These are the levels in Wario Land: Stellar Greed. There are 5 levels in a world (With the exception being the final world, Khaotic Raijink Base) , with each level excluding the Boss level including Past Treasures which Wario must grab, and then escape when a timer activates.

Diamond City

Level Name Description Treasures
Microgame Emporium A beginner's level which teaches basic techniques, such as the Grab, Dash or Earthshake Punch techniques, and also tutorials on Dasherators, which allow the characters to go to super-fast speeds, and the characters unique abilities, such as Wario's Ground Pound, Crygor's floating, and Dunk's Ball Form.  Microgame Device, Rainbow Crayon, Golden Hotdog (Past Treasure)
Casino Falls A casino-themed level where the adventure gets serious, and the enemies start getting on the player's way. Giant-sized casino chips can be used to throw at faraway and flying enemies, and you can use the Earthshake Punch to activate big slot machines and some of them will give you jackpots if you are lucky enough, or only contain enemies and a key needed to continue. Slot Machine, Merfle Doll, Dinosaur Egg (Past Treasure)
Rumble Road A level taking place on a highway where cars drive around and UFOs in the sky. This level teaches advanced techniques, such as piling enemies on top of a grabbed enemy, using a Dasherator to power doors by dashing past Power Treadmills, and using transformations, such as the introduced flattened transformation, to your advantage.

Toy Car, Christmas Tree, Shake King Mask (Past Treasure)

Whirl Fountain As its name applies, this level have an enormous whirl in the fountain that switches the player between the ground section and the underwater section. It introduces the Bubble transformation after inhaling a big bubble, and become easily pushed, yet take only damage from spiked objects and enemies. Kappa Bowl, Raijink Security Card (Upgrade Treasure), Frozen Mammoth (Past Treasure)
Cuckoo Condor's Free-for-All This boss level is on the top of Diamond City's tallest skyscraper, where one of the three characters have to face Cuckoo Condor. During the first phase, the giant bird creates gusts of wind to blow the player away or tries to grab it with it's giant claw. To damage it, the mechanical claw it has must be rammed at point blank range to knock it into the birds head. When Cuckoo Condor reaches half health, it retracts it's claws and starts launching fireballs from it's mouth. The player has to wait for the condor to swoop down to damage it in this phase. Once the Boss is beated, the Boss Emblem of Cuckoo Condor is obtained. Cuckoo Condor Emblem (Boss Treasure)

Acapella Mountain

Level Name Description Treasures
Drum-Drum Mountain A mountain level fulls of drums, and smaller drums on drums, where the player can jump on it to jump higher or to reach places that are otherwise impractical to reach. Using the Dasherator on drums will give it an incredible jumping distance, but a good timing is needed to do so. It introduces the Music Notes, that caused more Drums to appears, including in later levels. Powerful Drum, Two-Sided Sticks, Platinum Battery (Past Treasure)
Fossilized Forest A forest level which takes place in a forest made of crystalline and mineral trees. The main gimmick here is that there are certain parts of the tree which can be dashed past with the help of a Dasherator that can cause the trees to topple down, which can both reveal and block new paths. Fossilized Acorn (Upgrade Treasure), Power Star, Forever Tissue Box (Past Treasure)
Woodwork Caverns A level with multiple caverns with works made of woods. It somehow introduces gravitational forces, which switches the player, objects and enemies between on the floor to on the ceiling. Some of it can be switched by pressing a red-and-blue button. Some of the enemies are unaffected by altered gravity. Anti-Gravity Underwear (Upgrade Treasure), Workman Wood-Toy, Crooking Book (Past Treasure)
Honeycomb Musical A level taking place in a giant hive where there are floating bees that play instruments. Throughout the level there are various honeycombs that the player can get stuck on, unless they use a Dasherator to dash past the combs. The level also introduces Bomb Blocks, which has a timer that ticks down after the block is stepped on untill it reaches 0 and explodes. Golden Harmonica, Pied Piper's Flute, Hilarity Machine (Past Treasure)
Pitcher Grizzly Strikeout This boss level takes place within the treetops where the player fights Pitcher Grizzly, a big bear that plays Baseball. Pitcher Grizzly throws baseballs that have to be shaken to reveal a bomb inside the baseball that has to be thrown at the bear. At half health, the grizzly stops throwing baseballs, and instead swings a bat and throws fireballs that cause the Burning Transformation. Upon being fully burnt, the player has to walk into the bear to damage it untill the bear is defeated and relinquishes it's emblem. Pitcher Grizzly Emblem (Boss Treasure)

