Wario Land: Stellar Greed is a Wario Land game for the Wii U released on July 3rd, 2017. It is the first game in the Wario Land: Space Trilogy and stars Wario as he tries to grab his treasures back from the Raijink Trade Industries, a company of aliens who see Wario as a threat to their galactic market dominance.


Alright, kiddo! The story is nothing more than just beating the bad guys just to show how awesome I am!...Hah, only kiddin'. It does have a story, but it is up to you if it is an actual excuse or rather a developing one! One thing that I can promise is that the story will not be too long...specifically because I hate long stories!
Wario, "Prologue" section quote

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Something tells me that I am not the only star of this game! Bah, I did not liked it at first...but then, their unusual utilities will help me to get more treasures and money! Genius!!
Wario, "Characters" section


Image Name Description Special Skill
Wario Wario The greedy star of the Wario Land series himself. Angry that his treasures were stolen by aliens, he has had enough, and would storm through groups of foes to get his riches back. He may bet stubborn or clumsy on some situations, though, much of Dr. Crygor's worries, but when really deceived or pushed into dangerous situation, Wario becomes real furious. Ground Pound - Wario can stomp from high into the air to break through iron blocks, press oversized buttons, and defeat enemies that can't be beaten normally.
113px-Dr. Crygor WarioWare Smooth Moves-1- Dr. Crygor A eccentric scientist that helps sell Wario's microgames, while building inventions for him on the side. His perfectionism could be a bit annoying though, albeit that doesn't stop him to be a good ally of Wario and Dunk, especially with his Galactic Portals' success, and is often the one who tell the other two what they should do first. Float - Dr. Crygor uses a flotation device that allows him to fly into the air for small periods of time. This can be used to go over wider gaps and spikes.
Dunk Dunk One of Wario's old foes, this basketball playing rabbit is now a member of Wario's company, and helps on making sport microgames. He exercises to keep himself in shape in case someone attacks Diamond City. He have bigger common sense than Wario and Dr. Crygor but also quite snarky at time, telling mischeivous jokes at Wario. Some vitriolic good allies they are! Ball Form - Dunk can turn into a ball, and in this form he can bounce higher into the air, but cannot grab enemies or enter a Dasherator.


Sometimes, a good game need helpful supporting characters instead of annoying one that constantly tell you what do you have to do! I usually don't need these, but then, nobody will save my life if I refuse their helps! Even better, these allies of mine don't screams "Help!!" unlike those stupid Spritelings!

Image Name Description
Mike GameAndWario Mike A invention of Dr. Crygor who was built to make music and to help him. He runs a shop in the game, where you can buy potions to activate transformations without encountering the proper enemy, extra health, and shop-exclusive treasures only seen in the shop.
PennyCrygor Penny Crygor The daughter of Dr. Crygor, and a really smart individual. She runs the Super Guide of the game, which can activate when you fail too many times to get back to the entrance after grabbing the Past Treasure. She runs a simulation on how to complete the level, and gives extra tips on how to be good in the game.
Checkpoint Snail A small snail that appears near the Past Treasure in most levels. Jumping on him activates a checkpoint you can come back to if you fail getting back to the entrance in time.


Look at all of these worlds! This is going to be longer than my previous adventures, that is for sure! But I'm not worried! This will certainly means more treasures for me! Wa ha ha!
Wario, "Worlds" section of instruction manual

There are 8 worlds in the game, with each world having various treasures and mysterious threats.

