Look at all of these no-good baddies! I see that the Bandineros were back, but they don't seems to be any better...what in the world!? Those Raijinks seems to inspire them for whatever reason! They must admired Shake King or something!
Wario, "Meet The Real Baddies!" pages

This is the list of enemies and bosses with their descriptions in Wario Land: Stellar Greed. There are various enemies split into four difficulty levels: Wimpy, Strong, Threatening, and Boss.


Those pathetic weaklings are no big troubles, even for beginners! One must be horribly dumb to directly bump at them without thinking!
Wario, "Wimpy" section

Image Name Description
BandineroWarioLandShakeIt! Bandinero A basic minion creature that has been known to rent themselves to villans across the cosmos ever since the Shake King's defeat. A simple jump can make it dizzy and allows you to pick it up.
Floating Bandinero A blue and puffed up Bandinero that floats in the sky after getting puffed up from a Aerosol Chick. A simple jump both deflates and makes it dizzy, and their floating heights can give the player a bit more distance.
Aerosol Chick A newborn hatchling of a birdlike species. If found underwater they blow bubbles that bestow the Bubble transformation. Aboveground they walk and blow air vigorously, but getting close enough and they hide in their shells, allowing you to pick up or throw them.

Partially mechanized miniature whales that float in the sky,  only appearing in Cinnamon Clouds. These whales cannot be picked up and eat clouds, but are harmless physically and shoot steam from their blowhole from time to time, that you can use to get high into the air.

Snowkin A small snow sculpture of a kid that throws snowballs. These snowballs don't do damage, in fact they bestow the Ice transformation.
Raijink Warbeetle A scout beetle tamed and mechanized by the Raijink Trading Industries. They don't do damage and can be thrown, but they have cameras for eyes and if they see you, they call nearby stronger enemies to attack you.
Plugini A green Bandinero-like robot that wears a plug on its head. Jumping on it causes a Electric transformation, but a Earthshake Punch will dizzy it so you can throw it. Throwing Pluginies at plugs will cause the plug to be powered up and power up a machine.
Dizzpire A small Dracula wanna-be who aspires to be famous. Jumping on it will make it dizzy, and will cause a Vampire transformation as well. If it comes in contact with water or garlic, it will explode.
Nightyday A weird sun creature that only appears in Naptime Station. Far out of reach of the player and immune to even throws and the Earthshake Punch, it actually puts enemies to sleep and creates portals to view their dreams.
Skimpole Small tadpole enemies that skim across the surface of water, whether it be freshwater or saltwater. They skim across water and are kinda harmless, and can be grabbed if at the edge of a surface of water. Some swim underwater and are invincible, but are still harmless.
Water Hand Only appearing in Trench Manor, these weird invincible hands made of water float on the surface of water, harmlessly grabbing and throwing the player behind them. This can be used to reach secret areas if the water is high enough.
Burnmallow A walking marshmallow that is on fire that just wants to be put out. Touching it gives the Burning Transformation, but using a Earthshake Punch will put it out, allowing you to throw it.


They are not strong for nothing! Sure, I can beat them out real good, but for you, they can be tricky! When these guys are around, this means this game will not be too kind with you anymore!
Wario, "Strong" section

Image Name Description
Tomatosmith A blacksmith tomato that was genetically engineered to build the various machines used by the Raijink Troopers. They carry hammers and come when called by the Raijink Warbeetles to swing them, to try to damage the player. A simple jump will actually splat them instead of dizzying them, but a Earthshake Punch will dizzy them so you can grab and throw them.
Raijink Tank A miniature tank that is made of iron materials and mounted by a Raijink Trooper. It shoots thunder balls that both damages and bestow the Electric transformation to you. They can't be picked up, but can be destroyed with a ground pound or controlled if the trooper manning it is defeated.
Raijink Trooper A oni-like alien life form that mans various machines or marches without any machines. If encountered outside a machine, it uses a raygun that can damage Wario by a bit. Jumping on it causes it to get dizzy and allows it to be picked up.
Turkeyjerk Turkeyjerk A flying turkey enemy that swoops down with sharp talons to damage the player and comes in brown and green colorations. Brown ones just fly up and down and can be jumped on and thrown, and green ones fly left and right, and go directly down as the player passes them.
Raijink Grassblaster

Only appearing in Fossilized Forest, these are mechanical grasshopper built by the Raijink Trade Industries. It jumps around from place to place and leaves small bombs when it jumps that detonate after a few seconds. It can be destroyed by a ground pound, or controlled if the Raijink Trooper manning it is defeated.