Yolksteroid Field

Level Name Description Treasures
Yolk River A space level with various floating eggshells as platforms. This level introduces yolk, which is a liquid that acts simalarly to water, with the exception of yolk being flammable. At certain sections there are puzzles where the characters have to put out the yolk fire by breaking glasses above the flaming yolk that contain water. Golden Egg, Automatic Fishing Pole, Cactus Cup (Past Treasure)
Raijink Enemy Factory A factory level where certain enemies are made. It have security spotlights that have to be taken down or else electric forcefields and closed security doors will happens. It also introduces Electric transformation which caused the character to move statically and activate certains gimmicks such as panel controls. Suspecious Toy-Box, Serving-Bot (Upgrade Treasure), Mini-Wario (Past Treasure)
Eggshell Hotel

A floating space hotel level where there are various enemies resting for vacation here. The gimmick here are the elevators, which are the only way to go a floor up, but not the only war down. Some rooms are on the ceiling of certain floors, and require flipping gravity to access.

Bottomless Popcorn Bag, Bellhop Uniform, Magnetic Diamond (Past Treasure)
Stardust Glacier A gigantic space glacier level where slippery floors and snowballs are everywhere. There are also falling stalactites that harm from the tip, but touching it anywhere will give out an Ice transformation where you can do ice-breath to make moveable ice cubes out of enemies, including larger one. This ability is often needed in some puzzle sections. Frozen Egg, Freezing Machine, Cold Cash (Past/Upgrade) Treasure)
Sandal Shocker's Stompdown This boss level takes place on a giant eggshell arena, where the player fights Sandal Shocker, a mechanical sandal that guards precious jewels for the Raijink Traiding Industries. It launches electric shockwaves and can launch really fast punches. When it launches a series of fast punches in a row, you can jump on it to damage it. At half health, spikes grow on its head, and now the player has to use the Electric transformation to power cannons to shoot at the giant sandal to defeat it. Sandal Shocker Emblem (Boss Treasure)

Baked Volcano

Level Name Description Treasures
Breadstick Badlands A level where take places the damaged and dysfunctional lands filled with damaged towns, dangerous rogues and delicious bread sticks. Some of those large bread sticks are used to hold off certain objects, while larger ones are used as seesaw platforms. This is where things get serious, as strong and threatening enemies starts to be more common. It also introduces Plain Switcher, which transport the player to the background or foreground. Golden Bread Stick, Literal Rock-Solid Cake, Really-All-Purpose Flour (Past/Upgrade) Treasure)
Lava Lunge A volcano level which is on the rim of a volcano made of cinnamon rolls. The gimmick here is that the floor of the level rises and lowers with the lava, which requires timing jumps. Outside of the Pitcher Grizzly fight, it also introduces the Burning transformation, which causes the player to be uncontrollable and run fast while on fire until the player is fully engulfed, upon which the player can move slowly and break Bonfire Blocks for a bit before the transformation wears off. Lava Cookie, Cinnamonsaurus Rex Skeleton (Upgrade Treasure), Jet Engine (Past Treasure)
Cinnamon Clouds A sky-high level which the clouds smells (and even tastes) like cinnamon. It introduces the Puffy transformation which allows the player to float higher, even higher than Dunk's maximum jump height in his Ball Form. There are bottomless pits because the level takes obviously is in sky-high, but falling so will only damage the player by one heart. It also introduces small whirlwinds that send up the player at aimed directions. Topaz Cinnamon Dusts, Super-Spicy Roll Formula, Baked-Gloves (Past Treasure)
Magma Eruption A level at the rim of a volcano that is constantly erupting. Lava geysers rise and lower platforms in this level, and are controlled by a switch that can be rammed to move. Upon getting the Past Treasure, the volcano erupts and knocks the entrance to the bottom, causing a mad dash to the bottom, with a attempt at outracing both the lava and the timer. Unibucket, Erupting Shortcake, Hamburger with Lava Sauce (Past Treasure)
Mean Emcee Gameshow This boss level takes place in a game show areana where the player fights Mean Emcee. Unlike traditional boss battles, where you fight the boss, you instead solve puzzles to outwit Mean Emcee. As you solve the puzzles he throws at you, they get much harder and complex as he gets angrier, and when his anger reaches his peak he explodes, leaving his emblem and his hat the only things left. Mean Emcee Emblem (Boss Treasure)

