possibly conquer Earth and eventually steal anything this planet have. Hearing this, Wario laughed as he didn't believed that the Raijinks will take him out so easily, although Dunk became stressed as this will would become his only shot to prove to be a local hero of Diamond City, after all of the bad manners the other baddies give to him in the past. The Dr. Crygor and Dunk salute them, while Wario hastily jumped in, much of Mona's concerns.

Khaotic Raijink Base

Upon entering the Khaotic Raijink Base, the trio of Wario, Dunk, and Dr. Crygor are surprised to see themselves appear directly below a UFO, which tries to attack them. Wario was able to launch it down, by throwing Dunk in his ball form at the center of the floating object, causing it to explode. Wario, mad that the UFO attacked him as he was entering the base, head off to get through the place, with Dunk and Crygor following them. Meanwhile, from a small orange UFO with a camera, Bandinero King, in bandages from his last battle with Wario, is spying on Wario and sending the data to Floatmiser so he can create a last resort at destroying Wario once and for all: The Memory Maze.

The three had passed through a giant building with anti-gravity, a partially frozen sea with glaciers and freezing water, and a invisible swamp which had a surprisingly great defense, the three came upon a mysterious black cube. Wario, mistaking it as a treasure, decided to grab it, against Dunk and Crygor's warning. Suddenly, the cube materialized a great maze around the three, trapping them inside, with the unmistakable laugh of Floatmiser permeating the atmosphere. Wario, furious that he was duped, decided to march through wherever he was, alongsides a almost equally mad Dunk and Dr. Crygor, to find the exit to the maze and get to Floatmiser to save Diamond City, with a omminous shadow of the Bandinero King also following them, with none of the three noticing it.

They passed through the more difficult version of Microgame Emporium, Eggshell Hotel, Magma Eruption, S.S. Raijink and Conveyor Creator, with the Bandineemoth Robot who the player fled from in that stage must get hit with a bomb before getting outpaced by the conveyor. Before the Past Treasure could get even collected, the Bandinero King challenged the player for a rematch, and this time he called various Bandineros for support. However, the trio defeated the Bandinero King nonetheless and escaped to the exit. That exit is blocked by a barrage of various Bandineros (few of them being Raijink Mechaninero and one of them being Bandineemoth Robot), but the used Dasherator had made the trio to somehow pushed all of them out of their way.

Dr. Crygor noticed that the Galactic Portals were weakened a bit and warned Wario and Dunk that they better collect some more Upgrade Treasures or else there is a good chance that they wouldn't be able to come back to Diamond City. Dunk admitted that it was a wise choice since they do not want to be stuck, while Wario was not happy with it as he really wanted to kick out of Floatmiser but eventually and reculently agreed with Dunk and Dr. Crygor, as he don't want to lose his company for getting stuck in the Raijink's planet neither. Once they did, Dr. Crygor upgraded the Galactic Portals so they can go back into Diamond City in one wrap, and Wario get genuinely excited into busting Floatmiser real hard after all he did for him and his two allies, but especially for Wario himself, while Dunk become real excited as he can finally have a moment to shine for glory and also to avenge his city, much of Wario's annoyance.

They finally get inside the CEO Building, which is actually is in the center of the black hole, and Floatmiser, finally showing himself in physical appearance once again, decided that he had enough of them ruining his machinery and take them on his own, and the battle ha started after he canceled the gravity into antigravity. He used multiple kind of black magics as well as using gravity against the trio, although he realized that summoning blue Bomb Blocks was not a bright idea as the trio used those to blow him up. Once he remarked his mistake, he return the gravity but still float, thus the trio must use the Gravity Button to reverse the gravity and then attack him, and proceeded again multiple time before he got finally knocked out. The trio attempted to do their victory poses but the scepter floated away, which leaven Wario, Dr. Crygor and Dunk confused and gave it a chase.

As the scepter was flying away, Wario, Dunk and Dr. Crygor decided to chase it to make sure Floatmiser could never use it again. However, as Wario got close enough to attack the scepter, it launched Wario away with a powerful dark magic blast. As Wario got knocked away, Dr. Crygor and Dunk questioned what the scepter was, to which the scepter answered with its name, the Shade Scepter, much to the shock of Dr. Crygor, Dunk, and Wario, who was getting up from being knocked down.