World Description Boss
Diamond City A industrial and beautiful city where various microgaming companies have brought the city to a great state. Currently however, aliens have been attacking the place and stealing the riches. The levels here are Microgame Emporium, Casino Falls, Rumble Road, Whirl Fountain, and Cuckoo Condor Free-for-All. Cuckoo Condor
Acapella Mountain A mountain range on a forested planet, with various musical plants and beautiful views. Being a mountainous forest, it naturally has tons of various wildlife, with both graceful and dangerous creatures. The levels here are Drum-Drum Mountain, Fossilized Forest, Woodwork Caverns, Honeycomb Musical, and Pitcher Grizzly Strikeout. Pitcher Grizzly
Yolksteroid Field A gigantic asteroid field made of eggs, both intact and broken into eggshells and yolk. Since the place is mined by the Raijink Trading Industries, there are various machines mining the eggs to make their enemies. The levels here are Yolk River, Raijink Enemy Factory, Eggshell Hotel, Stardust Glacier, and Sandal Shocker's Stompdown. Sandal Shocker
Baked Volcano A volcano on a planet made of various breads, which is constantly burnt and cooled through the baking processes of the lava. Various eruptions have changed the landscapes over the years. The levels are Breadstick Badlands, Lava Lunge, Cinnamon Clouds, Magma Eruption, and Mean Emcee Gameshow. Mean Emcee
Rainbow Railroad A interplanetary railroad made of the materials normally used in Rainbow Road construction. Delivering between a hot and cold planet, this railroad is built to be indestructible. The levels here are Naptime Station, Vampiric Station, Shiverburn Station, Traintop Run, and Mech-anical Derailment. Raijink Mech
Emerald Satellite A floating satellite above a water planet that was once owned by the Raijink Trading Industries before being sold to a king. It examines the ocean planet for new life and puts it in a vast data bank. The levels here are Floating Gears, Hurricane Harbor, S.S Raijink, Trench Manor, and Bandinero King's Execution. Bandinero King
Analytic Factory A completely mechanical planet built by the Raijink Trading Industries to build their vast array of machines. It has a impressive array of mechanized animals, and a even wider array of machines that could easily incapacitate you. The levels here are Oil Drum Bums, Conveyer Creator, Hammertown, Bomb Block Paradise, and Wardrake's Flame Frenzy. Raijink Wardrake
Khaotic Raijink Base The home planet of the Raijink Trading Industries. Well, it was at least, before it was sucked up and spitted back out by a black hole, coming out as 5 small planets. The levels here are Antigravity Condo, Subzero Sea, Invisible Swamp, Memory Maze, CEO Building, and Eclipse of Souls. Floatmiser/Shade Scepter

Level Listing

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This is where I store all of the treasures I found and stolen, but mostly stolen! And while being here...don't you even put your little finger on my treasures! It's mine! Mine!! You know that already if you are a Wario fan!
Wario, "Treasures" section

There are various treasures found throughout the game, that are each unique in their own ways. There are three types of treasures: Regular, which is basically a collectable, Upgrade, which helps upgrade and fix the Galactic Portals that allow access to different worlds and areas, and Past Treasures, which have to be collected and taken to the entrance before the time limit ends to complete the level.

Normal Treasures

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Upgrade Treasures

These treasures are one of the two mandatory kinds of treasures of the game, as they both fix the Galactic Portals for interstellar travel, and can upgrade it to get access to other worlds. They also expand the shop with every treasure collected, allowing more extra health to be bought or new transformation potions.