Rainbow Railroad

Level Name Description Treasures
Naptime Station A station level deep in space where all the enemies are already asleep. The gimmick here is that the enemies dreams are visible, and can even be entered to go to various areas. The Past Treasure is in a nightmare around the end of the station, and to get the treasure the player has to destroy the nightmares in that enemy's dreams. Shake King Doll, Earthwake Figurine, Star Rod (Past Treasure)
Vampiric Station Another station level where it patch-black and thus inhabits vampire-like enemies. It introduces both the Vampire transformation and the Bat transformation, when the player touch a vampire-like enemy and a bat-type enemy, respectively. It is often dark-patch, which requires the player the Electrified transformation in order to activate bulbs as light-sources for better view on the stage. Forbidden Sacred Food, Over-Light Bulb, Count Crocula's Comb (Past Treasure)
Shiverburn Station A level that takes place inside both the station and inside of a train in a area that's both freezing and burning at the same time. Both the Burning and Ice transformations are found here, and are useful for thawing and/or heating sections of the train to alter the train cars and open new secrets. Dragon Egg (Upgrade Treasure), Fortune Telling Thermostat, Flaming Fire Truck (Past Treasure)
Traintop Run A futuristic train level where the player run at top at the train itself. This level is linear but filled with safe-guard weapons where the player must destroy to proceed. The player must also use Earthshake Punch to reveal some treasure rooms, although other ones are filled with enemies. As if it is not dangerous enough, picking the Past Treasure will summon an enormous Banderino-like robot that the player must either run away from it...or actually throw a pile of bombs to destroy it and get tons of coins. Train-Shoes, Space Basket-Ball, Trillion Gallon Hat (Past Treasure)
Mech-anical Derailment This boss level takes place on the top of a grand golden train where the player fights the Raijink Mech, a expensive crimson mech based off of the Shake King manned by a Raijink Trooper. The battle is much like the Shake King battle from Wario Land: Shake It, up untill half health, when the mech jumps in front of and derails the train, causing a timer to go off and giving the player a time limit of 3 minutes to defeat the mech, which now can also shoot missles and and call Cactus Sentries in this phase.  Raijink Mech Emblem (Boss Treasure)

Emerald Satellite

Level Name Description Treasures
Floating Gears A sattelite stage where it have floating, giant grinding gears, explaining the level's name. The grinding gears will cause the player character to be flattened if getting between two gears. It brings back the Flattened transformation from all the way back in the beginning, when the aforementioned consequence and other flatting actions had occured for the player, allowing him to pass though tight path. Some lone gears must be collected and thrown at contraptions with missing gears in them. Crystal Scraps, Sandwich Maker 3003, Emerald Four-Sided Clover (Past Treasure)
Hurricane Harbor A harbor level taking place in a harbor town where there is a constant storm. There are giant tornadoes that can be dashed through using a Dasherator, and there are also water geysers that push sections of the level slightly into the air. Some of the buildings have reversed gravity, and the houses have to be returned to normal to proceed. Tornado in a Jar, Orbulon's UFO, Eye of the Storm (Past/Upgrade Treasure)
S.S Raijink A cruise ship level where enemies were relaxing in luxurious services...untli they see the player. Some floors are slippery by junitors and there is a (mandatory) game room where you have to take out enemies with multiple objects like an 8-Ball Bomb, a bowling ball and anything throwable in there. At the end, you must use a pile of enemies to get the Past Treasure, which caused the cruise ship to be at maximum security with stronger enemies on the escape road. Wow-Juice, Mirror Bowling Ball, Ego Cruiser Ship (Past Treasure)
Trench Manor A mansion level that takes place both above and below water. The gimmick here is that water is flowing into the building and over time entire rooms are filled with water. Grabbing the Past Treasure actually activates the mansions draining system, and water starts flowing out of the mansion very rapidly, which requires using Dasherators underwater to get past the very fast water currents causing the water to flow out the building.  Universal Map (Upgrade Treasure), Liquified Gold, Diamond Cork (Past Treasure)
Bandinero King's Execution This boss level takes place in the throne room of a castle, where the player faces the Bandinero King, a short, but extremely strong and quick Bandinero. Bandinero King uses the various transformations you use throughout the game, including Ice, Electric, Burning, and Flat. At half health, he even brings in transformations not seen in the game, including Snowball, Bouncy, and Invisible. To defeat him, you got to counter his transformations with some of your own transformations (such as using the Ice Transformation to put out the Burning Bandinero King), and then picking him up and throwing him at a wall. Bandinero King Emblem (Boss Treasure)

