Since there are a mass amount of normal treasures in the game, a seprate page had to be made to hold the descriptions of each normal treasure.

Image Name Description
Microgame Device When you play the microgames, you need a special device to play them without paying with just a console itself. I suggest you to buy my microgames, because they are the best! What do you mean, I am a big bragger? Did you even played any microgames other than mine and my own employees?
Rainbow Crayon Yeah, this seems a boring treasure at first, but once you give a stride on your paper or anything else, it looked like a real rainbow with millions sparkles! Of course, it obviously doesn't taste like rainbows, so don't eat it!
Slot Machine A slot machine that I bring it from you-know-where. Rumors said that the slot machines are rigged in order to avoid the jackpot from being given...I rigged this one so if anyone will ever give it a try, it will receive nothing back even after the hundredth try! Wa ha ha!
Merfle Doll These dolls remind me of my last adventure in the Shake Dimension. Sure they annoyed me with pleas for help, but they have helped me escape the level once I freed them.
Toy Car Okay, we agreed that this toy car is too childish but...this one is actually computer controlled by some Raijink spies! I could order Dr. Crygor to hijack it and then I use it for snatching money! Or foods, or anything I want.
Christmas Tree Is it even Christmas now? Anyway, when I celebrate Christmas, I become the Grinch and attempt to steal anything about it, including this particuliar Christmas tree. Too bad that overcautionous Dunk had caught me...
Kappa Bowl I found this bowl on the head of some sort of weird humanoid duck creature sleeping in a river. The thing is still asking for its bowl back, but as long as it can be used as a good bowl, I'm keeping it.
Powerful Drum Ladies and gentlemen, watch me pounding on that drum! (BONG!!) Wah!! Such...loud sound. A good way to see if your volume is too high!
Two-sided Drum Sticks Wah!? What is even the use of such sticks? One side to hit a drum, and the other side to hit an enemy head? On the other hand, you will never pick the wrong side...but still, who invented that silly invention? (Bong-pow!) Ow! Who did that!?
Power Star According to a rival of mine, these stars seem to power some sort of cosmic observatory and are scattered throughout the universe. I wonder how much these cost if my rival Mario is telling the truth.
Workman Wood-toy A wooden workman that is used to be a toy, before it got modified to work and then defuncted after getting hit by a wooden cog. Maybe it might be useful to do polishing on woods!
Golden Harmonica This harmonica is golden but also give a pretty awful music for those who are greedy! The thing is, as long as I love golden stuff, I will keep it and I will let nobody greedier than me playing it!
Pied Piper's Flute A magic flute who can bend the people hearing its music to the will of whoever plays it. Maybe I should have Mona teach me how to play it...
Golden Egg I used to own a golden goose, and it laid this egg right before it ran away. I'm considering using this to make a golden omelette.
Automatic Fishing Pole A fishing pole that automatically pull out with grand force when the bait had caught a fish. It can even pull out a shark! But it can also do make damage when you swinged it on the wrong direction...
Suspicious Toy-Box That Toy-Box is dangerous! Why, you asked? Well it have some living toys have serious resembles to some nasty foes who are not even from my world nor the Shake Dimension! Creepy!
Bottomless Popcorn Bag At first I thought this was the Bottomless Coin Sack, but on closer inspection it had a infinite amount of popcorn instead. Whoever made this must have loved going to movie theaters.
Bellhop Uniform This weird bellhop uniform was left behind by some Raijink Trooper wanting to quit its job to work at a hotel. Diamond City is quite the tourist spot, so maybe I should open a hotel myself...
Frozen Egg Once a long time ago I had a rare fertilized dodo egg, but it got frozen in a solid egg-shaped block of Ice by the orders of Captain Syrup. When I'm done adventuring, I'm gonna have Crygor thaw it so I can have the world's only dodo bird!
Freezing Machine This machine is what Captain Syrup used to freeze the world's only dodo egg. It is only partially operational, however, as Dr. Crygor said it can only freeze inanimate or unconscious things.
Golden Breadstick This breadstick is made entirely of gold, and is probably the pinnacle of baking. When this is over, I'm gonna search on who made this, so I can get other golden foods!