Image Name Description
Raijink Security Card This security card was left by some idiotic Raijink Trooper. This'll make it easy to find where their bases are!
Fossilized Acorn This acorn was deep underground, turned into stone after a long time of being heated. Perhaps if this is planted, it could make a crystal tree...
Anti-Gravity Underwear This underwear seems to defy all laws of gravity! With this my dreams of flying like a superhero whenever I become Wario-Man can be realized.
Serving-Bot A small butler robot built by the Raijink Trade Industries to be a butler or something. I had Dr. Crygor modify it, and now I have it polish my various treasures instead of having to do it myself. Genius!
Cold Cash One particulair day, I've been so greedy that I even stocked my cash in my fridge! It become permanently cold for some reason, so I will use it for my cold-down once Dr. Crygor bring it back to me!
Really All-Purpose Flour A bag of flour that can be useful in every situation, including cooking. It's even useful to remove itself off of things, although you will have to use this to get it off of itself.
Cinnamonsaurus Rex Skeleton An extinct tyrannical species that lived in Baked Volcano two billions years ago. This certainly explain the insanely intense smell of cinnamon!
Dragon Egg An unhatched egg that give out a powerful source of energy, whatever it is. If it become an almighty dragon, taming it would be pretty hard, even in its infant stage!
Eye of The Storm A weird treasure I found in the Shake Dimension that I use to help protect my house from storms. Not only is it a really good and expensive treasure, but is even useful to boot!
Universal Map A map of the galaxy that, when fully unfolded, is the size of the universe itself. How it was folded enough to fit in a pocket nobody knows.
Conveyed Shoes A pair of shoes that makes conveyer belts and escalators go in the way you walk with them. This will make my times at the mall much easier as I won't have to wait so long for a escalator.
Chortlebot Blueprints These appear to be blueprints of one of my recent foes from my last adventure, the Chortlebot. Even if I wanted to rebuilt it, Dr. Crygor said he doesn't understand the instructions at all, although he still found a use for the blueprints somehow.
Rudy-In-The-Box A toy I brought home from a adventure from quite some time ago as a souvenir to remind me of how I trumped that idiot Rudy! The toy's eyes seem to follow me as I move around though, and it is kinda creepy.
Black Jewel Shard A small shard of the Black Jewel. It whispers words of madness that corrupts those not pure of heart, but it shuts up whenever I near by...
Icicle Cream Some bad pun, isn't it? Well, the truth is that one lick is a guaranteed brainfreeze. I'm not kidding, I got literally frozen when I tried to take a bite!

Past Treasures

These treasures are the other type of mandatory treasure, as they are required to collect to complete the level. Besides that, they don't do much.