Analytic Factory

Level Name Description Treasures
Oil Drum Bums A factory level with huge oil drums and various smog towers. The drums return here, and a new gimmick is that there are slippery floors of oil that are slippery, causing both the player and enemies to slip, though dashing past the oil while using a Dasherator or using the Burning transformation sets the oil on the floors behind you on fire. Rainbow Oil, Virtual Boy, Wario Car (Past Treasure)
Conveyor Creator Another factory level where conveyors were built, one after another. It is a puzzle level where the player must switch the lever or buttons to make the conveyors more favorable to use. Some will switch the orientation, others will turn them on or off, and others will speed them up or slow them down. At the area with the Past Treasure, you need to run away from a Bandineemoth Robot on a slow conveyor and upon reaching the end, press the button to make the conveyor to run so fast that the titanic robot is sent away and break a factory's wall. Conveyed Shoes (Upgrade Treasure), All-Storing Box, Super Wario World (Past Treasure)
Hammertown A industrial and glorious city level in the vein of Glittertown. The gimmick here is that there are various hammer tanks in the background that pound down on the foreground, flattening whoever is hit by it. Using a Plane Switcher to get to the background can allow you to climb the hammers to reach high areas.  Chortlebot Blueprints (Upgrade Treasure), Disco Bulb, Golden Diva's Mask (Past Treasure)
Bomb Block Paradise An army base full of dangerous Bomb Blocks that comes in various colors, including red one that explode immediately upon any contact and blue one that can be grabbed and used as a projectile. Explosive enemies are common, and the Dasherators are more risky gimmick in here. The Past Treasure is protected from an angry, damaged Bandineemoth Robot (presumely from the level Conveyor Creator) that can be easily defeated by using multiple type of Bomb Blocks against it. Amethyst Dud Bomb, 'Sploding Peppers, Rudy-in-the-Box (Past/Upgrade Treasure)
Wardrake's Flame Frenzy This boss level takes place on a giant conveyer belt, where the player fights the Raijink Wardrake, a partially mechanized dragon which guards the keys to the Raijink home base. The giant dragon can launch streams of fire, reverse the direction of the conveyer arena at will, and even spit out bombs and enemies, which need to be thrown at his head to damage him. Upon half health, he breaks the floor, and the arena changes from a conveyer belt to a arena floor with only drums and 2 small platforms with Dasherators. The dragon now only spews fire and launches spiked enemies now, and the only way to damage and defeat him now is to dash past his head with the help of a Dasherator, using the drums to reach his head. Khaotic Key (Boss Treasure)

Khaotic Raijink Base

Level Name Description Treasures
Antigravity Condo A condo (building) vertical level where it have multiple floors before reaching the roof, where the Past Treasure is waiting. There are some floors with antigravity, and others with reversed gravity. The player have to take advantage of the antigravity or the reversed gravity to keep going. The treasure is floating and requires the normal gravity put back to normal to get it. Topsy-Turvy Jacket, Upside-Down Topaz Key, Black Jewel Shard (Past/Upgrade) Treasure)
Subzero Sea A ocean level filled with giant icebergs and slippery slopes. The gimmick here is that there are snowstorms that appear from time to time, obscuring the screen and pushing the player left. The Past Treasure here is guarded by a Snowseraph, and is also frozen, and requires a Burning transformation to melt the ice and receive the treasure inside.  Icicle Cream (Upgrade Treasure), Frozen Fire, Spriteling Plush (Past Treasure)
Invisible Swamp A swamp level that cannot be seen until discovered, with many invisible objects and platforms that requires light sources with Electric transformation to expose them for easier crossing. It is heavily guarded by Raijinks Mechanineros, and the Past Treasure is guarded by a Raijink Eliteguard, a Sentry Cactus and then finally a duo of another Raijink Mechaninero and Bandineemoth Robot, which the latter one can be easily defeated if the player had manned a Raijink Mechaninero and spits bombs at its mouth. Not-So-Invisible Token, Wario's Naughty Diary, Captain Syrup's Ruby Heart (Past Treasure)
Memory Maze A majestic and grand level created from Wario's mind, taking place in harder versions of the areas Microgame Emporium, Eggshell Hotel, Magma Eruption, S.S Raijink, and Conveyor Creator. This is the ultimate trial, and requires the player's best skills to complete. The treasure is even guarded by the past boss Bandiniero King, which you have to beat again to obtain the treasure. Peach's Crown, Goodstyle, Bottomless Coin Sack (Past Treasure)
CEO Building A executive castle built in the center of a black hole, where the player fights Floatmiser, the owner and executive of the Raijink Trade Industries. The entire battle is in antigravity, as Floatmiser uses his staff to cancel it out. The player has to wait for the blue Bomb Blocks he magically creates to stop bouncing, so they can grab and throw it at him. By half health he returns gravity to normal except for himself, and floats above everyone. The player has to flip gravity with a Gravity Button to flip gravity to attack him, but as you attack him in this second phase he will switch from the ceiling to the floor and vice versa, requiring multiple gravity changes. Once you defeat him, he falls to the floor and is unconscious, as his staff floats away... None
Eclipse of Souls The final boss level of the game, located in a dark spiral of clouds where the player fights the Shade Scepter. Unlike most fights, which are in a arena, the fight takes place in a actual level itself. All around the level are dark crystals that you have to break to deal damage to the Shade Scepter. Meanwhile, the Shade Scepter can attack you from the background with various beams and by summoning various enemies from throughout the game. Destroying all of the crystals destroys the corrupted form of the Shade Scepter and completes the game. Black Hole Lawnmower, Floatmiser's Cape, Uncorrupted Shade Scepter (Boss Treasure)

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