Literally Rock-Solid Cake Once I was stranded on a island with only the clothes on my back, and I needed something to eat. I made this treasure out of crystals and mud to eat it, but thank goodness I was saved. Otherwise I would have had to have eaten this treasure!
Lava Cookie A cookie which, while it shares its name with a good snack, is made of magma. It's probably still tasty, but it would also probably be the last thing you would ever taste.
Topaz Cinnamon Dust It is certainly topaz dust that smells like cinnamon, but I don't recommanded to use it for bakery or anything else. It will leave a hardened jewel and this will ruin both the bread and the crystal itself!
Superspicy Roll Formula Wow! So many spices on this formula! There are even some of those who I don't even know what are those! From what I heard, the rolls themselves are actually explosive, so eating it or throwing it would be the stupidest decision of your life! Eeek...
Unibucket A type of vehicle that I used during my latest adventure! This is where you use your gimmickary Wii Remote and tilt it to move it! Too bad that it isn't a real thing in this game...but hey, I have plenty more transportation than this!
Erupting Shortcake A shortcake made of both the Baked Volcano's hottest materials and lava. Even if I needed to eat it, I wouldn't, because if I did I would probably melt myself both from the inside AND outside!
Shake King Doll This doll reminds me of someone I pounded in my last adventure, the Shake King. If he ever shows up in Diamond City he's gonna be slammed back to the Shake Dimension by me!
Earthwake Figurine What is this robotic giant plush? I heard that Mario and his brother Luigi, who become Giant with an odd way, had battled this big bad robot! I don't need to be giant to take this down, as all I need is my muscles and my wits! But if it isn't enough, maybe I could make a good use of throwing bombs...
Forbidden Sacred Food Why would a vampire even call it forbidden? It has a garlic bun and the best toppings in the world! They should just try one and enjoy it!
Over-light Bulb This light bulb is a invention of Dr. Crygor meant to replace the sun in case it was ever stolen. He says that a single look at it will temporarily blind even a person without any eyes, but I have my doubts.
Fortune Telling Thermostat I don't know how it's possible, but this thermostat lays down the future whenever someone changes the temperature. It keeps saying I'll become richer than even the gods of fortune, and I know it'll become true! Wa ha ha!
Train-Shoes Another invention of Dr. Crygor, made from a train engine. It's meant to eliminate the need to walk by having the shoes move by themselves, but I don't like the steam they produce!
Space Basketball A basketball that brings itself back into the field if it is out of bounds. Dunk would make good use of that, but he better not jump too high with that or else that basketball will immediatly go back to the ground like a meteorite with him! Wa ha ha!
Crystal Scraps Those scraps are made of various crystal. They are certainly too fragile to be used in any machinery, but are still worthy because they are, of course, crystals!
Sandwich Maker 3003 Want to make a sandwich but cannot think of the right ingredients or even unable to do it perfectly? Dr. Crygor had made this for me in order to make a quick sandwich during my work. The only problem is that it also toast the breads, whatever you wanted or not! Must be the heat from the machine...
Tornado-in-a-Jar A tornado I put into a jar a long time ago. I used it as a safety measure a long time ago, where I disguised it as a regular jar and anyone foolish enough to open it would be blown away!
Orbulon's UFO Orbulon, you need to get an insurance on that UFO! Anyway, Orbulon, an employee of mine that test your IQ, uses his pig-like flying object to move in space. When inspecting it, there is a panel inside that reads as "Oinker". Must be the UFO's name!
Wow-Juice At first, I find the name silly...but then, once I take a sip on it, I do certainly screamed "Wow"! I wonder how the Raijinks Troopers make it so good? I hope it is not something...gross!
Mirror Bowling Ball Now that is my kind of bowling ball! Every time I was preparing, I always look at it to give my head-some face to boost my confidence! Of course, narcissistic people will be too distracted by their reflect when throwing it...
Liquefied Gold I don't know this is even possible, but I think I discovered a liquid form of gold! Not only will this make me rich, but the discovery will make me even richer!
Rainbow Oil A magic oil made out of smelting a rainbow. It has a very bright glow like neon, so I'm gonna replace my neon signs with this paint, to raise my fortune even further!