Image Name Description
Golden Hotdog A hotdog I accidentally dropped into a vat of molten gold, turning it into a treasure. My only regret was that I wasn't able to eat it.
Dinosaur Egg A dinosaur egg that I found in a cave, since about a week. After Dr. Crygor take a look when I recover it, it might hatch anytime soon! It better not be another Yoshi, and I remember that the Green Yoshi had almost eaten me by accident! Good thing he don't like my "flavor", but still!
Shake King Mask A mask that looks a lot like the Shake King, my recent nemesis. At first, he is kinda stealing my style, but then when he pull himself his real power, and wham! He is one of the biggest threats that I ever meet! I'm happy that he did bring some climax, compared to Rudy the Clown!
Frozen Mammoth A frozen mammoth that I discovered it when I explore some arctic regions. Once I show it to the public, they will not believe what they will see!
Platinum Battery This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. I've seen these inside of the various machines the Raijink Trade Industries make, although who would be wasteful enough to use a precious metal as a battery? What a bunch of simpletons!
Forever Tissue Box One of Dr. Crygor's inventions, which has a infinite number of tissues inside of it. Dr. Crygor said he was saving it for when Penny graduates, but what's the point if everyone who's smart graduates? It's just not special!
Crooking Book I found this book left behind by a Nabbit trying to steal my fortunes. It appears to be a cooking book for thieves, though why would a thief need to cook if they can just steal their meals? It just doesn't make sense!
Hilarity Machine This machine is somewhat a nightmare for cynical people; this machine send to many silent but tickling waves that laughes even the most stoic people! This will be good for a distracting machine!
Cactus Cup A weird cup made from a cactus. I know that a cup you can't even grab is counterproductive, but it's the only cup made from a cactus, so I naturally had to have it.
Mini-Wario After those sore losers forget to make about a Mini-Toy of me, I order Dr. Crygor to make a Wario version for me! Of course, Mario noticed, and he doesn't seems to mind as he seems to forget me for this one...What a cheap excuse!
Magnetic Diamond This diamond is unique to its kind because it can attract metallic material. I suppose that it will be my lucky diamond since it can attract more coins! Now I just need to place it where it will not magnetize on other treasures...
Cold Cash See Upgrade Treasures.
Really All-Purpose Flour See Upgrade Treasures.
Jet Engine One day, while I was watching my fortunes this jet engine fell from the sky into a vat of gold, making it worth a lot more. All I need is a golden jet without a engine and I can fly in style!
Bake-Gloves A invention of Dr. Crygor, which was built into some gloves. These gloves seem to allow baking without needing a oven, though in my opinion I think a oven is a better option, as you obviously can't hold the entirety of a cake for a hour or two to bake it.
Hamburger with Lava Sauce A long time ago, during my more reckless days, I was looking for a recipe for a amazing burger. I had the regular ingredients of a burger, but what made this a amazing burger was the sauce, which I made with garlic and Diamond City's spiciest peppers.
Star Rod This magic rod is something real special I won off of some blue penguin named Dedede in a poker game. It can launch lots of stars, and can help give good dreams, which can help me dream about money even more!
Count Crocula's Comb This comb, decorated with crystals, have a lot of brushing potential, allowing its owner, Count Crocula, to have perfectly shiny hair. When I was about to kick him to steal his treasure, but he simply fled the moment he smelled my garlic breath!
Flaming Fire Truck Dr. Crygor had invented a small version of a fire truck that spray fire extinguisher on small cooking accidents. The problem is that for techical reasons, it set itself on fire and spray fire extinguisher on itself! Oh boy...
Trillion Gallon Hat Yee-haw! Now who's da real mole now? Alright, this is not the best cowboy personification, but I will probably like to wear this marvelous cowboy hat once I will get to the far west location! Hopefully...
Emerald Four-Sided Clover You'd think that a four sided clover would be super lucky, but with this clover it only brings really dangerous bad luck! If it wasn't made of emerald I would just throw it away now!
Eye of the Storm See Upgrade Treasures.
Ego Cruiser Ship A miniature model of my cruiser with my face on it for a dreamed, luxurious cruiser ship. After adventuring in the S.S. Raijink, maybe I could inspire (reads; rip-off of) some of their wacky features and make it more public! Of course, not without safety warnings...
Diamond Cork Maybe I shouldn't have removed this from Trench Manor. Sure it's made of diamonds, my favorite material in all of the universe, but it also activated the manor's draining system. At least now I have a very great cork now!
Wario Car This is my absolute favorite car, and my best car as well! After my journey in the Golden Pyramid, I used some or the money I earned to have Dr. Crygor make it even better, and now it can go over 100MPH easily!
Super Wario World Yeah, a little version of mine of Super Mario World! More enemies, more challenging stages, and now with 200% more treasures! Of course, I haven't made it infuriatingly difficult, because I could even infuriate myself when I did so!
Golden Diva's Mask This was the mask of the Golden Diva, one of the people I fought in the Golden Pyramid for some of my most famous treasures. I thought it broke the mask when I beat her, but I guess it was pieced back together somehow.
Rudy-in-the-Box See Upgrade Treasures.
Black Jewel Shard See Upgrade Treasures.
Spriteling Plush I remembered when I deal with that darn Black Jewel, those annoying so-called Spritelings insist that I help them to get out of their stupid cages! I break those cages out anyway to see if I will get anything...and to be reluctantly honest, they recover my glory in my castle! I do not forget about their annoying calling for help, though...
Captain Syrup's Ruby Heart How in the galaxy that Captain Syrup loses her Ruby Heart? I heard that it held some kind of special ability...this also means that once I get it back, she will not hesitate to stole it back! Who knows, this may result a sequel of some sort for this game!
Bottomless Coin Sack This is my absolute favorite treasure of all time. It has a infinite amount of money inside of it, and whenever I shake it I get more and more money! Now that I have this I am the richest man of all time! Wa ha ha!

Enemy List

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