Volcannon A small living volcano that is very grumpy and mean all the time. They lob fireballs into the air, one in front and one behind, which both damage and cause the cue character to go into a Burning transformation.
Pitchfork A cyan Bandinero with a fork helmet on it's head instead of a bandana. They're heads are spiky, but a Earthshake Punch will flip them and make them grabable and you can throw them into a wall, causing them to get stuck, so you can jump on them for some extra height when trying to jump over a tall wall.
Ankiron Ankiron Ankiron are turtle-like monsters with organic cannons on their back. They launch fireworks from their cannons in a arc, that cause small explosions when they collide with anything. They can be sent into their shells with a Shoulder Bash, and can be sent away like a Koopa Shell to ram and destroy smaller enemies and blocks with another Shoulder Bash.
Tobawani A alligator foe with scuba gear that can both skim and jump from the waters. They are kinda harmless but invincible when skimming, but become vulnerable when they jump from the water to attack. They used to be called Ukiwani, but changed their names following Captain Syrups first defeat at the hands of Wario.
Big Bandinero A bigger and smarter Bandinero that was brought to this size by magic. They jump in place, and if a player is jumped on by them, they both are damaged and flattened. They are too big to pick up, but they can still be beatened if something is thrown at them.
Krakentoxin Small tentacles that only appear in Subzero Seas, they don't do much and just laze around, but they technically are poisonous, so don't touch them.
Dhampir A small vampiric mage with a wand and a very cool cape. It uses a wand to both damage and make things slower, and can stop things thrown at it with a spell, putting the thrown object back on the floor. 
Battabomber A explosive bat that feeds off of the gunpowder that goes into making Bomb Blocks. Jumping on it is a bad idea as it would explode, but you could cause a chain reaction if it was near other Battabombers or near Bomb Blocks.
Vase-Slither A magic vase enemy with a snake inside of it. It can play a flute to bring out the snake to have it deal damage to anyone who wants to jump on it, but there are periods where it gets tired of playing and will rest, allowing you to jump on it so you can throw it.
Buzzibee Introduced in Cinnamon Clouds, Buzzibees are bee enemies that have four hands and a bow. It launches arrows from both in front of and behind it, but it has a weak spot above it. Besides doing damage, the arrows also surprisingly bestow the Puffy Transformation.


Yup, even this game have really cheap enemies. They can be a pain in the neck, but they will also be a true, literal pain if you get careless! Even I must be wise about dealing with these brutal elites! One throwing or Shoulder Bash is not enough to take them out! If I meet an enemy that cannot be defeated at all, this will grind my gears in my teeth! What's with the funny face!?
Wario, "Threatening" section

Image Name Description
Bandinero Samurai A elite Bandinero that carries around a sword to swing around with. Not only do they slice anything that approaches them, they also reflect anything thrown at them with a simple slice. Th only way to defeat them is to distract them with a Earthshake Punch, then throwing something at them.
Raijink Eliteguard A elite Raijink Trooper that is strong enough to get around without a mech. They carry a rocket launcher and launch powerful rockets at a fast pace. If you somehow get behind them, it'll be easy to jump on them.
Wardrake Whelp Baby wardrakes that hatch from eggs in Magma Eruption to be shipped throughout the Analytic Factory and Khaotic Raijink Base. They breathe fire and their wings both make them too big to pick up and too dangerous to jump on. You can grab and pull on their tails to scare them off though, and you still have the tail tip afterwards to throw at enemies.
Sentry Cactus A mechanical Pokey-like cactus that was built to guard treasures. It can take a few hits before exploding, but it can only be damaged by throwing bombs at its face. It also shoots needles from it's head that damages and poisons the player. It can also be defeated by bombs spitted by the Raijink Mechaninero piloted by the player.
Raijink Mechaninero A smaller prototype of the Bandineemoth Robot that only appears in Bomb Block Paradise and Invisible Swamp. They stand still and launch bombs from their mouth, which can be picked up if grabbed before they hit the ground. You can destroy it by ground pounding it, or control it by defeating the Raijink Trooper manning it, allowing you to spit bombs against most enemies.
Subkiron Ankirons that wear swimming goggles and swim deep underwater. Much like their abovewater counterparts, they shoot explosive fireworks from their cannons, but since they are underwater, where a Shoulder Bash can't reach them, they are effectively invincible.
Angler Mangler A giant angler fish enemy only appearing in Trench Manor and Subzero Sea. At first, only their lure is visible above the surface, as everything underwater around it is completely dark. Attacking the lure brings up the entire fish, which can breath ice which can both damage and freeze the player. It takes a couple of enemy throws to defeat the angler fish, but you can only throw enemies at it while it is dizzied by a Earthshake Punch. Angler Manglers are considered as the most dangerous defeatable enemies, rivalized by the bigger and badder Bandineemoth Robots.
Nightmare Creature Only appearing in the dreams of Naptime Station, these nightmares seem to take the form of the Black Jewel, and are almost invincible. They can shoot lasers, stamp their tentacles at the floor, and spin rapidy to create a homing tornado that lasts a few seconds. Their one weakness is light, and leading them into light destroys them completely.
Magma Hand Magma Hand Only appearing in Lava Lunge and Magma Eruption, these are invincible hands made of magma that float on the surface of lava. Not only does touching it hurt a lot, but it can also throw lobs of magma that hurt as much as touching it!
Electrogolem A stone golem mechanized by the Raijink Trade Industries, that only appears in Hammertown and the Memory Maze versions of Magma Eruption and Conveyer Creator. They throw electrified boulders that both break and cause shockwaves when they land, and can also do a Shoulder Bash of its own. It takes a few enemy throws to defeat it, although throwing two Battabombers will defeat it as well.
Raijink Doomship A powerful, invincible, and absolutely massive doomship that only appears in the backgrounds of Bomb Block Paradise. It launches homing missles at the foreground, and the missles can only be defused by jumping on them.
Snowseraph Only appearing in the Past Treasure section of Subzero Seas and the Memory Maze version of S.S Raijink, these snowy high mages are both very wise and deadly. They guard Past Treasures by casting a unhelpful Frozen transformation spell that leaves the character unmovable for a few seconds, and then unleash a barrage of icicles to attack with.

