Wario Land: Miracle Makers
Developer(s) Sequin Suspenders Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Single Player, Multiplayer, Minigame, Battle
Genre(s) Action Platformer
Series Wario Land
Predecessor Wario Land U

Wario Land: Miracle Makers is a game in the Wario Land series for the Wii U, and the direct sequel to Wario Land U. It is in the same hand-drawn style as Wario Land: Shake It! and the previously mentioned Wario Land U. Although the game has the same formula as the previous game, there are several new elements, such as mounts and both Wario Bros. having exclusive paths on the world map which will lead to the players alternating between them.


The basic formula remains the same as the previous installment: control either Wario or Waluigi to navigate a level to retrieve an objective (in this case, like Wario Land 4, a series of gemstone fragments that open the door to the boss) and make it back to the beginning before time runs out, collecting as much money as possible, and shaking and throwing enemies. Wario and Waluigi can each access areas the other cannot, and have different sets of abilities. As a result of this, the blocks from the previous game, now remade to be doors known as Wadoors, swap between them by passing through them. However, there are several new elements from the previous game that keep the gameplay exciting.


As a result of working for Shortie and Biggs, Wario and Waluigi now have a set of mounts to work with, similar to the Animal Buddies from the Donkey Kong games. However, unlike the Animal Buddies who run away after one hit, the Mounts are designed to protect against certain types of damage. There are six mounts in the game, who are as follows;

  • Dylan Dillo - An armadillo who resists physical damage.
  • Peter Porker - A boar who resists fire damage.
  • Eel-dred - An eel who resists electrical damage.
  • Brizzly Bear - A polar bear who resists ice damage.
  • Poor Cupine - A porcupine who reflects projectiles.
  • The Honey Badger - His function is unknown at the moment, but he is on several posters in Shortie and Biggs' caravan.

Background and Foreground

Returning from the less-than acclaimed Virtual Boy Wario Land, the ability to travel between the background and foreground is back. Using Watapults laid throughout levels, Wario or Waluigi can shoot between the background and foreground, usually to avoid obstacles or sneak past enemies. Occasionally, Wario and Waluigi will have to guide the other along a treacherous path in the background, while they jump around in the foreground. There are also several bonus rooms in the background.

World Map Paths

As in last game, Wario and Waluigi has exclusive areas in-level. But now they also have them on the world map. Occasionally there will be a bout of hedges or rocks that only Waluigi can squeeze through, or a brick wall that only Wario is strong enough to break. Upon breaking these paths, Wario and Waluigi (depending on who opened the path) can go down it, and will have to beat an exclusive set of secret levels. In Multiplayer, Wario and Waluigi are split up, allowing one player to follow the set path while the other explores a hidden area.


The game begins with a grand sweeping shot over the Wario Bros. Garage, before the whirring of a plane is heard. Wario's plane then arrives and both Wario and Waluigi hop out. As Waluigi dashes about packing suitcases into the back of their car, Wario furiously reads Captain Syrup's letter from the ending of the previous title. Waluigi then signals Wario to enter the car, which Wario does, and they drive off. They drive for many days and many nights, before finally heading along an open road. They suddenly hear a clanking and a hissing sound, and Wario pulls the car over. Waluigi, exhausted despite his lack of actually driving, decides to take a nap in the car while Wario investigates. 

Wario walks over to the source of the noise, and sees a large crowd. He Shoulder Bashes his way through it and is surprised to hear a ragtime piano tune start playing. Two men suddenly come out from a stage built into the wagon. They introduce themselves as Shortie and Biggs (in song form of course), and state that they are "miracle makers"; men who make other people's wishes come true. They demonstrate on several audience members, although the audience is noticibly dissatisifed with the results, until Biggs boots them off the stage. However, while Wario and the other audience members are entrigued by the tune, Waluigi is sleeping nearby. As he droops and droops, he falls from the passenger seat and onto the gas pedal of the car, causing it to accelerate towards the wagon. The crowd hears this and runs away...except Wario. As Shortie and Biggs jump away from the wagon to get out the way, Wario is hit by the car and flies into the passenger seat as Shortie and Biggs' wagon is shoved off a cliff and into the river below, exploding. As the crowd scatters, Biggs grabs Wario and Waluigi by the collars and Shortie leads them into their "office", a nearby tent.