Virtual Boy Okay, the Virtual Boy is a disaster from Nintendo. But there is a game that everyone want to play it. What is it, you said? Wario Land for Virtual Boy, of course! My success is never low!
All-storing Box A box that can contain everything and anything, including itself. If I ever run out of room to hold treasure, I'll use this to store new treasures, but for now I just store food in it.
Disco Bulb Wasn't disco supposed to be out? Well, the disco balls are still popular, and this one is a one-step bulb that flashes like the disco ball when turning the light on. Perfect for a party!
Amethyst Dud Bomb A dud bomb made of amethyst. And I know already why it is a dud bomb; amethyst cannot explode! Kinda obvious!
'Sploding Peppers Seems these Raijink Troopers have been trying to invent a kind of pepper that explodes into a giant fireball when ingested. Note to self: No matter how much you want to eat this, do not eat.
Topsy-Turvey Jacket Those who were wearing this jacket will be turned upside down...and then you can still walk forward, but in the air! Creepy! But I will use this to scare off carpenters!
Upside Down Topaz Key I don't get why they say this topaz key is upside down. I mean, although it sounds very extravagant, it doesn't make sense as if you turn it around, it's just a normal topaz key. Still very expensive, though. 
Frozen Fire A fire that was frozen in a glacier a long, long time ago. If even fire can be frozen, then what other impossible things can happen, and how can I use those impossible things for profit?
Not-so-Invisible Token The token isn't that invisible since it was moisted by the filthy water. However, upon cleaning it, it turns out to be Bowser's token, marked with his signature icon! I better hide it quick and well before he will see it in my house, if he can his token that is!
Wario's Naughty Diary It's my diary. 'Nuff said!
Peach's Crown Oh ho ho, yeah! I finally got my hands on Princess Peach's Crown! That poor princess had to beg Mario to find it for her...speaking of which, I better hide it quick.
Goodstyle Wait a minute!? I thought Goodstyle was part of the TV show I once hijacked and became the main character of. How could a fictional character be brought into the real world?
Black Hole Lawnmower This is Dr. Crygor's ultimate invention. It's a weird lawn mower, and whatever gets mowed by this seems to disappear from existence. Even I know it should probably not be in my hands, as it could mow down all my riches!
Floatmiser's Cape This must be Floatmiser's weird bronze cape. It's really expensive, but also extremely heavy. If Floatmiser was using gravity to wave around his cape like a regular silk cape, I would understand.
Mona Rosalina (Shop-Exclusive) A famous painting made by Piranho Davicked, of a interstellar maiden he saw in his dreams. I think I saw her at the last party Mario had, but if I reveal to Rosalina that a painting was made of her, she might take it away from me!
Triforce (Shop-Exclusive) Apparently, someone had left of the Triforce without warning. I would like to keep it, but from what 9-Volt said, Ganon the King of Porkness or whatever he titled himself will not hesitate to make a rampageous search for that! If I will make a wish just to seal him very far away, I will!
Genie's Lamp (Shop-Exclusive) This magic lamp was in Captain Syrup's possessions, but I stole it from her and got a cool mansion from the genie! I bet if I rub the lamp again I'll get a even more extravagant mansion!
Count Canolli Action Figure (Shop-Exclusive) Remember how I had a adventure and became the Purple Wind? Turns out the show I was in became famous from that and now sells action figures of me and Count Cannolli. They're even considering on hiring me for a second season!
Electrogolem Butler (Shop-Exclusive) An Electrogolem butler that say it all. It can be very useful to kick out anyone who try to steal my treasures...if I had the right battery or any electronical way to make it work, that is!
Bandinero King Statue (Shop-Exclusive) Phooey! That Bandinero King is a such persistant fool that I could take his statue out of his defeat! Those Bandeniros will be my iconic enemies for sure...but I wonder what will they do next? So will probably Floatmiser and his silly Raijink Troopers? Let's not thinking about it too much for now!
Time Machine (Shop-Exclusive) It's the happiest day of my life! With this I can gather the greatest treasures throughout space and time. Too bad it's partially broken, and only can take me back a day per ride.

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