Bandineemoth Robot

Introduced in Traintop Run, this enemy is an enormous robotic Bandinero that slowly but surely chases the player, crushing anything on its path. A contact will not harm the player, but being stomped by spiked foot will damage the player instead. Most of the times, it can only be defeated by a pile of bombs thrown into its open mouth. The Bandineemoth Robots are considered as the most dangerous defeatable type of enemies, probably only rivalized by Angler Mangler.


What would be a Wario Land game without any bosses? That would be boring! Anyway, each of them have either tricky or weird way to fight me, and apparently, two of them had returned without good explanations, and one of them reminds me of someone way too much! This is where you have to use all of your brain and bruises to defeat them!
Wario, "Boss" section

Image Boss Name Description
Cuckoo Condor A giant condor with a partially mechanized body that has fought Wario before. He signed a deal with the Raijink Trade Industry to fight Wario upon the condition that he joins the company upon Wario's defeat. Knocking the claw into his head by ramming or throwing enemies at the drill damages it. It can take 8 hits before exploding and relinquishing it's emblem.
Pitcher Grizzly A wild grizzly bear that plays baseball on Acapella Mountain. Before playing for the Raijink Trade Industries, it played for the Acapella Notes, before it was bought out by said Raijink Trade Industries. It fights by throwing baseballs with bombs inside of them, and can also throw fireballs and swing as well when at half health. His fur is flammable though, and bombs and a Burning Transformation can easily ignite it to cause damage to it.
Sandal Shocker A cycloptic mechanical sandal built by the Raijink Trade Industries. It was built to pique the interests of the greedy, and once someone touches it activates and eliminates the enemies of the company that it was designed to destroy. It can launch a series of electrified punches and stomp and cause electric punches. It is weak on the head, but at half health he turns it into his strongest point by growing spikes there. At that point though, cannons appear and they can easily put holes into it.
Mean Emcee A emcee of a game show for villans that Wario defeated in a previous adventure. He is currently touring the Baked Volcano area, and is looking for a challenge by masquerading as a Raijink Trooper so he can wait for Wario to come so he can fight him. Unlike most bosses, he cannot be harmed physically, and instead you have to solve a series of puzzles of increasing difficulty untill he gets angry enough that he explodes.
Raijink Mech A crimson mech designed after the Shake King by the Raijink Trade Industries. Designed after one of the strongest people in the Shake Dimension and manned by a Raijink Trooper, it is one of the strongest machines in Floatmiser's disposal. It fights like and has the weaknesses like the Shake King, but at half health it derails the train you fight it on, causing a time limit of 3 minutes to appear where you have to beat the boss before the time limit reaches 0.
Bandinero King The newly crowned king of Bandineros, brought to rule them after the previous leader, the Shake King, was defeated. He is a sly and nefarious king who is hiding under the Raijink Trade Industries to both protect himself and to boost his own glory. He uses various transformations in his fights, and can take as many hits as there are forms in the game. He fights you again in Memory Maze, but despite also summoning various Bandinero minions, he has the same strategy.
Raijink Wardrake The ultimate creation of the Raijink Trade Industries, and a giant partially mechanized dragon. While most Wardrakes are left to fight with the Raijink Troopers, this giant dragon guards the key to the Raijink Base itself. It has the powers to breath fire, spit bombs, and even reverse the directions of a conveyer belt or destroy it. It's weakness is it's head, so ramming it or throwing bombs at it will be good damage.
Floatmiser The owner and head of the Raijink Trade Industries. He is the strongest of the Raijink race, and with the Shade Scepter in his hands, he's much stronger than most people. He has powers over gravity and darkness, but the blue Bomb Blocks he creates from darkness, and the Gravity Button in his room can cause his downfall. Before he got the Shade Scepter though, he only had the power to create antigravity in a small radius around himself, so how did he get so much power?
Shade Scepter The dark scepter given sentience by Floatmiser that has powers over darkness and gravity. Now that Floatmiser is unconscious and not using it, it wants to conquer the universe with Earth as a literal throne. It's health is linked to crystals you have to destroy in Eclipse of Souls, but it won't go down without a fight, summoning various enemies and launching beams to destroy you for good. Destroying all the crystals will cause it to lose extreme amounts of power, and one Shoulder Bash after that will knock the sentience out of it. The scepter used to be used for good, but Floatmiser's abuse of the scepter's power is what caused it's sentient form to be evil.

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