Shortie is brief in his words; pay back the wagon, or you're going down into the river with it. Although Wario tries to walk out, Waluigi stops him and points at the hulking Biggs, causing him to stand down. Shortie decides to give Wario and Waluigi a deal; they get treasure for them to pay off their debt, and they may make some of their miracles come true! Wario and Waluigi agree only because they don't want to be beaten up, and thus their adventure begins!



Name Image Description Unique Abilities
Wario's back once again! After he and Waluigi destroy the steam wagon of two con men, they are forced to collect treasure and gold to pay off the cost of the steam wagon. Wario is furious, as this is distracting from the real matter at hand; the Bottomless Coin Sack! And Captain Syrup is nowhere to be found...
  • Shoulder Bash
  • Heavier and stronger
  • Can throw enemies
  • Has own set of Power-Ups
  • Can get through certain barriers
Waluigi returns again! This time being the one to egg Wario on (Biggs looks strong and he doesn't want a beating), Waluigi and Wario are forced to repay a cost on a steam wagon they destroy it with their car. Waluigi, like Wario, is aiming to get endless wealth.
  • Double Jump
  • Can fall through thin gaps Wario cannot
  • Lighter and weaker
  • Can throw Whiskered Eggplants
  • Has own set of Power-Ups

Villains and Bosses

Name Image Description

Shortie and Biggs

ShortieandBiggsWLMM Shortie (right) and Biggs (left) are a pair of con-men who travel around the country in a caravan full of animals and other contraptions that they say allow them to make "miracles". Although they at first appear hospitable and friendly, they have several shady business practices that clue Wario and Waluigi into their true intentions as the game goes on. They open the game with a musical number, and the end of each world gives you another one that clues you into their true intentions. Shortie is the true leader of the operation, as Biggs is rather unintelligent.
Skeleton Queen N/A

(Boss of Area 1)

The Skeleton Queen is the boss of the first area, and the holder of the Brass Scepter. She is a large skeleton that resembles that of a human, but with clearly carved eyelashes in the eyesockets, one of which contains a single yellow eye, as well as wearing lipstick and a crown, as wielding the brass scepter. She attacks by floating above Wario and dropping bones on him. She then stops to readjust her eye, giving Wario an opening to ram into her ribcage causing her bones to scatter. The scepter then summons all her bones back together by having them fly towards the center and having Wario dodge them. Rinse and repeat three times. After being hit four times, the scepter will begin to glow and completely take control of the queen, firing ribs at Wario from all directions. Eventually, the queen begins charging up a blast in her mouth, giving Wario an opportunity to bash her skull, causing it to fly all around the room and explode, relenquishing the first artifact to Wario.

Security Sentinel N/A

(Boss of Area 2)

The Security Sentinel is the boss of the second area, and the holder of the Amber Diamond, which it is powered by. The Security Sentinel is a large security robot that guards the museum that the Wario Bros. not so conspicuously break into. It resembles a police officer and the Buckethead robots from Mario Power Tennis, but is more robust and has arms cannons on either arm. The Sentinel attacks Waluigi by firing several missiles at him, the last of which is honing, before jumping into the air and attempting to stomp on Waluigi. When it lands the first time, it causes cracks to appear in the ground, which Waluigi can slip through in order to dodge the Sentinel's missiles. Once the Sentinel's barrage has ended, Waluigi can pop out of the crack and throw a Whiskered Eggplant at it. Repeat this three more times. Following this, the Sentinel will begin to Overload and start firing missiles everywhere, causing the ceiling to begin to cave in. Waluigi can then use his Double Jump to jump on the Sentinel's head, causing it to fall over and explode, blowing the rubble all around the room, and relinquishing the Amber Diamond.


Tutorial Level: The Kennel

Area 1: The Scepter of the Ancient Queen

ARTIFACT: The Brass Scepter

Area 2: The Diamond Beneath The City

ARTIFACT: The Amber Diamond

Musical Numbers


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