The Shade Scepter than started talking about its story, about how it was a royal scepter that had powers over darkness and gravity, about how it was passed throughout Floatmiser's family for generations, about how Floatmiser abused its power and gave it sentience in case he fell, and how he was planning to double cross Floatmiser since the day it was given sentience, so it wouldn't have to be used like a tool. He than said to the trio that now that he is free from Floatmiser, that he would now turn the black hole into a grand palace, and use the Earth as its throne.

Wario, furious at being knocked down, immediately attacked the Shade Scepter as soon as it stopped talking, but was grabbed by Dr. Crygor and Dunk before he could be hit by another dark magic blast. The Shade Scepter, knowing that the three would be a nuisance in its plans, decided to end them instantly, by ordering UFOs to bring the Earth to it, and to destroy the three by taking them down itself in a dark cloud surrounding the CEO Building.

The three chased the scepter throughout a dark and violent place, destroying crystals and dodging the scepter's various enemy summons and dark magic beams. After destroying all of the crystals, the scepter started shaking violently as it was losing energy. Wario than landed one final hit and knocked the sentience out of the Shade Scepter. Unfortunately, when the three got out of the black hole and back to the Galactic Portals device, they saw Bandinero King, who was even more wrecked and entirely covered in bandages, wrecking the Galactic Portals device, and that a ton of UFOs were back, dragging the Earth with it. Dunk quickly tied up Bandinero King so he couldn't make things worse, but the three quickly realized that if they couldn't stop the Earth, they would be crushed by it and fall into the black hole.

Miraculously, however, Wario noticed that the Shade Scepter, while no longer sentient, was still usable, and told Dr. Crygor to use it to reverse the gravity of the black hole to blow things away instead of pulling things torwards it, so that they wouldn't be destroyed by being crushed by their own planet. Even with a bit of trouble at first from not knowing how to use it at first, Dr. Crygor was able to cause the black hole to blow Earth back into its normal orbit, and also was able to push the UFOs far away from the Earth so they couldn't harm anyone in Diamond City.


After seeing the Earth intact, the trio jump up and down in joy, although they noticed that the Galactic Portals were broken down by the Bandinero King. Dr. Crygor and Dunk felt disappointed while Wario tried to find a way to get back to Diamond City. He ended up to collide with the luxurious UFO with Floatmiser and the banded Bandinero King, still inside who was panicking that the trio will bash them again. Wario tried to catch him with Dunk, but Floatmiser fled quickly, as well as the rest of the undamaged UFOs. However, some UFO parts was fallen, and Dr. Crygor felt that it is their last chance to get back to Diamond City. He repaired the Galactic Portals with the UFOs part, then attempted to turn it on, but nothing happened.

Wario, angered, punched one of the Galactic Portals, which shocked him into his Electric transformation to activate the Galactic Portals, much of Dr. Crygor and Dunk's delight. When Wario noticed that, he laughed in a great mood and all the trio jump back into one of them, the rest of them teleported away for distances.

Back into Diamond City, Penny, Mike and the other WarioWare Inc. employees were worried, while Ashley didn't worried much but still shakes her head like what if the enemies had won. The big Galactic Portal had opened, and Wario, Dr. Crygor and Dunk were emerged from it, with Dunk hitting a wall and Wario hitting him next, pushing Dunk out of the wall at the other side and laughed along with the others, which made Wario quite angry and tell the other to get him out of the wall.

Upon the Diamond City fixed up and back to Wario's home, Wario yawned and think that it is a good time to get back to sleep. With his treasures back as well as his appliances, he had gotten back into sleep in his bed, now colored gold. The screen fade black a bit, before a loud sound Wario abruptly woke up and look through the window to see the outside, which only this time a Bandinero was sneaking around and run away from Wario, the latter one yelled at it, then quickly get back into sleep. He then noticed that the screen isn't black and pointed at the camera and pull a sign "The End! Now leave me alone!", then give a thumb up and put himself back into sleep, peacefully. The screen fade black very quickly.

If the player had collected all the Treasures, after the credit sequence the scene cut back to Wario sleeping again, this time with his room full of treasure. A shadow was seen from the outside, and sneakily go past him, from the entrance, to the basement, where the Captain Syrup's Ruby Heart had been held by two familiar hands. It turns out to be Captain Syrup herself, and she giggles as she vanishes as Wario woke up, and the latter one found that the same Ruby Heart went missing, and figured out that Captain Syrup will returns for sure.

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