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Wario Kart is a game for the Nintendo Wii U made by Nintendo and published by Glaceon Productions. It will release in May 2016 and should be noted that it is the first entry in the 'Wario Kart' series.

Playable Characters

There are 14 playable characters in this game, 8 of them are default and 6 of them are unlockable




Tracks. Every racing game need's tracks. What are this game's tracks? Find out here. There are 31 tracks. There are 7 Grand Prix Cup's. Explore them here.


  1. Wario's Gateway
  2. Ocean Circuit
  3. Wall-track Stadium
  4. Trickway Path


  1. Metal Jungle
  2. Electric Breezeway
  3. Sky Valley Circuit
  4. Waluigi Arcade


  1. Flying Platform Raceway
  2. Wario's Galaxy Circuit
  3. Rainbow City
  4. Brick Lakeside


  1. Watery Graveyard
  2. Fast Track Speedway
  3. Tricking Factory
  4. Mute City


  1. Big Blue
  2. Block Plaza
  3. Waluigi Sky-top
  4. Wario's Land


  1. Final Castle
  2. Shadow Highway
  3. Bowser's Airship Raceway
  4. Black & White Road

And those 6 group's of '1,2,3 and 4's' are the courses. Have fun imagining what they are until i can make the maps and pictures for them!


These are the course's found in mission mode, this is the only cup with 7 courses.

  1. Desert Relic's (World 2's course)
  2. High Tech Ocean (World 3's course)
  3. Neon Valley (World 4's course)
  4. Night Poison City (World 5's course)
  5. Rock Rock Highway (World 6's course)
  6. Cloudtop Breeze (World 7's course)
  7. Meteor Volcano (World 8's course)

How to Unlock Cup's/Characters

Want to know how you unlock the characters? Unlock the cups? Well here is your guide! Now this, Thou shall read!


  • Donkey Kong: Beat the Metal Mushroom Cup, then do a time trial (Single / or vs.) or get 25 Electro Coin's or race 45 races.
  • Metal Luigi: Beat the Electric Fire & The Rainbow Star Cup, then beat 2 time trial ghosts or get 50 Electro Coin's or race 100 races, or beat World 1 in mission mode.
  • Electro Goomba: Beat the High Tech Cup, and beat 3 time trial ghosts or get 100 Electro Coin's or race 150 races.
  • Princess Peach: Beat 10 time trials ghosts or get 150 Electro coin's or race 650 races.
  • Princess Daisy: Beat the 200cc Flaming Special Cup or Get 225 Electro Coin's or race 1,000 races.


  • Metal Luigi's Kart - Metal Madness: Beat the Metal Mushroom Cup
  • Princess Peach's Kart - Castle Cruiser: Unlock Princess Peach
  • Electro Goomba's Kart - Electro Rumbler: Collect 130 Electro Coin's
  • Princess Daisy's Kart - Princess Pearl-Ship: Collect 175 Electro Coin's.
  • Koopa Troopa's Kart - Shell Smacker: Beat 5 time trial ghost's as Koopa Troopa
  • Baby Waluigi's Kart - Baby's Board: Beat the Flaming Special Cup or beat the mission mode level: Grand Prix Showdown.
  • Shadow Mario's Kart - Shadow Lane: Collect 350 Electro Coin's
  • Bowser Jr's Kart - The Fire: Collect 675 Electro Coin's.


Yes. A story mode. Or should i say, a Mission Mode!

Story: Coming Soon! (I can't come up with one.. :O)


Yes, there are world's with various level's/mission's in them.

World 1 has 7 levels and 1 boss battle.

  • A Test Drive Walkthrough!

The Opening level. This is the first thing you play when you first start the game. This is the tutorial, and teaches you the contol's.

  • Various Circuit Drive

You must race the captain through Ocean Circuit and win. (The first level in the tutorial bit)

  • Taking on the Shadow Group

The Shadow Group (Shadow Mario, Bowser Jr. And Metal Luigi) appear! You must race Shadow Mario through Ocean Circuit, Bowser Jr through Wario's Gateway and Metal Luigi through Trickway Path, then race them all through Wall-Track Stadium to beat it. (CPU's are on easy)

  • World Creator Extreme!

The captain show's you how to make courses on the 'World Creator' then, you must race the captain through your level and win the complete the mission (The last level of the tutorial bit)

  • Race-down Galaxy

You must find Waluigi in a weird mansion, then race him to complete the mission, the race is on Waluigi Arcade.

  • Return of the Shadow Group!

The Shadow Group Return, and you must race them through Metal Jungle and Electric Breezeway before they are defeated and they summon their master, by beating this you unlock a special course for the 'Special Grand Prix.'

  • Revenge of the Shadow Group

The first boss level, and the end to world 1, you must fight the Shadow Group's Leader: Meta Bowser. By beating this level you unlock World 2 and Metal Luigi (if you haven't already unlocked him)


World 2 has 9 levels, and 3 boss battle's.

  • The Desert Whirlpool's Sand Creature!

You must fight a ancient Chain Chomp, then race Sand Toad through the Desert Relic's. Then finish off the ancient Chain Chomp.

  • Grand Prix Showdown!

You must beat 4 race's on Sky Valley Circuit, Electric Breezeway, Wall-track Stadium and Flying Platform Raceway doing this unlock's the Baby's Board. (if not already unlocked)

  • The Secret of the Gateway.

You have to race Sand Wario and Sand Waluigi on 2 course's: Wario's Gateway and Desert Relic's

  • Desert Relic Race's

You must race Bowser Jr & Metal Luigi on Desert Relic and Wario's Galaxy Circuit, then you must beat Shadow Mario on Rainbow City.

  • Meteor Desert

You must avoid Meteor's while exploring a haunted desert, then you must race Boo Mario on Desert Relic's.

  • Sand Whirlpool's Chain Chomp's Return!

The Sand Chain Chomp return's, and you must fight him again, half way through the battle the sand character's appear (Sand Mario, Sand Luigi, Sand Toad, Sand Bowser, Sand Wario, Sand Waluigi, Sand Donkey Kong) and you have to race them through the Desert Relic's and Rainbow City, then finish off the Sand Chain Chomp.

  • The Creator Rule's!

You must make a course with the sand template, then race the Captain and Sand Wario on the course you made.

  • Secret of the Sand Tunnels

You must look for the hidden Kart in the secret tunnel maze, and then race Sand Mario with the kart you found.

  • Relic's of the Sand Goomba

The boss of World 2, the Sand Goomba! You must climb up the ramp's the goomba create's, and then use the plane ability to attack it. Attack it 5 time's and you've won, this unlock's World 3.

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